Storms hit Waukesha County 06-30-14
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STORMS9_JJP STORMFOLO1_CWA Waukesha residents line Sentry Drive Wednesday morning as they wait to drop off storm debris at the city drop off site. At times, more than 30 cars were waiting for access. A Waukesha resident waits to enter the drop off center with a truck full of branches Wednesday. Branches from trees on private property will not be picked up by the city. Waukesha residents will have to call a tree service or drop off branches at the city drop-off center on Sentry Drive. STORMFOLO2_CWA STORMFOLO3_CWA STORMFOLO4_CWA A uprooted tree awaits removal at the corner of Genesee and Main streets Tuesday morning after being felled by Monday's storm. STORMS1_CWA STORMS2_CWA STORMS3_CWA STORMS4_CWA STORMS6_CWA STORMS8_JJP
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