April 18, 2014

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Kewaskum Middle School Lock-in 04-11-14
Posted 04-15-14




Parkview Elementary School-Cedarburg "The Environmental Show" 04-09-14
Posted 04-14-14




Parkview Elementary School-Cedarburg maple syrup making
Posted 04-11-14




Hartford Science Fair 04-02-14
Posted 04-10-14




Portal Prom hosted by the Cedarburg High School community service volunteers 03-22-14
Posted 03-30-14



Webster Transitional School National
History Day Showcase 03-13-14
Posted 03-25-14




A Day at Lincoln Elementary - Battle of the Books 03-21-14
Posted 03-25-14




Donges Bay Elementary School-Mequon 4th grade play 'Little House in the Big Woods', 02-28-14
Posted 03-18-14




Art in the 'Burg' art show at Cedarburg High School 03-09-14
Posted 03-18-14




Pi Day at Badger Middle School

Posted 03-17-14




March Madness at McLane Elementary 03-14-14
Posted 03-17-14




Parkview Elementary School-Cedarburg 5th grade wax museum 02-28-14
Posted 03-14-14




Mequon Jewish Preschool Purim Circus 03-04-14
Posted 03-14-14




Read Across America at MacArthur Elementary 03-07-14
Posted 03-11-14




Webster Transitional School-Cedarburg Best Buddies Olympics
Posted 03-07-14




Grafton High School Drama Department's Spring Play
'Get Smart' 03-06-14
Posted 03-07-14




Fitness Day at Erin School 02-28-14
Posted 03-06-14




Youth County Government Day

Posted 03-06-14




Thorson Elementary School-Cedarburg Jump Rope-Hoops for Heart 02-13-14
Posted 02-26-14




Mequon Pre-School Sledding Olympics 02-19-14
Posted 02-26-14




Silverbrook Middle School Move
Posted 02-22-14




Thorson Elementary School-Cedarburg Winter Carnival 02-08-14
Posted 02-16-14




Grafton Schools Music Parents Chili Day 02-09-14
Posted 02-16-14




Cedarburg High School Drama department's production of the musical "Pippin" 02-13-14
Posted 02-16-14




Rossmann Elementary School Olympics 02-07-14
Posted 02-13-14




Homestead High School Fine Arts Department present musical Carousel 02-05-14
Posted 02-13-14




Thorson Elementary School-Cedarburg annual science fair
Posted 01-21-14




Cedarburg Morningstar Montessori school tour of new facility 12-05-13
Posted 12-14-13




Grafton High School Musical Hello Dolly dress rehearsal 11-18-13
Posted 11-20-13




Cedarburg High School Fall Plays "The Actors Nightmare" and "All in the Timing" at the Cedarburg Performing Arts Center 11-09-13
Posted 11-13-13




Waukesha Optimists 5th Grade Run 10-16-13
Posted 10-24-13




Homestead High School production of the Hobbit 10-18-13
Posted 10-23-13




Grafton Elementary School's Blue Ribbon state award ceremony
Posted 10-23-13




West Bend East vs. West Bend West Powder Puff Football 10-02-13
Posted 10-10-13




University of Wisconsin - Washington County 
Convocation 09-26-13
Posted 10-06-13




Readathon Kickoff at Slinger Elementary 09-20-13
Posted 09-26-13




Mequon-Thiensville recreation department's production of "Once Upon a Mattress" 06-21-13
Posted 06-26-13




Westlawn Elementary School Cedarburg Green Ribbon award ceremony 06-11-13
Posted 06-26-13




Homestead High School 2013 graduation ceremonies 06-16-13
Posted 06-22-13




Grafton High School 2013 graduation ceremonies 06-09-13
Posted 06-20-13




West Bend West Graduation 06-07-13
Posted 06-14-13




West Bend East Graduation 06-08-13
Posted 06-14-13




Cedarburg High School 2013 Graduation
ceremony 06-09-13
Posted 06-11-13




Donges Bay Elementary School, Mequon Fractured Fairy Tales
Posted 06-11-13




St. Paul's School Grafton visit with David Stokes and Animal day
Posted 06-11-13




Living Word Lutheran High School Graduation 06-02-13
Posted 06-06-13




John Long Middle School Donald Driver Goodwill Industries visit 05-21-13
Posted 06-04-13




Homestead High School American Cancer Society Relay for Life
Posted 06-04-13




Steffen Middle School - Mequon 6th grade Medieval Banquet 05-10-13
Posted 06-04-13




West Bend Senior Awards Night

Posted 05-29-13




The Final Performance of Dave Vandermeuse 05-22-13
Posted 05-29-13




Living Word Lutheran Senior Awards 05-23-13
Posted 05-29-13




Amy Belle Elementary Dance Party 05-24-13
Posted 05-29-13




Kettle Moraine Lutheran Graduation Ceremony 05-25-13
Posted 5-29-13




Grafton High School auto tech students at Ford/AAA competition host by MATC-Mequon Campus
Posted 05-19-13




Homestead High School spring play Musical Comedy Murders of 1940
Posted 05-07-13




Cedarburg All-District Band Concert 04-23-13
Posted 05-07-13




Thorson Elementary School-Cedarburg Fine Arts Night 04-18-13
Posted 04-29-13




Cedarburg Webster Transitional School New Frontiers Courage Retreat 03-21-13
Posted 04-12-13




Portal Prom sponsored by Portal Industries-Grafton and the Cedarburg High School student volunteers
Posted 04-12-13




Parkview Elementary School-Cedarburg Cardboard Arcade
Posted 04-04-13




Webster Transitional School-Cedarburg annual March Madness night 03-14-13
Posted 03-25-13




Delta Kappa Gamma Literary Competition winners 03-12-13
Posted 03-25-13




Cedarburg Parkview Elementary School's 18th annual variety show
Posted 03-18-13




Tonic Sol-Fa workshop at Cedarburg High School Choral department
Posted 03-08-13




Grafton High School Spring production of "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe 03-07-13
Posted 03-08-13




Mequon Jewish PreSchool Purim Circus Show 02-20-13
Posted 02-27-13




Cedarburg Education Foundation Cupcake Challenge 02-16-13
Posted 02-25-13




Cedarburg High School Winter Guard Invitational 02-02-13
Posted 02-07-13




Oriole Elementary School-Mequon tribute to Martin Luther King Jr., Life of Service 01-21-13
Posted 01-30-13




Grafton Education Foundation Souper Bowl fundraiser 01-25-13
Posted 01-30-13




Thorson Elementary School-Cedarburg Science fair 01-17-13
Posted 01-22-13




Cedarburg High School 2013 Jam for Charity 01-10-13
Posted 01-21-13




Addison Principal gets Pied 1-11-13
Posted 1-14-13




Parkview Elementary School-Cedarburg Snowshoeing with the 3rd graders at Centennial Park 01-08-13
Posted 1-10-13




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