July 23, 2014

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Samsung reaches beyond smartphones with home appliances 07-07-14
In Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, a group of Michelin star-rated chefs — the creme de la creme of cuisine — were whipping up gourmet appetizers for a crowd of more than 100 people, mostly members of the media.
Three years in, future of Google Plus remains unclear 06-30-14
Three years ago this month, Google Inc. launched a new social network with high hopes of countering the rising tide of Internet users who were flocking to Facebook.
App adds smarts to remote 06-30-14
Designing an app that turns a smartphone into a universal remote control isn’t a technological quad somersault off the 3-meter board anymore.
As technologies converge, AT&T keeps a wary eye on Google 06-23-14
AT&T Inc. has many strong rivals in the great convergence of wireless, Internet and video technologies, but none looms larger — potentially — than search giant Google Inc.
Sound Advice: Mediasonic HomeWorx HW-150PVR is worth a try 06-23-14
Q. I tried the Channel Master DVR+ home video recorder. Ultimately, I returned it, as I couldn’t find an indoor antenna that worked well enough in one position to capture all the channels I wanted, and I prefer not to mess with an outdoor antenna.
Digital Savant: Student team builds spooky game in just one semester 06-16-14
The little girl sits alone on a small bed in a cabin of a large boat. She cries as she tries to remember what brought her to this place. Inside the room, books float in the air, held aloft by some kind of psychic energy.
Re-engineering Microsoft's culture: 2 veterans 
work together to break down old barriers
SEATTLE — For years, Joe Belfiore and David Treadwell waged their own separate battles at Microsoft Corp., with Belfiore helping to lead the upstart Windows Phone division and Treadwell heading Xbox software and services engineering.
Technology geared toward the very young presents promise and pitfalls 06-02-14
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Meet the digital diapered set. As mere babes devour more and more online media while being baby-sat with the help of the Internet, the crib is becoming America’s new tech incubator.
With 'Sev Zero,' Amazon battles gaming giants 06-02-14
LAKE FOREST, Calif. — At a studio tucked away in a nondescript Orange County office park, is hoping to remake the video-game business.
Weather the storms with smartphone apps 05-27-14
The snow is gone, but now folks are on alert for other kinds of nasty weather. Already, it’s been everything from torrential rain and hail to high winds and reports of tornadoes.
More than fun and games: iPads give autistic children a voice 05-27-14
AUSTIN, Texas — Jaime Morin, 9, was diagnosed with autism at age 2 and has been nonverbal his whole life.
Help the hummingbirds with Audubon app 05-19-14
If hummingbirds captivate you — and who isn’t mesmerized by the colorful, hovering, buzzing little critters? — the National Audubon Society would like to recruit you.
What will you look like when you grow old? Software can show you  05-19-14
SEATTLE — Let’s assume you are, oh, 25 years old. Wrinkle-free, bag-free, sag-free. Would you want to see a pretty realistic image of what you’ll look like at age 70? A little hesitation?
Learning migrates from classroom to the computer 05-12-14
CHICAGO — Learning online might be a way of attending class in your pajamas. But for students like Maria Treto-French, it means listening to a lecture while watching your daughter’s volleyball game.
Without safeguards, smart home can be a dumb choice, expert says 05-05-14
Smart technology can perform all sorts of tasks in our homes. Turn on our lights. Unlock our doors. Crank up our thermostats.
Goodbye, billfold. Hello, smartphone 04-28-14
Here’s the thing about Taka Torimoto: He’s more likely to remember his smartphone than his billfold. And that spells opportunity for a whole raft of new players in the lucrative payments industry.
Shop for free with online 'sharing' retailer 04-21-14
Now there’s a free online marketplace to fix all the shopping days gone wrong and the gifts yet to be regifted.
No fooling: Internet has made hoaxes commonplace 04-14-14
April Fools’ Day used to be so much fun. We could get up a few minutes early, set all the clocks ahead an hour and then watch as the rest of the family panicked because they thought they had overslept.
You can do spring cleaning and put cash in your pocket 04-07-14
CHICAGO — The average home has $7,000 worth of unused items simply taking up space, according to a study by market research firm NPD Group.
Charities open coffers to cryptocurrency donations 04-07-14
Guests mingling at a recent gala for the Spare Key charity didn’t know it, but they had entered a new frontier in nonprofit fundraising. 
Organizing your recipes online? Of course, there's an app for that 03-31-14
Online recipe organization. Maybe, like me, you’re new to it. Even though I work with recipes professionally, I’ve been hesitant to go completely digital. I’m used to working from books. Paper is comforting to me.
As homes plug in to Internet, hackers plug into homes 03-31-14
To keep an eye on his child via his smartphone, Marc Gilbert installed Internet-connected video baby monitors in his home in Houston.
Hacking incidents prompt universities to rethink balance of openness, security 03-24-14
In the two weeks between recent revelations that hackers stole data on students, alumni and faculty from the University of Maryland-College Park and the Johns Hopkins University, nearly 360,000 records were swiped in similar attacks at schools in Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Dakota.
Library's 'shelfies' put witty twist on social media photos 03-17-14
AKRON, Ohio — What do you get when bookshelves pose for a picture? A group shelfie, of course. Go ahead and groan, but give the Akron-Summit County Public Library credit for a pretty good visual pun.





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