April 17, 2014

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You can do spring cleaning and put cash in your pocket 04-07-14
CHICAGO — The average home has $7,000 worth of unused items simply taking up space, according to a study by market research firm NPD Group.
Charities open coffers to cryptocurrency donations 04-07-14
Guests mingling at a recent gala for the Spare Key charity didn’t know it, but they had entered a new frontier in nonprofit fundraising. 
Organizing your recipes online? Of course, there's an app for that 03-31-14
Online recipe organization. Maybe, like me, you’re new to it. Even though I work with recipes professionally, I’ve been hesitant to go completely digital. I’m used to working from books. Paper is comforting to me.
As homes plug in to Internet, hackers plug into homes 03-31-14
To keep an eye on his child via his smartphone, Marc Gilbert installed Internet-connected video baby monitors in his home in Houston.
Hacking incidents prompt universities to rethink balance of openness, security 03-24-14
In the two weeks between recent revelations that hackers stole data on students, alumni and faculty from the University of Maryland-College Park and the Johns Hopkins University, nearly 360,000 records were swiped in similar attacks at schools in Pennsylvania, Indiana and North Dakota.
Library's 'shelfies' put witty twist on social media photos 03-17-14
AKRON, Ohio — What do you get when bookshelves pose for a picture?A group shelfie, of course. Go ahead and groan, but give the Akron-Summit County Public Library credit for a pretty good visual pun.
Google X: Secret lab for 'moonshot' research 03-17-14
In a rare public speech, Google Inc. CEO Larry Page once suggested the tech industry needs "safe places where we can try out new things" without rules or interference. 
Lingering by the linens? Your favorite store may be tracking you 03-10-14
WASHINGTON — Signals emitted by your smartphone leave a digital trail that retailers can follow to find out how long you lingered in front of a sales rack or languished in a checkout line.
Technology transforms real estate marketing 03-10-14
A visitor was asking Toll Bros. CEO Douglas Yearley about the location of property in another state. visitor were sitting.
Baby tech boom produces new technologies to help parents 03-10-14
Long before the dawn of the pacifier, parents of newborns and toddlers found ways to use surrounding resources to help soothe and distract tots into precious moments of peace.
E-commerce star Zulily under pressure to perform 02-24-14
SEATTLE — At Zulily’s Seattle offices, models strut in leather boots and flowery dresses; assistants carry toys and baby pajamas back and forth. 
Do smartphone traffic apps really work? 02-24-14
Mobile apps promise real-time traffic info, but — honk! honk! — picking the best route is still a gamble.
New video games aim to be deeper than first-person shooters 02-17-14
LOS ANGELES — Miguel Oliveira is developing a video game in a tiny apartment near the University of Southern California, worlds away from the high-tech studios of Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo
AT&T, Comcast seek share of home security market 02-17-14
In a 3,200-square-foot home in Milford, Mich., Chris Dierkes showed off one of AT&T’s latest service offerings: home security and automation.
Pro gamers enjoy celebrity, income from heeding the 'Call' 02-10-14
CHICAGO — Matt Haag used to be just another suburban kid going to high school, working at McDonald’s and aggravating his parents by spending endless hours on his Xbox.
The purloined picture: Visual artists confront piracy on the web 02-03-14
For a few months last fall, Hannah Price was famous. More precisely, she was Internet famous.
How to safeguard your new electronic presents 01-27-14
If you received a tablet, computer or a new phone this holiday, you’re not alone. This year, tech gifts were expected to top a third of all holiday wish lists, according to the National Retail Federation.
A beginner's guide to Reddit 01-20-14
Reddit’s that website you’ve heard of but maybe don’t quite understand. Is it a social network? A message board?
Libraries become tech hubs for the digitally inclined 01-13-14
People are turning to libraries with tech-fueled questions about everything from e-readers to social media – and librarians have the answers.
Troy Wolverton: A look back at the year in tech 01-06-14
This past year saw few breakthrough tech products, but it was anything but a boring year in tech.
Would you 'like' a chance to 'sympathize' on Facebook?
There are some things on Facebook you just don’t want to "like." A bad day at work. Sick kids. The dog died. Where’s the "dislike" button when you need it?
Google and fellow tech giants move into shopping malls 12-23-13
ROSEVILLE, Calif. — The glowing winter wonderland inside the mall here, adorned with fake snow and pulsing with electronic music, beckons weary holiday shoppers.
Smartphones are charging the picture for camera sales 12-23-13
It’s a modern paradox: People are taking more photographs than ever before, nearly 400 billion this year, yet sales of cameras are shrinking.





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