May 30, 2016

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Why people are falling for Amazonís Echo 05-16-16
SAN DIEGO ó On Christmas Day, Liz Philips and her two sons Sutton, 8, and Greyson, 10, welcomed a new member into their San Diego home. They called her Alexa, and though not your traditional bundle of joy, she was immediately embraced as a permanent resident and much-loved companion.
IBM makes a big shift into cognitive computing 05-09-16
ALMADEN, Calif. ó IBMís California research lab sits atop a green hill here, 15 miles south of downtown San Jose.
Petcube, the Skype for Fido 05-09-16
SAN FRANCISCO ó Ever been stuck late at the office while your furry friend is home alone, and wished you could give Fido or Fluffy a quick ring or text to check in?
GoGoGrandparent helps seniors without smartphones 05-02-16
TORRANCE, Calif. ó Donít be fooled by her age or her not-so-smart flip phone. Eighty-five-year-old Betty Lou Luce is spurring a technology movement thatís spreading from bridge clubs to retirement homes across Southern California.
Sound Advice: Good news on sound bars 04-25-16
Q. I planned on purchasing a ZVOX SoundBase 570 to complement my new wall-mounted OLED TV. I see ZVOX has some new sound bars, the SB400 and SB500.
Troy Wolverton: Appleís newer, smaller iPad Pro a terrific tablet 04-25-16
When Apple launched its first iPad Pro last fall, I was skeptical of the jumbo-sized device.
Iím much more enthusiastic about tabletís smaller sibling, which Apple launched late last month.
Amazon offers stand-alone video, month-to-month Prime subscriptions 04-18-16
SEATTLE ó is adding some a la carte options to its $99-a-year Prime all-you-can-eat buffet.
IPad finds niche in restaurants and stores 04-18-16
SAN JOSE, Calif. ó Apple has often touted the millions of consumers who have switched from Windows PCs to Macs and from Android devices to iPhones.
BuzzFeed stunt highlights Facebookís push into streaming 04-11-16
LOS ANGELES ó Viral video maker BuzzFeed got at least 3.1 million people to flip over to Facebook to watch a pair of people in hazmat suits and goggles wrap rubber bands around a watermelon until it exploded.
Are consumers ready for telemedicine? 04-04-16
SAN DIEGO ó Is health care going the way of Uber?
Though it may sound far-fetched, seeing a doctor could move in that direction if telemedicine gains more acceptance, according to health technology experts.
Can smartphones answer your call for help? 04-04-16
SAN JOSE, Calif. ó If youíre depressed and suicidal, a victim of rape or domestic violence, can your smartphoneís personal assistant answer your call for help?
Netclearance seeks foothold in mobile payments 04-04-16
SAN DIEGO ó Does a small San Diego startup stand a chance in the mobile payment market competing against the likes of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay?
New hearing aid will help people not to miss a beat 04-04-16
MINNEAPOLIS ó After three years and millions of dollars, Starkey Hearing Technologies recently unveiled a next-generation hearing aid that promises to channel both realistic speech and authentic-sounding music to the hard of hearing.
Sound Advice: How to figure out what your vintage gear is really worth 03-28-16
Q. I have a pair of AR3a speakers that I no longer need. The drivers are all original, the walnut exteriors are excellent and everything works very well. 
Tech Q&A: Windows 10 flaw tries to charge for free apps 03-28-16
Q: After upgrading my PC to Windows 10, I got a message saying that the "free trial" on my calculator app was over, and that I should go to the Windows Store to purchase the feature. The icons for some other apps are grayed out, and I assume that Iíll have to purchase those, too. Arenít these apps supposed to be free with Windows 10?
Facebook grapples with heartache as it jogs memories  03-21-16
SAN JOSE, Calif. ó Donít go breaking my heart, Facebook.
Itís a sentiment shared by people like 48-year-old San Jose resident Beth Burkley, who gets caught off guard when she sees reminders of her ex pop up on social media.
With artificial intelligence having beaten humans in board games, whatís next? 03-21-16
LOS ANGELES ó When a personís intelligence is tested, there are exams. IQ tests, general knowledge quizzes, SATs.
Thwarted by the iPhone, code-breakers turn their attention to other products 03-14-16
LOS ANGELES ó Computer hacker Will Strafach had no trouble seizing control of the original iPhone. Same went for later generations over the next five years.
Mark Davis, president of the Unicode Consortium, on the rise of emojis 03-07-16
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. ó When cute smiley faces started popping up in text messages in Japan during the 1990s, software engineers like Mark Davis didnít know if the digital images called emojis were just a fad.
Helpware: How to program your life  02-29-16
When my kids were young and electricity was expensive and cash was tight, Iíd lecture them about the fact that lights that were turned on could also be turned off. 
Tech review: High-tech gloves work as advertised  02-29-16
Connected wearables.
Itís a fancy term for gadgets built into clothing or accessories you wear like a smartwatch or fitness monitor or even a Bluetooth headset.





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