August 25, 2016

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Even the baseball card industry sees its future in the app store  08-08-16
In the top of the first inning of Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game last month, Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant clubbed a home run off the left field scoreboard at San Diego’s Petco Park.
Hollywood starts to see a role for virtual reality 08-01-16
NEW YORK — On a recent weekday, Hollywood director Ivan Reitman was in the bowels of the Madame Tussauds wax museum here talking up an unlikely passion.
Flailing phone business forces Microsoft to back off hopes for Windows 10 07-25-16
Microsoft says it will take more time than it thought to get a billion devices running Windows 10 because of its sharply curtailed ambitions in the smartphone business.
How Amazon’s team of old-school book reviewers influences what we read  07-18-16
SEATTLE — Within the highly automated folds of Amazon’s online bookstore, there’s a small team of literary types whose main job is rather old school.
My kids don’t have a YouTube channel, but they pretend they do 07-11-16
LOS ANGELES — The YouTube experience doesn’t end for my kids after I take away their iPads. It follows them everywhere: when they’re playing with toys, riding in the back seat of our car or roaming the supermarket aisles.
On-demand business models have put some startups on life support 07-04-16
SAN FRANCISCO — Last summer, flower delivery startup BloomThat was in an enviable position. The 2-year-old San Francisco company had raised more than $5 million in venture capital funding. I
Can app find next ‘Harry Potter’? 07-04-16
LOS ANGELES — Serial entrepreneurs Prerna Gupta and husband Parag Chordia launched their mobile reading app Hooked in September as a way to publish fiction for the social media generation.
Hulu’s dance with brands 06-27-16
LOS ANGELES — Car commercials are the kind of thing that Mindy Lahiri, the titular character on "The Mindy Project," might impatiently fast-forward through or ignore while watching a bad reality-TV show. The Hulu comedy offered an alternative earlier this month for viewers of the latter mindset.
Paul Allen’s giant plane takes shape in the desert, but its market is unclear 06-27-16
MOJAVE, Calif. — In the high Mojave Desert, the airframe of Paul Allen’s giant, mysterious plane for carrying rockets into space is approaching completion.
Meet Alfie, Sears’ voice-controlled shopping assistant 06-20-16
CHICAGO — Alexa, meet Alfie.
Sears Holdings, based in suburban Chicago, appears to have introduced a "voice-controlled intelligent shopper" that bears more than a passing resemblance to Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker and its Alexa virtual assistant — albeit without the speaker and more limited features.
Where Yahoo’s media play went wrong 06-13-16
SAN FRANCISCO — When Yahoo announced last year that it had lost $42 million reviving NBC’s TV series "Community" and launching two other original shows, the company framed it as a failed experiment. It didn’t work, so Yahoo was cutting its losses.
Will Uber’s cash path spur others? 06-13-16
LOS ANGELES — Startups have long been the domain of venture capitalists. But with last week’s staggering $3.5 billion investment in Uber from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, the tech world has been put on notice — sovereign wealth funds are loaded with cash and ready to do business directly.
Apps track emails, receipts to spot potential price-match refunds 06-13-16
CHICAGO — Nothing takes a big-ticket buy from exciting to maddening faster than finding out the item went on sale shortly after a purchase. A handful of apps have popped up recently promising to track shoppers’ purchases and score refunds from retailers who offer to match post-purchase price changes.
The unusual work environment that helped Naughty Dog make the hot game ‘Uncharted 4’ 06-06-16
LOS ANGELES — Co-presidents. Co-directors. Co-animation leads. Co-art directors.
At video game-maker Naughty Dog, it doesn’t take long to notice that co-responsibilities are commonplace. 
On-demand business model goes global 05-30-16
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — As U.S. startups compete to make everything from diapers to dog food available at the tap of a finger, a group of entrepreneurs from the developing world is using those on-demand business models to make life easier for consumers in their home countries.
Can Google cash in on its pivot? 05-30-16
LOS ANGELES — Google Inc.’s latest technological marvels point to a future where you’ll never need to visit websites, write a term paper or stress over what to buy for your mother’s birthday.
California’s tech industry is headed toward a new frontier 05-23-16
WASHINGTON — California technology companies are poised to take the lead in developing new anti-drone and gun safety tools for the federal government — adding another layer of complexity to the West Coast industry’s relationship with East Coast intelligence agencies.
App-makers draw a bead on adult coloring books 05-23-16
LOS ANGELES — Since she got in on the adult coloring book craze two years ago, Cheri Brown has spent more than $400 on 50 books holding intricate sketches that she embellishes with Sharpies, colored pencils and gel pens.
Why people are falling for Amazon’s Echo 05-16-16
SAN DIEGO — On Christmas Day, Liz Philips and her two sons Sutton, 8, and Greyson, 10, welcomed a new member into their San Diego home. They called her Alexa, and though not your traditional bundle of joy, she was immediately embraced as a permanent resident and much-loved companion.
IBM makes a big shift into cognitive computing 05-09-16
ALMADEN, Calif. — IBM’s California research lab sits atop a green hill here, 15 miles south of downtown San Jose.
Petcube, the Skype for Fido 05-09-16
SAN FRANCISCO — Ever been stuck late at the office while your furry friend is home alone, and wished you could give Fido or Fluffy a quick ring or text to check in?





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