November 29, 2015

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As the online video world grows, content creators must cast a wide net 11-09-15
LOS ANGELES — Julie Nolke, a cook and host on the digital food and travel channel Tastemade, had just finished filming her amped-up take on the Canadian favorite poutine — a mess of crispy fries smothered with cheese curds, bacon and gravy, spiked with beer and maple syrup.
Bending razor-thin glass to tech’s future needs 11-09-15
PALO ALTO, Calif. — "We don’t make that kind of glass," said Waguih Ishak, director of Corning Inc.’s West Coast Research Center, pointing to the windows lining his office and, beyond that, to the windshields of the cars parked outside.
Following Uber’s success, copycats rush to carve out niches 11-02-15
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Budding entrepreneurs hoping to cash in on the wave of collaborative consumption breaking across the nation are hitching their wagons to the King Kong of the sharing economy, claiming to be the "Uber of whatever" — food delivery, diaper service, dog-walking, you name it.
Cord-cutting: It’s easier (and cheaper) than you think 11-02-15
SAN DIEGO — You’ve heard this story before. Someone gets fed up with their cable company and drops the service. Either in an act of defiance or disillusionment, they choose instead to rely on Internet-based services and mobile apps for video entertainment.
YouTube unveils ad-free subscription service, YouTube Red 10-26-15
LOS ANGELES — YouTube, the pioneer of free online videos, is jumping into the subscription streaming market with YouTube Red.
Tech Q&A: Downgrade after installing Windows 10 can be hazardous 10-26-15
Q: I installed the Windows 10 upgrade on my laptop. But I didn’t like Windows 10, so two weeks later I reversed the upgrade and went back to Windows 7.
Smartphone app helps people with blindness navigate their surroundings 10-19-15
PITTSBURGH — Previously, when Chieko Asakawa navigated her way across the Carnegie Mellon University campus, she used her white cane to identify obstructions with her ears alert to recognizable sounds and intuition in full power to keep track of her location.
Web Buzz: Lumy app tracks the sun to aid your picture-taking 10-19-15
MENLO PARK, Calif. — What’s taboo in some workplaces is just business for Stella & Dot employees, who use Facebook to connect with thousands of stylists selling the company’s jewelry and fashion accessories.
Facebook seeks to conquer the workplace 10-19-15
MENLO PARK, Calif. — What’s taboo in some workplaces is just business for Stella & Dot employees, who use Facebook to connect with thousands of stylists selling the company’s jewelry and fashion accessories.
Tech Q&A: How to save email on a computer hard drive 10-12-15
Several readers were confused about last week’s column dealing with backing up email to avoid losing it.
3-D laser printer captures ‘maker’ movement’s attention 10-12-15
SEATTLE — Entrepreneur Dan Shapiro has a long history in the high-tech industry. He founded Sparkbuy, a price-comparison site, was CEO of Google Comparison and launched photo-sharing service PhotoBucket.
Virgin America teams with Netflix for binge watching at 30,000 feet 10-05-15
Fans of "House of Cards" and "Orange Is the New Black" can now catch up on their favorite series while flying on Virgin America.
Anti-piracy battle unfolds in real time on Periscope, live-streaming apps 10-05-15
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Floyd Mayweather Jr. vanquished his last opponent on Sept. 12, but as fans used live-streaming apps such as Periscope to broadcast the fight, they were also throwing punches at anti-piracy rules in real time.
Pebble steps out with a sleeker, thinner smartwatch 09-28-15
Smartwatch critics who slammed the devices for being too clunky or geeky might have to do a double take. Smartwatch maker Pebble announced the Pebble Time Round on Wednesday, its lightest and thinnest watch.
360-degree camera makers are focusing on the consumer market 09-28-15
Jim Malcolm pulls up a video on his smartphone he recently shot at Disneyland.
At first, it looks like a typical family vacation video: We see a ride from Jim’s point of view as a carriage whooshes into tunnels and back out again.
Tech review: Microsoft Surface 3 LTE tablet acts as laptop 09-21-15
Tablets like the Apple iPad are fun, but they’re not exactly a replacement for a full-blown computer.
As an iPad user, I’ve often wondered whether it could ever take the place of my laptop.
Facebook is finally working on a ‘dislike’ button 09-21-15
The "dislike" button you’ve been waiting for is finally coming to Facebook.
During a town hall Tuesday, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg said Facebook is responding to years of demand from users who simply aren’t satisfied with the "like" button alone.
Startup’s software allows diners to text servers 09-21-15
MIAMI — Where’s our waiter? Patrons won’t ever have to ask that again if a South Florida tech startup has its way.
Smartphones, apps are liberating the blind and visually impaired 09-14-15
MORGAN HILL, Calif. — Ruben Morales, a blind 59-year-old retired engineer who lives in this Silicon Valley city, has used a specialized screen-reading program for years to write and run spreadsheets on his desktop computer.
Is overhauled Apple TV the future of television? Stay tuned 
CUPERTINO, Calif. — It was overlooked amid a slew of wide-ranging product announcements, but the revamped Apple TV could be key to transforming the television-viewing experience — and give consumers the most compelling reason yet to cut the cable cord.
Who owns your digital afterlife? 09-147-15
SAN JOSE, Calif. — When a landlord discovered the body of bestselling novelist Marsha Mehran last year in a seaside Irish cottage, the 36-year-old had left behind a trove of literary work.
Snapchat gets 4 billion video views, challenging Facebook 09-07-15
In just three months, Snapchat has doubled the number of video views it gets  per day to 4 billion, a spokeswoman for the social media app said.





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