October 21, 2017

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Snap ups its game with sports, weather data 10-02-17
LOS ANGELES — Snapchat isn’t a resource many turn to for weather and sports scores, but it’s spending increasing amounts of money on licensing deals to give users such information.
Can this guy help Intel catch the AI wave? 10-02-17
SAN DIEGO — To get a sense of computer scientist Naveen Rao, just take a look at his hands.
The 42-year-old has busted all 10 of his fingers over a lifetime of skiing, skateboarding, bicycling, rollerblading, race-car driving, wrestling and hoops.
Skip the checkout lines: Whole Foods, Walmart and other stores embrace online grocery shopping 10-02-17
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Grocery shopping can feel like you’re navigating through an obstacle course filled with crowded parking lots, long lines and screaming kids.
Mayo Clinic offers first aid assistance via Amazon’s Alexa digital assistant 09-25-17
MINNEAPOLIS — Alexa, forget my grocery list and morning traffic reports. Tell me about CPR.
If Google invests in Lyft, what does that mean for Uber? 09-18-17
SAN FRANCISCO — Uber was the indisputable No. 1 player in the domestic on-demand transportation industry. And by its workforce size, passenger count and capital raised, it still is.
Tech Q&A: How to fix browsers that smoke or crash 09-11-17
Q: Some mysterious malware has infected the Edge browser on our Windows 10 laptop, and none of our security programs can get rid of it. When we start Edge, it goes to the MSN login page, which has a scenic view of a small city along a bay.
Cellular service, starting at free 09-04-17
LOS ANGELES — There are times when FreedomPop founder Stephen Stokols would get better coverage or service using a competing cellular carrier. Like when he got booted from his own provider after getting tripped up by confusing settings.
Tech companies unlikely to follow S&P’s new Snap-inspired rules 08-28-17
When the company that produces the Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index announced this month that it would exclude the corporate parent of Snapchat from its benchmark market measure, the move was cheered by advocates of better corporate governance.
Google, other tech companies warned over ‘dangerous’ banning of neo-Nazis, hate groups 08-21-17
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer has been pushed offline or perhaps to the dark web by GoDaddy, Google and Cloudflare, which one by one made it impossible for the news and commentary provider to keep operating after it published an article that criticized a woman who died during last weekend’s violent protests in Charlottesville, Va.
Severing ties with utilities isn’t as easy as cutting the cable cord 08-21-17
LOS ANGELES — If disaster ever struck, Joe Fleischmann could keep the lights, refrigerator and big-screen TV running in his Orange County home, even if the power company went dark.
HR startups helping companies engage workers, avoid workplace issues 08-14-17
SAN FRANCISCO — Amy Errett wanted to gauge employee happiness at her e-commerce startup, but surveys weren’t working. 
Lead foot got you in trouble? Reach for your phone 08-07-17
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Summer is the busiest travel season, and that means long stretches of highway, wandering attention and maybe a few miles through counties or states spent over the speed limit.
Despite growth of streaming, Redbox CEO sees future in DVD rentals 07-31-17
CHICAGO — Redbox DVD rental kiosks, a seeming throwback to a simpler technological time when videos were something you held in your hand and late fees loomed over your head, are mounting a comeback.
For women called Alexa, it’s funny, frustrating to share name with Amazon device 07-31-17
SEATTLE — Since Amazon introduced the Alexa-enabled Echo device in 2014, the jokes have become so omnipresent that Alexa Philbeck, 29, briefly considered changing, or at least obscuring, her name.
Silicon Valley investors embrace a new vision of college 07-24-17
SAN FRANCISCO — Make School, a for-profit startup in this city’s South of Market district, is one of the most unusual schools in the country: It lets students enroll in classes for free if they agree to pay later after they land a job.
Serving pizzas made by robots 07-17-17
SAN FRANCISCO — Not long after the pizzeria Zume opened for business last year, its kitchen staff noticed a problem with some of its pizzas: they had holes in them.
Loot Crate became the nation’s fastest-growing startup, then it laid off over a quarter of its staff  07-10-17
LOS ANGELES — In its ascent to becoming the nation’s fastest-growing startup, Loot Crate Inc. fostered a workplace in which employees warred with Nerf guns, proudly brandished Captain America socks and chanted the company’s name like a rally cry.
Fooda, pop-up lunch for office dwellers, eyes growth  07-10-17
CHICAGO — Office workers can get stuck in a vicious lunch cycle: Lunch from home? Boring. Eating out? Often too expensive, and there’s rarely enough time to get away from your desk.
This year’s hot graduation gift: Snapchat geofilters  07-03-17
LOS ANGELES — Ann Beverly had eyed a set of golf clubs as a college graduation gift for her son. In an impulse buy during commencement, though, she just had to tack on something else.
Can Amazon get shoppers to buy groceries online? 07-03-17
A giant in the technology industry had a bold idea: reinvent the way people shop, rendering grocery stores a quaint reminder of the past. once sold only books; now the retail giant markets everything 06-26-17
When Jeff Bezos first launched in 1994, he gave himself a 30 percent chance of success — slightly better than the 1 in 10 odds for internet startups.
When customers forget their passwords, business suffers 06-19-17
WASHINGTON — A lot of money goes unspent in the online world for a simple reason: Shoppers can’t remember their passwords.
The average person is registered to 90 online accounts requiring passwords, and the number keeps growing. Few people remember so many passwords.
Apple takes on Amazon Echo and Google Home with its own smart speaker 06-12-17
Apple replaced record collections with the iPod and earned front pocket real estate with the iPhone.
Now it’s going after a bigger target: your home.
Cutting the cord doesn’t necessarily mean cutting the cost 06-05-17
Tahlia Hein moved to New York City on a tight budget and without a TV. When she and her roommates finally got one, chipping in for cable on top of a $50 utilities bill per roommate just wasn’t feasible. So she opted instead to subscribe to TV streaming services like Netflix and Sling TV.
Venture capitalist spends time browsing Nextdoor 05-29-17
SAN FRANCISCO — The lauded Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Gurley who, along with his partners at Benchmark, was an early investor in companies such as Instagram, Uber, Stitch Fix and Snap Inc., spent a recent afternoon scrolling through the neighborhood social network, Nextdoor, studying the ways people use the service.
Jury awards T-Mobile $4.8M in trade-secrets case against Huawei 05-22-17
SEATTLE — A robot named "Tappy" has finally had its day in court, and emerged victorious. Well, its creator — T-Mobile — did.
As Facebook’s grown, so have its challenges 05-15-17
In 2011 as Facebook inched ever closer to 1 billion active monthly users, it faced a vexing crisis: uproar about a facial recognition algorithm that tagged people in photos without their consent.
Sweden’s booming video game industry is more than just Microsoft’s ‘Minecraft’ 05-08-17
STOCKHOLM — Microsoft raised eyebrows in 2014 with the announcement it was spending a hefty $2.5 billion to buy Mojang, the Swedish developer of world-building game "Minecraft."
E-sports’ old college try  04-24-17
LOS ANGELES — Duran Parsi headed to Pepperdine’s law school three years ago with a mission: By the end, he’d either practice law or commit to his fledgling e-sports business.





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