January 18, 2020

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Tech Q&A: Just being careful won’t keep you safe on Windows 7 12-30-19
Q: We’ve all been told that Windows 7 won’t get security updates after mid-January, and that if your computer can’t handle an upgrade to Windows 10 you need to buy a new Windows 10 PC.
This app would love to deal with your traffic tickets. But lawyers want it gone. 12-23-19
Who wouldn’t like the easy convenience of a smartphone app to deal with a traffic ticket? Traffic ticket lawyers, that’s who.
Tech review: 2019 tech gift ideas for the holiday shopper: MacBook, Chromebook and other computers and accessories 12-23-19
Personal computers are where a lot of us started with technology. My first home computer was an Apple Mac Plus with no hard drive, one floppy drive and one megabyte of RAM.
Tech Q&A: How to choose between a hard drive and SSD for PC storage 12-23-19
Q: Some of us who are upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 will need to buy a new PC. What are the advantages of buying a PC with a hard drive vs. one with an SSD (solid-state drive)?
Sea-Tac is first airport to resist federal push for facial recognition and other biometric technologies 12-16-19
SEATTLE — At least for now, controversial facial-recognition technology won’t be installed at boarding gates at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, making the airport the first in the country to resist the rollout of a federal biometric identification program.
Tech Q&A: TOR browser is secretive, slow and can be risky 12-16-19
Q: I read your column on private Web browsing (see What do you think about using the TOR browser for privacy?
Tech Q&A: Assessing the risks of upgrading to Windows 10 12-09-19
Q: Dell’s website says that my six-year-old Windows 7 laptop (an Inspiron 5521) was tested and found compatible with the earliest versions of Windows 10 (called build 1507 and build 1511.) 
Life Fitness enters race against Peloton for virtual exercise classes 12-09-19
CHICAGO — A new entrant has joined the interactive stationary bike race with Peloton. Life Fitness, the Rosemont, Ill.-based health club equipment manufacturer, announced this week it is rolling out on-demand exercise classes on the touch screens of its bikes, treadmills, ellipticals and other cardio fitness products.
Brown bananas and squishy avocados no more? Food tech could keep your produce from going bad 12-09-19
Imagine bananas that never go bad. To Aidan Mouat, CEO of Chicago-based Hazel Technologies, it’s not so far-fetched.
Tech Q&A: Browser privacy mode won’t make you invisible 12-02-19
Q: My internet browsers have privacy modes with names like “incognito,” “secret” and “private,” but I suspect they provide less privacy than the names suggest. What do they do?
Could drone deliveries help the environment? Let’s unpack that 12-02-19
In the era of e-commerce, it takes a single click to order anything you’d like. But it takes a lot of energy to bring it to your door.
Rechargeable batteries in your favorite devices can ignite and burn down your house 11-25-19
We’re all playing Russian roulette with devices powered by lithium ion batteries. Chances are you have dozens of lithium ion-powered devices inside your home right now.
Tech Q&A: Some slow PCs can’t be made much faster 11-18-19
Q: About three months ago, I purchased an HP Pavilion laptop, model 17-ar050wm, that is clearly the slowest PC I’ve ever owned or used. 
Tech review: Apple’s newest iPad adds pro features for the same low price 11-18-19
I review a lot of high-end gadgets, especially from Apple. It’s not unusual to find Apple products that cost more than $1,000, but today I’m reviewing Apple’s cheapest full-size iPad, which starts at just $329.
Google explores entry into consumer checking account market 11-18-19
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Is the Bank of Google close to becoming a reality? The internet giant, which has cemented its position in the markets for operating systems with Android, mobile phones with its Pixel smartphone, and is looking to become a force in healthcare and wearables following it’s $2.1 billion acquisition of Fitbit, now wants to get into the financial services industry by offering consumers checking accounts.
Tech review: Google’s Pixel 4 XL loses its notch, gains motion sense and is a pure Android experience 11-11-19
Ah, a clean Android environment is a good thing. Google is the developer of the Android operating system and it is used by virtually all device manufacturers that are not named Apple.
Tech Q&A: Here’s how to upgrade a Mac to Windows 10 11-11-19
Q: I read in your column that PC users with Windows 7 need to upgrade to Windows 10 by January (see 
UPS makes first drone deliveries of CVS prescriptions to consumers’ homes 11-11-19
ATLANTA — UPS has completed its first commercial drone deliveries of CVS prescriptions to consumers’ homes, as part of a partnership between the shipping giant and the drugstore chain to develop plans for drone delivery service.
Transportation and data service providers battle for bandwidth 11-11-19
WASHINGTON — Two big industries are fighting over radio frequencies that each could use to provide game-changing services.
Tech review: Help at the push of a button 11-04-19
As we get older, some of us may find it a struggle to live independently. My wife and I each have a parent who has fallen and could not get back up without help.
Tech Q&A: Here’s the problem with keeping your work computer 11-04-19
Q: When I retired six months ago, I was allowed to keep my company laptop that runs Windows 10 Enterprise, a corporate version of the operating system.
How to be a pro gamer: A glimpse down the esports talent pipeline 11-04-19
High school team. College program. Development league. Pro draft. It’s a system familiar to sports fans.
Tech review: Second time’s the charm for the Samsung Galaxy Fold 10-28-19
Every so often I hold a device in my hands and think, “This is the future.” I felt that way about my original Blackberry pager, which allowed for instant live messaging between people or groups.
Tech Q&A: How to deal with a Facebook lockout 10-28-19
Q: I was suddenly logged out of my Facebook account on my desktop computer. When I tried to log in again, I received a message that said, “We’ve detected suspicious activity on your Facebook account and have temporarily locked it as a security precaution.” 
More Americans are using Apple Pay than any other mobile-payment app 10-28-19
Apple, which has focused on its services business as a major source of its future revenue growth, can now claim a new title for its Apple Pay digital payment service.
Tech review: Finder of lost things: Tile locators come in handy when you misplace your stuff 10-21-19
There are only a few gadgets I can say I’ve used faithfully since I first found out about them, and the Tile Bluetooth locator is one of them.
Tech Q&A: The rush is on to upgrade Windows 7 by January 10-21-19
There is nothing like a deadline to get millions of PC owners moving. Windows 7 users face a Jan. 14 deadline for the end of Microsoft security updates and need to move to Windows 10 or risk being hacked.
Breathalyzer for weed could be a ‘game changer’ for legalization efforts 10-21-19
PHILADELPHIA — When New Jersey lawmakers debated earlier this year whether to legalize recreational use of marijuana, the Garden State’s police organizations were adamantly against it.
Tech review: ‘Alexa, let’s take a road trip:’ Devices like Echo Auto let Amazon’s digital assistant ride with you 10-14-19
I’m all in with Alexa at my house. I have Echo Dots in my living room and office and an Echo Spot on my bedside table.





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