February 21, 2017

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Apoorva Mehta had 20 failed startups before Instacart 02-06-17
SAN FRANCISCO — The gig: Apoorva Mehta, 30, is the founder and chief executive of San Francisco grocery delivery startup Instacart. 
Jennifer Van Grove: Why TV antennas are making a comeback 01-30-17
When it comes to television viewing, what’s old is new again as an increasing number of Americans are dumping their cable boxes and going totally retro.
Can’t sleep? More technology devices promise relief 01-23-17
SAN DIEGO — Do you believe drinking coffee is keeping you up at night? It’s not — as long as you’re consuming less than four cups per day.
Designing a chatbot: male, female or gender neutral? 01-23-17
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Picture a virtual assistant that helps find directions, schedules appointments or plays music, and the soothing yet robotic sound of a female voice likely comes to mind.
Satellite constellations could be poised to challenge the broadband industry 01-16-17
LOS ANGELES — It’s been more than a decade since a handful of ambitious entrepreneurs saw their plans to provide global telecommunications service through massive satellite constellations blow up, doomed by runaway costs.
Unconventional Snap Spectacles make discrete video capture a cinch 01-09-17
LOS ANGELES — For decades, from Kodak to Polaroid to GoPro, companies have marketed cameras by touting features such as focal length, image size and memory space.
Adobe looks to artificial intelligence to make products more approachable 01-09-17
LOS ANGELES — A teary-eyed Mala Sharma felt vindicated as she stood outside a school for impoverished children in India. A student had snatched the Adobe Systems executive’s iPad and had a go with the company’s simplest video editing program. He nailed it, creating a quick video that Sharma said amused his teacher and peers.
How robots will change the workforce  01-02-17
SAN DIEGO — Thirty of the world’s top scientists are scheduled to meet at the University of California at San Diego in February to discuss the toughest challenges in robotics and automation, including how to make driverless cars safe for a mass audience.
Tech-addicted parents to kids: Don’t do as I do 01-02-17
SAN JOSE, Calif. — They limit their kids’ screen time, set filters on their browsers and banish digital devices from the dinner table. Then those same parents pick up their own iPhones to check email, scan Twitter and update their Facebook statuses.
How Microsoft emerged from the darkness to embrace the cloud 12-26-16
SEATTLE — The winter of 2010 brought some of Microsoft’s darkest days.
Bing, the search engine Microsoft built to challenge Google, was burning cash with little to show for it. 
Frustrated by self-checkout? Retailers look to smartphones to cut the line 12-19-16
CHICAGO — Self-checkout is supposed to be a time-saver.
But that’s before you’re admonished about an "unexpected item in bagging area." Or before you struggle to pick precisely which barcode-free apples are in your cart — Honeycrisp or Gala? Regular or organic?.
California adopts nation’s first energy-efficiency rules for computers 12-19-16
The California Energy Commission has passed energy-efficiency standards for computers and monitors in an effort to reduce power costs, becoming the first state in the nation to adopt such rules.
Instagram and YouTube play nice with their most popular users. Why doesn’t Snapchat? 12-12-16
LOS ANGELES — Self-described Snapchat power user Michael Platco received a neon sign bearing his name from social media rival Instagram. And a different video app emails him every week, hoping he tries their services and brings along his 500,000 Snapchat contacts.
At Nom, telling stories through food is on the menu 12-12-16
SAN FRANCISCO — Tourists snap photos of a scrumptious foreign dish, families gather around the dinner table to catch up and novice cooks may turn to a video to learn how to whip up butternut squash soup or a rainbow grilled cheese.
Amazon’s commander of the Cloud shares his vision 12-05-16
SEATTLE — Andy Jassy, a 19-year Amazon veteran, is arguably the most powerful man in the cloud.
He heads Amazon Web Services, the cloud-computing division that drives much of’s profitability and that dwarfs most competitors, including ventures by crosstown rival Microsoft and search giant Google. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who calls AWS a "pillar," earlier this year upgraded Jassy’s title to division "CEO."
The unusual work environment that helped Naughty Dog make the hot game ‘Uncharted 4’ 11-28-16
LOS ANGELES — When cars exit the tunnel of the next 15 years, they’ll be like giant smartphones.
Their sensors will capture sight, sound and motion and transmit the information to the internet quickly and affordably. 
How a billionaire’s right-hand man became a big fish in a big pond 11-21-16
LOS ANGELES — The gig: Chris Hollod, 33, is venture capital partner at billionaire Ron Burkle’s Los Angeles-based private equity firm Yucaipa Cos. They’ve traveled together for the last five years, with Hollod as the frontman on evaluating thousands of startup investment opportunities.
‘Grandma’s’ garage that housed Nest holds lure for new startups 11-14-16
PALO ALTO, Calif. — At first glance, the light blue cottage on Alma Street in this Silicon Valley city may not look like a place where big ideas are born.
But in the past 15 years, this modest house has produced nearly a dozen successful tech companies. Its owner swears there’s something special in the air.
Tech firms aim to be video gateways 11-07-16
LOS ANGELES — Facebook and Snapchat have overtaken the home pages of Yahoo and Google as the front door to the Internet for hundreds of millions of people. Now, the two rivals are pursuing a much bigger challenge: surpassing television to become the dominant gateway to video.
Don’t think of Amazon Echo as just a speaker. It’s a whole new way of life 11-07-16
SAN FRANCISCO — Stephanie Palermo wasn’t interested in living in a "smart home" outfitted with web-connected appliances controlled remotely by phone or computer. She didn’t need her fridge to have Wi-Fi or her blinds to close themselves.
Former Facebook Live manager bets on more private video sharing with Alively 10-31-16
SAN MATEO, Calif. — Vadim Lavrusik tried to send a video of his son celebrating his first birthday to family in Minnesota, but the process didn’t exactly go smoothly.
To keep drones out of high-risk areas, companies try hijacking them and shooting them down 10-24-16
LOS ANGELES — A public awareness campaign last year did little to deter the growing number of rogue drones flying near wildfires and forcing firefighters to ground their own aircraft.
Instagram prepares for more growth 10-17-16
MENLO PARK, Calif. — When Pope Francis joined Instagram at age 79 in March, a thought crossed the mind of the tech firm’s chief operating officer. For Marne Levine, the moment made the company’s value to the world even clearer.
Tech’s future is likely to be in goods 10-10-16
It’s easy to imagine a future in which products as mundane as toasters and window blinds will be connected to the internet and controlled by software.
Why self-driving Uber cars look so geeky 09-26-16
SAN FRANCISCO — Qawiyah Muhammad can see her own future. Literally.
An Uber driver in Pittsburgh, she knows that one day her job will be replaced by a robot car. She knows the robot cars are coming because she sometimes spots experimental models driving themselves around town.





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