April 21, 2018

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Apple finally fixes iPhone’s forced slowdowns 04-09-18
The days of Apple slowing down iPhones to prevent battery shutdowns are coming to an end.
7 travel gadgets you should pack in your carry-on 04-02-18
Traveling brings challenges both maddening and mundane: fees for overweight suitcases, tight fits in overhead bins, lost luggage and ever-shifting security policies.
How listening to random sound can unlock a trapped mind 03-25-18
LOS ANGELES – David Tobin took to the stage at a recent technology conference in downtown Los Angeles, asked the 500 attendees to close their eyes, and turned up the sound so they could sample his wares: a textured, layered soundscape that he calls an "audiojack."
New technologies help seniors age in place — and not feel alone 03-19-18
Nancy Delano, 80, of Denver has no plans to slow down anytime soon. She still drives to movies, plays and dinners out with friends.
On Twitter, false information travels farther and faster than the truth. Really. 03-12-18
Call it the curse of the Internet age: Lies spread farther, faster, deeper and more broadly than the truth.
Spectacles at first did not succeed, but Snap will try, try again, report says 03-05-18
Snap Inc. is reportedly giving Spectacles, its camera-equipped sunglasses, at least two more tries.
The Venice maker of the video messaging app Snapchat is working on two new versions of the glasses to improve upon its poorly selling original version, according to the video news outlet Cheddar.
Get ready for the era of hypersonic flight — at five times the speed of sound 02-26-18
The sleek aircraft, really more rocket than plane, dropped from the wing of a B-52 before shooting through the sky above Point Mugu Sea Range off the California coast, leaving a long, white contrail in its wake.
Electricity-generating tinted windows reveal a sustainable future 02-19-18
BERKELEY, Calif. — When it comes to a sustainable future, scientists aren’t seeing clearly. Researchers have developed a new type of tinted "smart window" that generates electricity when darkened.
Helpware: Want to save money on your taxes? Hire an accountant 02-19-18
TurboTax is the most expensive $100 software I’ve ever used. Last year, I prepared my straightforward personal and business taxes with TurboTax, and then I gave the same income and expense data to an accountant
Gadgets for seniors: Ambitious techies roll out robots, smart gear for their elders 02-12-18
For older adults who grew up before the personal computer, iPhones and Amazon Echo became technological mainstays in everyday life, a growing number of startups are working on smart devices with features designed to keep aging minds and bodies healthy.
Facebook urged to pull plug on Messenger Kids 02-05-18
Saying young children are "simply not ready" for social media, health experts and children’s advocates are urging Facebook to discontinue Messenger Kids, its new messaging app.
Why the imported washing machine you want is getting more expensive 01-29-18
CHICAGO — At $1,899, one of the priciest washing machines for sale at Abt Electronics in Glenview, Ill., is Samsung’s two-washers-in-one-machine Steel FlexWash.
Microsoft, Alibaba AI programs beat humans in a Stanford reading test 01-22-18
First, it was chess. Then it was Go. Now it’s basic reading comprehension.
The robots are coming. Two artificial intelligence programs created by Chinese e-commerce company Alibaba and Microsoft beat humans on a Stanford University reading comprehension test.
Tableau goes Hyper to keep up with customers’ data needs 01-15-18
SEATTLE — Tableau Software is revamping a core part of its technology to analyze data faster, a move intended to keep up with its customers’ increasing big-data needs.
Roku envisions being at the center of voice-controlled home entertainment systems 01-08-18
Roku, which makes devices for streaming internet video on television sets, announced Wednesday that it plans to develop a voice assistant and let manufacturers create Roku-connected speakers, stepping up its competition with Apple, Google and
What to watch for at the CES technology show 01-08-18
Every year one or two breakout technologies capture the imagination of consumers. Eighteen months ago, it was Pokemon Go, the first augmented reality mobile app to really catch fire. A few years before that, it was 3-D printers.
California company gets FCC approval for at-a-distance device charging 01-01-18
Energous, a San Jose, Calif., company, is the first firm to receive federal approval for a wireless charging system purported to power devices from up to 3 feet away, the company said.
How to protect your internet-of-things devices 12-25-17
Internet-connected devices are nearly ubiquitous, with computer circuitry now found in a variety of common appliances. 
Pandora, playing catch-up to Spotify, offers free music with ads 12-18-17
Pick a song. Any song. It’s almost Christmas, so, how about a song of the season like "Fairytale of New York" by the Pogues?
AIM, aka AOL Instant Messenger, dead at 20 12-18-17
AOL’s Instant Messenger service was finally erased from the internet Friday after the company made the announcement in October that Dec. 15 would be the chat platform’s last day on Earth.
New technology attends to seniors’ health, quality of life 12-11-17
Who hasn’t worried about elderly family members and wished it was easier to keep up with them from afar?
Click to unwrap: More retailers are letting customers send digital gifts this holiday season 12-11-17
CHICAGO — It’s Christmas Eve, you still have gifts to buy, and as the hours tick by, your options grow thin.
Cyber Monday orders are in. Retailers now giving perks for patience 12-04-17
CHICAGO — Shoppers clicking "buy" on smartphones, tablets and laptops spent almost $20 billion online from Thanksgiving through Monday.
Tech education that pays, or you don’t 11-27-17
PHILADELPHIA — With tuitions ever rising and student debt exploding to $1.45 trillion, there has been increased pressure on schools to demonstrate their value based on their success in placing graduates in good-paying jobs.
Scoping out the Silver Tech boom for savvy seniors 11-20-17
"What a drag it is getting old," Mick Jagger first whined on "Mother’s Little Helper" from the Rolling Stones’ 1965 Aftermath album.
Sensor-equipped pill raises technological, ethical questions 11-20-17
The first drug with a sensor embedded in a pill that alerts doctors when patients have taken their medications was approved by the Food and Drug Administration, raiding issues involving privacy, cost, and whether patients really want caregivers looking over their shoulders.
Tech review: Google Pixel 2 XL is almost perfect, but the screen gives me the blues 11-13-17
The pressure on smartphone manufacturers must be intense. Every year they are tasked with upping the ante on last year’s phone. Sometimes they radically change the design, like Apple did this year with the iPhone X, but other times the upgrade seems more incremental, meaning key features get an upgrade, but the overall look and feel are not entirely new.
For food giants, rising tide of e-commerce means sink or swim 11-13-17
Have you ever plucked a bottle of ketchup from a grocery store shelf after remembering your kids finished the last bottle the night before?
Pandora loses listeners, ad revenue 11-06-17
OAKLAND, Calif. — So many listeners have turned off Pandora that Friday could have been called the day the music died for the internet radio streaming pioneer.
In the era of Instagram, businesses use street art to attract customers 10-30-17
LOS ANGELES — Inside the shops along Melrose Avenue, there’s plenty to appeal to fashionable young customers such as Melissa Wang.
Facebook’s election role is likely to increase 10-30-17
Negative headlines. Congressional inquiries. Corporate apologies. The heightening scrutiny surrounding Facebook after it allowed Russian trolls and inflammatory political ads to spread on its network is the kind of thing companies would do anything to avoid.
Lyft gets $1 billion investment, led by Google’s parent company 10-23-17
SAN FRANCISCO — In the topsy-turvy world of tech, an investor can fund a company one minute and sue it the next.
Google, Facebook, Twitter scramble to hold Washington at bay 10-16-17
Google summoned about 200 policy staff from around the world last month for a debate on whether the company’s size has made it too attractive as a target for government regulators.





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