June 17, 2019

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Tech Q&A: Endless tablet reboots may be a battery problem 06-03-19
Q: I have two Galaxy Tab S2 tablet computers that continuously turn themselves on and off.
Verizon’s 5G network in Chicago lives up to the hype most of the time. Beyonce’s ‘Homecoming’ downloaded in seconds. 06-03-19
CHICAGO — Verizon’s 5G network is up and running in Chicago, and when it works, the fifth generation of wireless lives up to the hype. 
Tech review: Time to get serious about my TV antenna  05-27-19
Sometimes you have to go big. I’ve been a cord-cutter for more than a year, and until now, I have used an indoor antenna to watch my local over-the-air channels.
Tech Q&A: How to become a bit less LinkedIn  05-27-19
Q: I’ve used LinkedIn, the social network for business people, for years. But I’m having trouble removing myself from LinkedIn Groups I was once associated with. The instructions I’ve found online haven’t worked. What can I do?
Facial recognition bans: What’s next in Oakland, at Amazon and more 05-27-19
Efforts to rein in government use of facial recognition have a big couple of weeks ahead, days after San Francisco approved a first-of-its-kind ban on use of the technology by police and other city agencies.
Here’s why your internet may be delivered by a drone someday soon 05-20-19
As the pilotless flying wing came in for a landing, winds suddenly picked up. Facebook Inc.’s Aquila drone — powered by the sun and wider than a Boeing 737 jetliner — struggled to adjust. Just before landing, part of the right wing broke off.
Tech review: Edifier headphones and earbuds give you great sound, no wires 05-20-19
There are times when we all would like to tune out the outside world and just relax in peace and quiet.
Tech Q&A: Why some Mac software will soon be outdated 05-20-19
Q: My four-year-old MacBook Pro is warning me that eight of my programs “will not work with future versions of MacOS and need to be updated to improve compatibility.”
AMD’s tech to power new supercomputer for Department of Energy 05-13-19
AUSTIN, Texas — Advanced Micro Devices announced Tuesday that its technology will help power a new supercomputer at Tennessee-based Oak Ridge National Laboratory in 2021.
5G is here. Is it a technological leap forward — or a health concern? 05-06-19
CHICAGO — 5G, the fifth generation of wireless, promises lightning-fast download speeds and could lay the foundation for high-tech advancements like self-driving cars. But like many new technologies, it’s sparking concern about potential health issues.
Tech review: Apple’s second-generation AirPods have improved in ways you can’t really see 04-29-19
In my January 2017 review of Apple’s AirPods, I called them “the best wireless earbuds I’ve tried — by a lot.”
Tech Q&A: Telling your PC where you really are 04-29-19
Q: I recently moved from Chicago to Lakeland, Fla., but my PC doesn’t always realize it. Whenever I use Google Maps via the Windows 10 Edge browser, the map shows me a Chicago starting point.
These tech companies want to use AI to make you lunch at work 04-22-19
The next frontier in automated food could be coming to an office kitchen near you, complete with big, salad-making robots.
Facial recognition may help you get on a plane or cruise ship faster. Should you worry about your privacy? 04-22-19
Say goodbye to standing in long lines clutching boarding passes and other travel documents. Step this way, instead. Look into the camera lens and off you go.
Think twice before sharing medical secrets with Amazon’s Alexa, Florida’s CFO warns 04-22-19
Amid reports that Amazon employs thousands of people to listen to customers talk to their virtual personal assistant Alexa, Florida’s chief financial officer is warning residents to be careful what they say about their private health matters.
European lawmakers back new online terror content rules 04-15-19
BRUSSELS — Google, Twitter Inc., Facebook Inc. and other tech firms are one step closer to facing the threat of fines if they fail to speedily remove terror propaganda from their sites, under new European Union rules backed by lawmakers Monday.
Tech Q&A: Making it easy to log in to websites 04-08-19
Q: My wife and I use the same PC, but have separate accounts for websites such as Fitbit or Gmail. Google’s Chrome browser usually saves all the usernames and passwords for our separate accounts, making it easy for either of us to sign in.
GPS has its own 19-year cicada problem 04-08-19
Most people of a certain age remember the Y2K problem that worried digitalists worldwide when we transitioned from 1999 to 2000 on the night of Dec. 31, 1999. What would happen to computers and systems when the last two digits on the date went from 99 to 00?
Tech Q&A: How to stop mysterious ads from appearing 04-01-19
Q: I keep getting notifications from a sweepstakes website on my iMac. I can’t figure out where they come from, or how to get rid of them. What can I do?
GameStop announces an impressive list of esports partnerships. Can it save the company? 04-01-19
GameStop announced Wednesday that it will partner with nearly every major esports organization in Texas in what could be a pivotal move for a company that’s been struggling for years to redefine itself.
Tech review: Samsung’s Galaxy S10+ is the best Android phone you can buy today 03-25-19
Sometimes the tech gods send a sign. This week the sign was very clear — it’s time to review the Samsung Galaxy S10. Usually when a new phone is released, I’ll get an email from someone at the phone’s manufacturer or a wireless company asking whether I’d like to review it.
Tech Q&A: Sometimes computer security can hurt you 03-25-19
Security is a big concern for all of us, but mostly we worry about keeping intruders out — out of our computers, our phones and our internet connections.
Michigan could enter the satellite launch business by 2022 03-25-19
Michigan was a major force in the early Space Age, when Chrysler made rockets that carried astronauts and General Motors built the electric buggies they used to explore the moon.
‘Snitch-tagging’ destroys any subtlety that was left on Twitter 03-18-19
First came Twitter. Then came Twitter fights. Then came Twitter passive aggression: Insults that don’t explicitly identify the person being criticized are so pervasive they have a name, the subtweet.
Tech Q&A: Why you aren’t told your email is blocked 03-11-19
Q: I learned that email providers sometimes block mail sent from other providers over the issue of misuse.
From video game to day job: How ‘SimCity’ inspired a generation of city planners 03-11-19
Jason Baker was studying political science at UC Davis when he got his hands on “SimCity.” He took a careful approach to the computer game.
Qualcomm spotlights its big bet on 5G at Mobile World Congress  03-04-19
Qualcomm fired off a barrage of news about its latest 5G technologies on Monday as the annual Mobile World Congress trade show opened in Barcelona — highlighting the big bet that the San Diego company is making on fifth-generation wireless networks.
Qualcomm’s latest 5G chips to deliver 7 gigabits per second speeds to mobile devices 02-25-19
SAN DIEGO — Qualcomm is introducing a 5G cellular modem chip that the company says is capable of delivering peak wireless download speeds of 7 gigabits per second to mobile devices.
As Spotify gets into podcasts, industry readies for a new era 02-25-19
Some are calling it the second golden age of audio. Podcasting, once viewed as a niche industry that catered to public radio fans, got a major boost this month when Swedish streaming giant Spotify agreed to pay around $230 million for Gimlet Media, the New York producer of such audio dramas as “Homecoming” and the documentary series “Crimetown.”
Amazon lets amateurs publish custom Alexa apps to reach broad audiences 02-18-19
Amazon is enlisting customers to create voice-controlled games, broadcast lectures and sermons, and turn blogs into audio presentations available to anyone, through its growing universe of Alexa-enabled speaker-and-microphone devices.





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