October 25, 2014

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Theme parks' Halloween scare tactics becoming frightfully high-tech 10-06-14
To re-create a bloody scene from the 1981 horror flick "American Werewolf in London," crews at Universal Studios Hollywood installed computer-controlled strobe lights behind the walls of a dark maze to simulate the flash of bullets.
Chat apps threaten to siphon advertising dollars from the social media leaders 09-29-14
With 21 million people following her on Facebook and 18 million on Twitter, pop singer Ariana Grande can’t personally chat with each of her loves, as she affectionately calls her fans.
Apple intercepts Microsoft's Surface tablet NFL play 09-22-14
Microsoft Corp. thought it had scored a touchdown when it struck a multiyear deal with the NFL that would allow teams to use the company’s Surface tablets during games.
Dell unveils new ultra-thin tablet 09-15-14
Dell Inc. this week unveiled what some are calling the thinnest tablet on the market. Company founder and CEO Michael Dell showed off the eight-inch device — which is only 6 millimeters thick, 20 percent thinner than an iPad Mini — this week at the 2014 Intel Developers Conference in San Francisco.
Google to test cars without a driver 09-15-14
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — Google plans to begin testing its new prototype of a self-driving car — which, unlike earlier models, doesn’t require a back-up driver — at NASA’s Ames Research Center, just a few miles from the tech company’s headquarters, space agency officials said this week.
Keep tabs on your fitness with these trackers 09-09-14
The latest fitness watches, bands and trackers will remind you to stick with your fitness goals — they’ll track your progress and they’ll sync the info with your phone. There are basic heart rate monitor and, calorie counter options too. The only thing they won’t do? Work out for you.
Jumping into streaming TV 09-02-14
More TV viewers are picking up so-called streaming media boxes in the hope of fulfilling a simple wish: Let me watch what I want when I want.
ASCPA app helps people locate lost pets 08-25-14
Can’t find Fluffy? The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals wants to help. The ASPCA recently launched an app designed to help frantic owners find their lost pets.
Wearable devices are unlikely to be big sellers, analysts say 08-18-14
Is wearable tech already wearing thin? Despite the hype for upcoming products from Apple Inc., Google Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co., a number of analysts say Internet-connected personal devices such as smartwatches and fitness bands — so-called wearables — will be hard-pressed to reach the same sales heights as smartphones and tablets.
Will learning computer coding boost kids' college, career prospects? 08-18-14
LOS ANGELES — Jared Flores loved the two weeks he spent this summer at a computer coding school where he programmed a hand-crafted robot that could steer itself through a maze.
Levi's Stadium to offer 49ers fans high-tech treats 08-11-14
SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Along with their replica jerseys, homemade signs and foam "We’re No. 1" fingers, football fans will want to take one other essential piece of gear when they attend games at the new Levi’s Stadium—a smartphone.
Geeking out over L.A. with creators with Five Every Day app 08-04-14
Claire Evans is on a mission: to get you to love L.A. She’s come up with a jam-packed itinerary to show off the not-always-obvious magic of this sprawling, jumbled-up city — a hidden garden built as a labor of love by an Iranian immigrant, a taco stand that may or may not be able to serve you, a mini-train ride that gives you a glimpse of Walt Disney’s barn.
Amazon jumps into 3-D printing market with bobbleheads, more 07-28-14
From personalized miniature bobbleheads to flower vases, Amazon’s new 3-D printing marketplace plans to simplify the 3-D printing process for consumers.
Q&A: Lenovo CTO Peter Hortensius on innovation, wearables and the PC market 07-21-14
In recent years, Lenovo has been at the forefront of exploring new PC designs, from machines such as the Yoga notebook, which can emulate tablets with a screen that flips around and folds back, to the Horizon tabletop, an all-in-one design that can be laid flat on a table and used like an electronic game board.
More tablet to be sold than PCs in 2015, report says 07-14-14
Don’t be surprised if you start to see more people with tablets than laptops: A report Monday said tablet shipments will exceed PCs by 2015. 
Samsung reaches beyond smartphones with home appliances 07-07-14
In Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, a group of Michelin star-rated chefs — the creme de la creme of cuisine — were whipping up gourmet appetizers for a crowd of more than 100 people, mostly members of the media.
Three years in, future of Google Plus remains unclear 06-30-14
Three years ago this month, Google Inc. launched a new social network with high hopes of countering the rising tide of Internet users who were flocking to Facebook.
App adds smarts to remote 06-30-14
Designing an app that turns a smartphone into a universal remote control isn’t a technological quad somersault off the 3-meter board anymore.
As technologies converge, AT&T keeps a wary eye on Google 06-23-14
AT&T Inc. has many strong rivals in the great convergence of wireless, Internet and video technologies, but none looms larger — potentially — than search giant Google Inc.
Sound Advice: Mediasonic HomeWorx HW-150PVR is worth a try 06-23-14
Q. I tried the Channel Master DVR+ home video recorder. Ultimately, I returned it, as I couldn’t find an indoor antenna that worked well enough in one position to capture all the channels I wanted, and I prefer not to mess with an outdoor antenna.
Digital Savant: Student team builds spooky game in just one semester 06-16-14
The little girl sits alone on a small bed in a cabin of a large boat. She cries as she tries to remember what brought her to this place. Inside the room, books float in the air, held aloft by some kind of psychic energy.
Re-engineering Microsoft's culture: 2 veterans 
work together to break down old barriers
SEATTLE — For years, Joe Belfiore and David Treadwell waged their own separate battles at Microsoft Corp., with Belfiore helping to lead the upstart Windows Phone division and Treadwell heading Xbox software and services engineering.
Technology geared toward the very young presents promise and pitfalls 06-02-14
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Meet the digital diapered set. As mere babes devour more and more online media while being baby-sat with the help of the Internet, the crib is becoming America’s new tech incubator.
With 'Sev Zero,' Amazon battles gaming giants 06-02-14
LAKE FOREST, Calif. — At a studio tucked away in a nondescript Orange County office park, is hoping to remake the video-game business.





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