March 6, 2015

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Tim Draper: Venture capitalist's eccentricity 'runs deep'  02-23-15
SAN MATEO, Calif. — As a third-generation venture capitalist, Tim Draper gauges the motivation of entrepreneurs who pitch him. Are they true believers or opportunists? Are they committed for the long haul, or just hoping to cash out?
FlightCar: The Airbnb for cars  02-16-15
SAN JOSE — Parking a car at the airport can be a money drain for travelers — the vehicle sits there idly while the driver shells out $15 or $20 a day.
3-D printers to make human body parts? It's happening 02-09-15
SAN JOSE, Calif. — It sounds like something from a science fiction plot: So-called three-dimensional printers are being used to fashion prosthetic arms and hands, jaw bones, spinal-cord implants — and one day perhaps even living human body parts.
Try, try again: More apps joining anti-smoking arsenal 02-09-15
You don’t need a crystal ball to make this projection about the future: Ditching the cigarettes is — and will likely continue to be — the single most important thing you can do for your health.
Will our smart gadgets become trusted or oppressive companions? 02-02-15
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Like legions of hyperactive butlers, many of the brainy gadgets being developed for the Internet of Things will anticipate our needs and make choices for us — without being told what to do — marking a momentous transformation in our relationship with machines.
Apple's growing patent portfolio offers clues about future products 02-02-15
CUPERTINO, Calif. — A computer mouse that doubles as a scanner. A coating that keeps gadgets safe and dry even in the event of a spill. And a smartphone that rotates like a cat midair to avoid landing on its pretty glass face.
Are video games good for you? New research suggests answer is yes 02-02-15
CHICAGO — Imagine a hardcore video game fanatic, and the picture you summon probably won’t resemble Roman Rivera.
Wireless charging system on cusp of commercialization 01-26-15
PHILADELPHIA — Imagine a world where you don’t have to plug in your smartphone, tablet or laptop, or even lay it on one of the Duracell charging mats that Starbucks is rolling out nationwide. Instead, your refrigerator sends them power from across the room via a WiFi-like radio signal.
Tech Q&A: Full drive warning is false alarm 01-26-15
Q: I’m worried that my Dell PC’s 320-gigabyte hard drive is running out of storage space. I keep getting warnings that nearly all of "backup/recovery E:" capacity has been used up; only 2.57 megabytes remain out of 14.6 gigabytes.
Helpware: A worthy $200 laptop 01-26-15
There’s nothing flashy about the $200 HP Stream notebook, save its choices of colors — horizon blue and orchid magenta.
Can technology stop scourge of bicycle thefts? 01-26-15
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Urban cyclists have more in common than an aptitude for pedaling through city streets — they share the ever-present dread of one day discovering their bicycle missing from the bike rack, or finding only the skeletal remains of its wheel-less frame.
The doctor is in ....your mobile device 01-19-15
CHICAGO — It was 11:45 a.m. and Dr. Christopher Bailey’s laptop was chirping, indicating a patient was on the line.
Is bitcoin the wave of the future or a dangerous fad? 01-19-15
WASHINGTON — As customers ate lunch at a popular restaurant in Washington’s Adams Morgan neighborhood, few had any inkling they were on the front lines of an international monetary war that’s featured FBI raids, the Deep Web, allegations of money laundering and millions vanishing in a nanosecond.
Sound advice: Recommendations for 50-inch HDTVs 01-12-15
Q: I need a new HDTV and am looking to spend $400-600 on a 50-inch model. I am considering buying used on Craigslist, perhaps a plasma in this price range. Any thoughts on buying used, and any recommendations for my size and price range?
Cell phone signals offer massive trove of travel data 01-12-15
Every hour of every day cell phones are generating data which transportation planners, real estate developers and investors use to help them to understand traffic flows, shopping patterns and population shifts.
Web Buzz: and it Flight Tonight app are last-minute deal finders 01-12-15
What they do: To use Flight Tonight, a simple iOS app from, you input your hometown airport code and it returns same-day flight deals — domestic and international — for that airport and nearby cities. 
Sound Advice: Matching new receiver to vintage speakers 01-05-15
Q: I have some 1970s-vintage small Advent speakers. They are in great shape and rated at 15 watts RMS power handling. I’m in need of a new receiver to go with them as the old one died.
Coding at home: Kids can create technology, not just use it 12-29-14
Kids in more than 150 countries — and President Obama — dabbled in computer programming as part of the recent weeklong Hour of Code ( initiative, dreamed up to introduce anyone as young as 4 to the fun of creating technology, not just using it.
Pluto.TV offers curated online videos as alternative to YouTube, TV 12-22-14
LOS ANGELES — Ilya Pozin’s 2-year-old daughter wasn’t about to abandon daddy’s comfortable lap. But Pozin had to manage his successful e-cards company, so he’d entertain Paisley in his home office by playing cartoons and educational videos off YouTube on a second monitor.
Ag-tech could change how the world eats  12-15-14
TRACY, Calif. — Investors and entrepreneurs behind some of the world’s newest industries have started to put their money and tech talents into farming — the world’s oldest industry — with an audacious agenda: to make sure there is enough food for the 10 billion people expected to inhabit the planet by 2100, do it without destroying the world and make a pretty penny along the way.
Q&A: Shaun Rein, China expert, on why the nation has traded copying for innovation 12-08-14
For years, American firms far and wide have bemoaned Chinese copycats. But these days, the water-cooler chatter in Silicon Valley has turned to the meteoric rise of Alibaba, which in September sparked the world’s largest IPO. With millions of users and merchants, the Chinese firm handles more transactions than Amazon and eBay combined.
Re-engineering Microsoft's culture: 2 veterans work together to break down old barriers 12-01-14
Fans at Blizzard Entertainment Inc.’s annual convention kept slipping up and calling the company’s big new video game "Overlord" — which sounds like an obvious, even cliché, name for the kind of dark, lurid shooter game everyone’s grown used to.
High-tech feeders free dairy farmers 11-24-14
FREEPORT, Minn. — The calves at Rohe Dairy don’t bawl when they’re hungry. They live together in small groups in a tall, well-ventilated barn here, about 90 miles northwest of Minneapolis, and they eat whenever they please from an automated calf feeding machine.





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