August 19, 2017

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Lead foot got you in trouble? Reach for your phone 08-07-17
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Summer is the busiest travel season, and that means long stretches of highway, wandering attention and maybe a few miles through counties or states spent over the speed limit.
Despite growth of streaming, Redbox CEO sees future in DVD rentals 07-31-17
CHICAGO — Redbox DVD rental kiosks, a seeming throwback to a simpler technological time when videos were something you held in your hand and late fees loomed over your head, are mounting a comeback.
For women called Alexa, it’s funny, frustrating to share name with Amazon device 07-31-17
SEATTLE — Since Amazon introduced the Alexa-enabled Echo device in 2014, the jokes have become so omnipresent that Alexa Philbeck, 29, briefly considered changing, or at least obscuring, her name.
Silicon Valley investors embrace a new vision of college 07-24-17
SAN FRANCISCO — Make School, a for-profit startup in this city’s South of Market district, is one of the most unusual schools in the country: It lets students enroll in classes for free if they agree to pay later after they land a job.
Serving pizzas made by robots 07-17-17
SAN FRANCISCO — Not long after the pizzeria Zume opened for business last year, its kitchen staff noticed a problem with some of its pizzas: they had holes in them.
Loot Crate became the nation’s fastest-growing startup, then it laid off over a quarter of its staff  07-10-17
LOS ANGELES — In its ascent to becoming the nation’s fastest-growing startup, Loot Crate Inc. fostered a workplace in which employees warred with Nerf guns, proudly brandished Captain America socks and chanted the company’s name like a rally cry.
Fooda, pop-up lunch for office dwellers, eyes growth  07-10-17
CHICAGO — Office workers can get stuck in a vicious lunch cycle: Lunch from home? Boring. Eating out? Often too expensive, and there’s rarely enough time to get away from your desk.
This year’s hot graduation gift: Snapchat geofilters  07-03-17
LOS ANGELES — Ann Beverly had eyed a set of golf clubs as a college graduation gift for her son. In an impulse buy during commencement, though, she just had to tack on something else.
Can Amazon get shoppers to buy groceries online? 07-03-17
A giant in the technology industry had a bold idea: reinvent the way people shop, rendering grocery stores a quaint reminder of the past. once sold only books; now the retail giant markets everything 06-26-17
When Jeff Bezos first launched in 1994, he gave himself a 30 percent chance of success — slightly better than the 1 in 10 odds for internet startups.
When customers forget their passwords, business suffers 06-19-17
WASHINGTON — A lot of money goes unspent in the online world for a simple reason: Shoppers can’t remember their passwords.
The average person is registered to 90 online accounts requiring passwords, and the number keeps growing. Few people remember so many passwords.
Apple takes on Amazon Echo and Google Home with its own smart speaker 06-12-17
Apple replaced record collections with the iPod and earned front pocket real estate with the iPhone.
Now it’s going after a bigger target: your home.
Cutting the cord doesn’t necessarily mean cutting the cost 06-05-17
Tahlia Hein moved to New York City on a tight budget and without a TV. When she and her roommates finally got one, chipping in for cable on top of a $50 utilities bill per roommate just wasn’t feasible. So she opted instead to subscribe to TV streaming services like Netflix and Sling TV.
Venture capitalist spends time browsing Nextdoor 05-29-17
SAN FRANCISCO — The lauded Silicon Valley venture capitalist Bill Gurley who, along with his partners at Benchmark, was an early investor in companies such as Instagram, Uber, Stitch Fix and Snap Inc., spent a recent afternoon scrolling through the neighborhood social network, Nextdoor, studying the ways people use the service.
Jury awards T-Mobile $4.8M in trade-secrets case against Huawei 05-22-17
SEATTLE — A robot named "Tappy" has finally had its day in court, and emerged victorious. Well, its creator — T-Mobile — did.
As Facebook’s grown, so have its challenges 05-15-17
In 2011 as Facebook inched ever closer to 1 billion active monthly users, it faced a vexing crisis: uproar about a facial recognition algorithm that tagged people in photos without their consent.
Sweden’s booming video game industry is more than just Microsoft’s ‘Minecraft’ 05-08-17
STOCKHOLM — Microsoft raised eyebrows in 2014 with the announcement it was spending a hefty $2.5 billion to buy Mojang, the Swedish developer of world-building game "Minecraft."
E-sports’ old college try  04-24-17
LOS ANGELES — Duran Parsi headed to Pepperdine’s law school three years ago with a mission: By the end, he’d either practice law or commit to his fledgling e-sports business.
Large fries? Extra sauce? Why McDonald’s wants to track all your dining habits 04-17-17
CHICAGO — You know a lot about McDonald’s, but McDonald’s doesn’t know much about you.
At least not yet. By year’s end, the world’s largest burger chain will roll out nationwide a mobile ordering system that will collect a wealth of data about the habits of customers — everything from what kind of burgers they prefer to how often they swing through the drive-thru.
The long road to autonomous vehicles 04-10-17
SAN DIEGO — Back in 1995, the NavLab 5 team at Carnegie Mellon University launched an autonomous vehicle on a trip from Pittsburgh to San Diego.
Restaurants fatten up with food delivery apps 04-03-17
SAN FRANCISCO — A year ago Mendocino Farms didn’t offer delivery at any of its 15 Southern California locations. Now Ellen Chen, co-founder of the artisanal sandwich chain, is knocking down restaurant walls to make room for delivery drivers.
Amazon invests in Costa Rica as tiny nation carves out profitable niche in world economy 03-27-17
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica — In the 19th century, the customs house here brimmed with the imported wares that first helped this tiny Spanish-speaking nation become part of the wider world economy.
Why Virgin Orbit’s new president isn’t worried about a bubble in the small satellite market 03-20-17
LOS ANGELES — It seems like everyone wants their own swarm of small satellites.
SpaceX, OneWeb, Boeing Co. and other companies have proposed putting constellations of small satellites in low-Earth orbit that could provide greater internet access in previously hard-to-reach areas of the globe.
Telegram was the app where Iranians talked politics. Then the government caught on 03-20-17
Iranians love Telegram. With approximately 20 million Iranian users, it’s the most widely used messaging app in the country.
Nintendo of America chief says early Switch sales top previous consoles 03-13-17
SEATTLE — The Nintendo Switch, released to the world Friday, had the best-selling 48 hours out of the gate in North America of any video-game console ever made by the Japanese company.
Smartphones have you pegged, and for better or worse they’ll soon ID you 03-06-17
SAN FRANCISCO — The things that make human beings unique — fingerprints, irises, facial features — have become the preferred way to sign onto banking accounts online or other sensitive websites, the newest solution to the problem of hackable and forgettable passwords.
Snap’s IPO builds an ‘impregnable fortress’ where only the founders have power 02-27-17
LOS ANGELES — The founders of Snap Inc. want to take the company public. But that doesn’t mean they want to run a public company.
Company betting big on satellite broadband with upcoming launch 02-20-17
SAN DIEGO — About eight years ago, ViaSat Chief Executive Mark Dankberg bet the company he co-founded on satellite broadband, eventually spending $1 billion to transform a technology considered barely better than dial-up into a service that smoothly streams YouTube video.
One bot to rule them all? Not likely, with Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft virtual assistants 02-20-17
SAN JOSE, Calif. — It’s no wonder titans of tech are locked in an epic battle of the bots, racing furiously to produce the best virtual assistant.





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