July 28, 2016

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My kids don’t have a YouTube channel, but they pretend they do 07-11-16
LOS ANGELES — The YouTube experience doesn’t end for my kids after I take away their iPads. It follows them everywhere: when they’re playing with toys, riding in the back seat of our car or roaming the supermarket aisles.
On-demand business models have put some startups on life support 07-04-16
SAN FRANCISCO — Last summer, flower delivery startup BloomThat was in an enviable position. The 2-year-old San Francisco company had raised more than $5 million in venture capital funding. I
Can app find next ‘Harry Potter’? 07-04-16
LOS ANGELES — Serial entrepreneurs Prerna Gupta and husband Parag Chordia launched their mobile reading app Hooked in September as a way to publish fiction for the social media generation.
Hulu’s dance with brands 06-27-16
LOS ANGELES — Car commercials are the kind of thing that Mindy Lahiri, the titular character on "The Mindy Project," might impatiently fast-forward through or ignore while watching a bad reality-TV show. The Hulu comedy offered an alternative earlier this month for viewers of the latter mindset.
Paul Allen’s giant plane takes shape in the desert, but its market is unclear 06-27-16
MOJAVE, Calif. — In the high Mojave Desert, the airframe of Paul Allen’s giant, mysterious plane for carrying rockets into space is approaching completion.
Meet Alfie, Sears’ voice-controlled shopping assistant 06-20-16
CHICAGO — Alexa, meet Alfie.
Sears Holdings, based in suburban Chicago, appears to have introduced a "voice-controlled intelligent shopper" that bears more than a passing resemblance to Amazon’s Echo Dot smart speaker and its Alexa virtual assistant — albeit without the speaker and more limited features.
Where Yahoo’s media play went wrong 06-13-16
SAN FRANCISCO — When Yahoo announced last year that it had lost $42 million reviving NBC’s TV series "Community" and launching two other original shows, the company framed it as a failed experiment. It didn’t work, so Yahoo was cutting its losses.
Will Uber’s cash path spur others? 06-13-16
LOS ANGELES — Startups have long been the domain of venture capitalists. But with last week’s staggering $3.5 billion investment in Uber from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, the tech world has been put on notice — sovereign wealth funds are loaded with cash and ready to do business directly.
Apps track emails, receipts to spot potential price-match refunds 06-13-16
CHICAGO — Nothing takes a big-ticket buy from exciting to maddening faster than finding out the item went on sale shortly after a purchase. A handful of apps have popped up recently promising to track shoppers’ purchases and score refunds from retailers who offer to match post-purchase price changes.
The unusual work environment that helped Naughty Dog make the hot game ‘Uncharted 4’ 06-06-16
LOS ANGELES — Co-presidents. Co-directors. Co-animation leads. Co-art directors.
At video game-maker Naughty Dog, it doesn’t take long to notice that co-responsibilities are commonplace. 
On-demand business model goes global 05-30-16
MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — As U.S. startups compete to make everything from diapers to dog food available at the tap of a finger, a group of entrepreneurs from the developing world is using those on-demand business models to make life easier for consumers in their home countries.
Can Google cash in on its pivot? 05-30-16
LOS ANGELES — Google Inc.’s latest technological marvels point to a future where you’ll never need to visit websites, write a term paper or stress over what to buy for your mother’s birthday.
California’s tech industry is headed toward a new frontier 05-23-16
WASHINGTON — California technology companies are poised to take the lead in developing new anti-drone and gun safety tools for the federal government — adding another layer of complexity to the West Coast industry’s relationship with East Coast intelligence agencies.
App-makers draw a bead on adult coloring books 05-23-16
LOS ANGELES — Since she got in on the adult coloring book craze two years ago, Cheri Brown has spent more than $400 on 50 books holding intricate sketches that she embellishes with Sharpies, colored pencils and gel pens.
Why people are falling for Amazon’s Echo 05-16-16
SAN DIEGO — On Christmas Day, Liz Philips and her two sons Sutton, 8, and Greyson, 10, welcomed a new member into their San Diego home. They called her Alexa, and though not your traditional bundle of joy, she was immediately embraced as a permanent resident and much-loved companion.
IBM makes a big shift into cognitive computing 05-09-16
ALMADEN, Calif. — IBM’s California research lab sits atop a green hill here, 15 miles south of downtown San Jose.
Petcube, the Skype for Fido 05-09-16
SAN FRANCISCO — Ever been stuck late at the office while your furry friend is home alone, and wished you could give Fido or Fluffy a quick ring or text to check in?
GoGoGrandparent helps seniors without smartphones 05-02-16
TORRANCE, Calif. — Don’t be fooled by her age or her not-so-smart flip phone. Eighty-five-year-old Betty Lou Luce is spurring a technology movement that’s spreading from bridge clubs to retirement homes across Southern California.
Sound Advice: Good news on sound bars 04-25-16
Q. I planned on purchasing a ZVOX SoundBase 570 to complement my new wall-mounted OLED TV. I see ZVOX has some new sound bars, the SB400 and SB500.
Troy Wolverton: Apple’s newer, smaller iPad Pro a terrific tablet 04-25-16
When Apple launched its first iPad Pro last fall, I was skeptical of the jumbo-sized device.
I’m much more enthusiastic about tablet’s smaller sibling, which Apple launched late last month.
Amazon offers stand-alone video, month-to-month Prime subscriptions 04-18-16
SEATTLE — is adding some a la carte options to its $99-a-year Prime all-you-can-eat buffet.





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