February 7, 2016

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A pre-Super Bowl guide to couch-potato apps 01-25-16
SAN JOSE, Calif. — It’s that veg-out time of the year. Christmas is in the rearview mirror, the new year’s still trying to get its act together, and the living room couch beckons you to find some time alone and get yourself prone.
Headspace app generates buzz as meditation turns ultra-trendy 01-25-16
LOS ANGELES — Andy Puddicombe, a trained Buddhist monk, wants to spread health and happiness by teaching our technology-addled minds to slow down and live in the moment.
SunbriteTV lights up the market for outdoor digital displays 01-18-16
LOS ANGELES — University of Wisconsin officials wanted to please notoriously unruly Badgers football fans when they overhauled the team’s stadium, so they turned to SunBriteTV, a Los Angeles-area company that pioneered outdoor television and has kept its market-leading spot with endless product tinkering.
Lyft defies predictions by continuing to grow as a rival to Uber 01-18-16
SAN FRANCISCO — It’s Saturday night in San Francisco’s Mission District. Two women stand outside a dive bar in the winter chill, looking at their phones. Two Toyota Priuses pull up to the sidewalk.
New museum app: Like GPS, only indoors 01-11-16
SAN FRANCISCO — Scene 1. You’re in the middle of nowhere. You pull over in your car. You set the GPS and it’s only a moment before you’re flying around some hidden switchback on the way to your destination — that stretch of beach with the secret waterfall. You thought you’d never see it again. But there it is!
Troy Wolverton: The bitcoin revolution can be hard to find at the mall 01-04-16
SAN JOSE, Calif. — This holiday shopping season, I found myself in a peculiar situation.
I was at the mall. I was ready to shop for presents. But I couldn’t find anyone who would take my money.
Tech Q&A: Another way to manage with carriers’ data download limits 01-04-16
Ken Lapre, who lives near Fredericksburg, Va., has a problem that’s common on the outskirts of cities: little choice for Internet service.
Sound Advice: No need to buy expensive cables for your TV 12-28-15
Q. I’m currently using a Sony 3D TV. I’m considering a change to a Sony XBR 4K TV and the salesperson said I would have to replace the HDMI cable with one having a higher speed rating for maximum quality performance.
Toymakers turn to YouTube to grab kids’ attention 12-21-15
SAN DIEGO — Children used to gravitate toward the Rokenbok display at mom-and-pop stores to get their hands on the toymaker’s monorail sets, robots and battery-powered dump trucks.
Insta-gas, for the ultimate couch potato 12-14-15
SAN DIEGO — Even in an era where no errand is too small to outsource to a smartphone application, startup Purple, which dispatches a stranger to fill up customers’ gas tanks, might smack as on-demand capitalism gone too far.
Inside Dyson’s innovation machine 12-07-15
When Homer Simpson, America’s beloved cartoon idiot, was given free rein to design the car of his dreams, he created an abomination, complete with a megaphone attached to the roof and huge bubble-shaped windows. It tanked his brother’s fictional car company.
Inside Snapchat’s newest feature: Story Explorer 11-30-15
LOS ANGELES — Snapchat Inc. Chief Executive Evan Spiegel grabs his iPhone, opens his Los Angeles company’s app and taps an icon for "Los Angeles."
UPS and FedEx try every tech trick to speed up deliveries 11-16-15
PITTSBURGH — Around 8 a.m. at a cavernous warehouse outside Pittsburgh recently, about four dozen delivery drivers for United Parcel Service got their first look at the scheduled drop-offs for the day.
Snapchat to charge 99 cents each for visual effects 11-16-15
Snapchat has another way to make money from its disappearing-message app: pay up, and the fun stuff won’t disappear.
Coming set-top box mandate may help break pay TV firms’ hold over viewers 11-16-15
WASHINGTON — That unsightly and costly metal box that funnels cable or satellite service into your TV might be going the way of the black rotary-dial telephone — in the technology trash heap.
As bitcoin’s value surges, backers say the currency may soon go mainstream 11-16-15
NEW YORK — Long off the public radar, digital payment network bitcoin has been gaining momentum this fall, bolstering the views of some advocates that bitcoins will be a mainstream currency worldwide in the not-too-distant future.
As the online video world grows, content creators must cast a wide net 11-09-15
LOS ANGELES — Julie Nolke, a cook and host on the digital food and travel channel Tastemade, had just finished filming her amped-up take on the Canadian favorite poutine — a mess of crispy fries smothered with cheese curds, bacon and gravy, spiked with beer and maple syrup.
Bending razor-thin glass to tech’s future needs 11-09-15
PALO ALTO, Calif. — "We don’t make that kind of glass," said Waguih Ishak, director of Corning Inc.’s West Coast Research Center, pointing to the windows lining his office and, beyond that, to the windshields of the cars parked outside.
Following Uber’s success, copycats rush to carve out niches 11-02-15
SAN JOSE, Calif. — Budding entrepreneurs hoping to cash in on the wave of collaborative consumption breaking across the nation are hitching their wagons to the King Kong of the sharing economy, claiming to be the "Uber of whatever" — food delivery, diaper service, dog-walking, you name it.
Cord-cutting: It’s easier (and cheaper) than you think 11-02-15
SAN DIEGO — You’ve heard this story before. Someone gets fed up with their cable company and drops the service. Either in an act of defiance or disillusionment, they choose instead to rely on Internet-based services and mobile apps for video entertainment.
YouTube unveils ad-free subscription service, YouTube Red 10-26-15
LOS ANGELES — YouTube, the pioneer of free online videos, is jumping into the subscription streaming market with YouTube Red.
Tech Q&A: Downgrade after installing Windows 10 can be hazardous 10-26-15
Q: I installed the Windows 10 upgrade on my laptop. But I didn’t like Windows 10, so two weeks later I reversed the upgrade and went back to Windows 7.





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