Stones cover band ready for SummerStage show

By JODY L. MAYERS - Special to TimeOut

August 21, 2014


TOWN OF DELAFIELD - Aaron Heffernan, the lead vocalist of Shattered, a Rolling Stones tribute band, said he and fellow band members are excited to be returning to the SummerStage outdoor performing arts stage at Lapham Peak Park for a night of rock ‘n’ roll under the stars.

“We are absolutely delighted to be back at this amazing venue, to support local performing arts,” he said. “What’s particularly special about playing at SummerStage is this feeling you get when you’re out in this natural amphitheater, playing music to people who share your passion for supporting locally grown talent in our region, and who are there to just have a ripping good time.”

Heffernan said ever since the band formed back in 2002, it was their aim to produce the sound, feel and vibe of one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

“I think we come pretty darn close,” he said. “Over the years, we’ve had the great fortune to support some really fantastic causes, such as Guitars for Vets, the Medical College of Wisconsin and the United Performing Arts Fund at all kinds of venues around southeast Wisconsin.”

Heffernan said from stages as small as a trailer home to numerous gigs at Summerfest and State Fair, it’s this great mixture of the wide open natural setting, and this special intimacy that happens between the band and audiences is something you have to feel to fully appreciate.

“Aside from the friendships we’ve developed with one another after playing together for 12 years, what’s really rewarding is working hard on something that you enjoy deeply, being able to share it with a whole bunch of people who feel the same way you do,” he said.  “Having that mutual experience go on and benefit a worthy cause like putting guitars in the hands of veterans, or supporting cancer research, or keeping an amazing local musical tradition alive like the one we have here at SummerStage, it’s extremely rewarding.”

Heffernan said each of the band members is passionate about the Stones, mostly because most of them were raised on that type of music.

“There’s just something primal about it that hits you on a gut level,” he said. “No other band besides The Beatles has had a more profound impact on the shape and feel of classic rock than the Stones, and there’s no thrill like pretending to be them for two hours. But not in a lame, Vegasey, carbon- copy kind of way that’s all about us trying to convince you that we sound just like them.”

Heffernan said you can play all the right notes, wear the football pants and try to make all the dumb dance moves but a good tribute act has to perform from a real genuine place of appreciation for the music in order to move the crowd.

“I can tell you, the crowd at SummerStage can move.”

Stephen Davis, who is on the board of directors for SummerStage, said the outdoor theater is a unique outdoor performance venue for a band like Shattered.

“This venue is unique because it is outdoors in the middle of a state forest just off the lighted ski and hiking trail surrounded by nature,” he said.

“Over the last few years, we’ve grown from a small wooden stage to a larger stage with a roof, with a backstage room, stage lights, a concession stand, a tech booth, and a picnic area with a large picnic tent,” he said.