July 17, 2019

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Senator Ron Johnson in West Bend
Posted 11-07-16




Andrew Ounkham rescue reaction
Posted 10-03-16




A ribbon cutting ceremony for the Mamava Suite in West Bend
Posted 10-02-16




Lost to heroin memorial ceremony in
West Bend
Posted 09-20-16



Sept. 11 Memorial Ceremony in Kewaskum
Posted 09-12-16




Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker
in Menomonee Falls
Posted 09-07-16




Matt Roberts' father addresses crowd at concert after his son's death in West Bend, WI
Posted 08-22-16




Waukesha's Main St. reopens
Posted 07-01-2016




Vote on Waukesha water diversion
Posted 06-21-2016




Attorney reacts to Kenneth Thomas sentencing
Posted 05-04-16




T.J. Justice in Waukesha
Posted 05-02-16




Gov. Scott Walker in West Bend
 Posted 04-27-16




Flight for Life at Waukesha South
Posted 04-07-16




Germantown active shooter drill
Posted 03-16-16




Aaron Perry town hall meeting
Posted 03-11-16




Ryan Yauck Memorial balloon release
Posted 02-22-16



Sen. Ron Johnson's remarks at
gun show
Posted 02-06-16




Astronaut Don Thomas speaks
at Weldall in Waukesha
Posted 12-10-15




Car crashes into Fox River
Posted 11-27-15




Jeb Bush in Waukesha
Posted 11-10-15




Marco Rubio in Waukesha
Posted 11-10-15




Waukesha Police Department homicide press conference Sept. 17, 2015



Sept. 11 Memorial Ceremony in Germantown
Posted 09-11-15




Waukesha Police homicide arrest press conference
Posted 09-03-15




Ozaukee County sheriff awards citizens
Posted 08-27-15




Naked man leads police on
high-speed chase
Posted 08-12-2015




WCTC street scene police training facility sound system
Posted 08-11-2015




Tora! Tora! Tora! aircraft in Waukesha
Posted 07-22-2015




Stop Heroin Rally
Posted 07-19-2015




Ethanol tanker truck burns in
Dodge County
Posted 07-16-2015




Scott Walker announces
presidential bid
Posted 07-14-2015




A guide to Waukesha Co. city names
Posted 07-10-2015




Ozaukee County canine officer Wasko gets his badge
Posted 05-13-15




Dan Vrakas thanks Waukesha
Posted 04-17-2015




Prescribed Burn at Lac Lawrann Conservancy
Posted 04-14-2015




High water in Waukesha
Posted 04-10-2015




Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch talks about the budget
Posted 03-31-2015




Ozaukee County Sheriff honors deputies
Posted 02-18-2015




Families Facing Eviction
Posted 01-17-2015




Waukesha robbery-homicide
press conference
Posted 01-14-2015




Love>Hate Project in Hartford
Posted 10-29-14




Rebecca Kleefisch at Toolcraft in Germantown
Posted 10-28-2014




Daniel Bartelt sentencing
Posted 10-15-2014




Gov. Walker in Germantown at
Airgas, Inc.
Posted 10-09-2014




Eble family barn demolition,
Waukesha Co.
Posted 09-23-2014




Lannon plane crash on Bugline
Trail police briefing
Posted 09-23-2014




Waukesha Public Library's
new Makerbot
Posted 09-02-14




Natural gas streams from leak after main is ruptured on Lincoln
Avenue, Waukesha
Posted 08-27-2014




St. Francis Borgia groundbreaking
Posted 08-13-2014

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Senator Ron Johnson in West Bend
Posted 08-06-2014




97th Assembly forum on tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse
Posted 08-01-2014




97th Assembly District
candidates forum
Posted 08-01-2014




S E A Hamsters
Posted 07-25-2014




97th Assembly Forum
Posted 07-21-2014




Cedarburg Public Library opening,
July 2014 
Posted 07-14-2014




Storm Cleanup: Waukesha brought out their largest chipper, a Vermeer HG6000, to Banting Park Tuesday
Posted 07-08-2014




Gov. Scott Walker talks to the media following a campaign appearance
Posted 07-08-2014




Severe storm on June 30 -
Downtown Waukesha
Posted 07-01-2014




Jeff Vahsholtz - Cedarburg
Fire Chief 2014
Posted 07-01-2014




Clinton Street reopens
Posted 06-28-2014




Fox River Rising
Posted 05-13-2014




Soldier Sendoff
Posted 04-03-2014




Gov. Scott Walker at
Steel Craft Corp.
Posted 01-07-2014




Obamacare Day of Action
Posted 10-11-2013




Jessie Blodgett Vigil, Hartford
Posted 08-15-2013




Police Chief Peter Hoell news conference on explosives found in Germantown home
Posted 05-02-2013




Opening of the Museum of
Wisconsin Art
Posted 04-08-2013




Slinger High School Tech. Ed.
Posted 02-15-2013




Snow day in Washington Co.
Posted 02-08-2013




Gov. Scott Walker visits Steelcraft Corp. in Hartford, Wisconsin
Posted 01-17-2013




Black Friday Shopping
Posted 11-23-2012




Soldiers return to Hartford, WI from deployment in Afghanistan
Posted 09-12-2012




Construction hurts Humane Society
Posted 08-12-2012




U.S. Senate candidate Eric Hovde speaks to the Common Sense Citizens of Washington County at Stocky's Fast Track in West Bend on 07-17-2012
Posted 07-18-2012




Ron Komas on hospice care
Posted 06-16-12




Interview with candidate Mark Neumann
Daily News Office, West Bend, WI
Posted 04-17-2012




Apartment Life: Transitional living
for special ed. students
Posted 02-23-2012




Demolition of Waukesha gas station
Posted 12-20-2011




Black Friday holiday crowds
Posted 11-25-2011




Freeman Reporter Sarah Pryor
is Tased
Posted 10-14-2011




NationWide Ridealong
Posted 06-27-2011



Rick Parks, candidate for
West Bend School Board
Posted 03-17-2011



Mark Maley, candidate for
West Bend School Board
Posted 03-17-2011



Doug Rakowski, candidate for
West Bend School Board
Posted 03-17-2011



Bart Williams, candidate for
West Bend School Board
Posted 03-17-2011



Todd Miller, candidate for
West Bend School Board
Posted 03-17-2011



West Bend mayoral candidate Kraig Sadownikow discussing

his election bid

Posted 03-03-11




West Bend Mayor Kristine Deiss discussing her re-election bid
Posted 03-03-11




Bobby Thelen
Posted 01-11-11




Enchantment In The Park
Washington Co. Fair Park

Posted 12-15-09




Tax Protest in Madison, WI
Posted 04-15-09




Mike Huckabee speaks in Waukesha
 Posted 01-23-09



A sneak peek of the Clarke Hotel
Posted 11-25-2008



A Q&A with Waukesha County
Executive Dan Vrakas

Posted 11-25-2008



West Bend Co. and Regal Ware Historic Museum Grand Opening
Posted 11-14-2008



Mark Jansen says goodbye
Posted 10-30-2008



Interview with State Rep. candidate Ruth Page Jones
Posted 10-29-2008



Interview with state Rep. Bill Kramer
Posted 10-29-2008




Car fire in Wal-Mart parking lot in West Bend
Posted 10-25-2008




Several audience members challenge Senator McCain during his appearance with Sarah Palin in Waukesha, WI
Posted 10-09-2008



Don Taylor, Chairman of the Waukesha Co. Republican party,
talks about the upcoming John McCain visit

Posted 10-07-2008




UW-Waukesha students react to the
televised Vice-Presidential debate

Posted 10-06-2008



ERUCC Steeple Placement
Posted 09-11-2008




Waukesha Frame Park Debate
Posted 08-16-2008




Crane fishing the Fox River
Posted 07-01-2008




Red-winged blackbirds attack
Posted 07-01-2008



Flooding in Waukesha County: 
June 13, 2008
Posted June 14, 2008



Mukwonago storm damage
Recorded on June 12, 2008
Posted 06-13-08



Waukesha flooding: Day Three
Posted 06-11-2008



Taking a drive on flooded River Road in Waukesha County
Posted 06-11-2008



Waukesha Co. Flooding
Recorded 06-09-2008

Posted 06-10-2008



Waukesha Co. Flooding
Posted 06-09-2008



Pewaukee River Run
Posted 05-12-2008



Oconomowoc Church Explosion
Posted 04-02-2008


Delafield mayoral debate part 1
Posted 03-22-2008

Delafield mayoral debate part 2
Posted 03-22-2008

Delafield mayoral debate part 3
Posted 03-22-2008

Good Friday snowstorm
Posted 03-22-2008

Presidential candidate John McCain speaks in Brookfield
Posted 02-19-200


Former president Bill Clinton speaks at the Waukesha County Expo Center on Feb. 14, 2008
Posted 02-14-2008



Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee speaks at Country Springs Hotel in Waukesha on Feb. 13, 2008
Posted 02-14-2008



Sen. Barack Obama's 
town hall meeting at the Waukesha County Expo Center
Posted 02-13-2008



Ride along in a Washington County snow plow
Posted 02-08-2008



February Snowstorm: 
Waukesha County

Posted 02-06-2008



Washington County Dive Team Drill
Posted 01-28-2008



Fire damages Town of Vernon home
Posted 10-15-2007



Dozer Day 2007
Posted 09-12-2007



Fox River rising after heavy rains
Posted 08-23-2007



A Rainy Day in Waukesha
Posted 08-20-2007




Waukesha Teen Idol: Final Round
Posted 07-25-2007



Les Paul 2007 Homecoming
Posted 05-11-2007




Brookfield Robbery:

Security Cam Video
Posted 04-13-2007









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