OCONOMOWOC — Oconomowoc will be hosting a public hearing on Olympia Fields’ mixed use development as Wangard Partners begins planning its layout for the commercial portion of the formerly blighted area.

The public hearing will be held to hear arguments to rezone 46 acres of the general commercial land to add a planned development overlay district to the existing zoning.

“The purpose of the PD overlay is to allow a residential use in the (general commercial) zoning district and reduced setbacks and green space requirements, building height extensions, and parking and lighting exemptions from the GC district and other zoning ordinance requirements,” the public hearing notice states. “If approved, the applicant intends to develop the lands into approximately 20 individual commercial buildings.”

The commercial development up for discussion would be located near and around where the Olympia Resort site was — including businesses along Highway 67 and other developments on the site. Wangard Partners has been working with the city for nearly the past two years on how to revitalize the Highway 67 corridor at the former resort site.

Wangard broke ground on the site earlier this year and has since demolished the resort and began laying foundations for its apartments on site.

The next step in the process is to begin planning the commercial section to remake the area into a destination.

According to the submittal packet on the city’s website, Wangard Partners is currently foreseeing the following developments be a part of the commercial area: two shopping centers over 100,000 square feet, three fast food restaurant parcels, two sit down restaurants, a bank, a hotel, a medical office building and more multifamily housing.

Wangard Partners President and COO Matt Moroney said the listed uses are potential uses and that there is a possibility of other uses going in.

“From the commercial side, we have not aggressively marketed it yet because the city infrastructure work that needs to be done isn’t finished yet,” Moroney said.

Moroney said Wangard Partners is working to get the second portion of infrastructure work done in early 2022 and ideally done by June 30.

“Once we can show that timeline to potential users I think we’ll see a lot of activity out at Olympia,” he said.

Looking ahead, Moroney said there could be announcements on the mixed use development in early January.

The public hearing will be hosted at City Hall, 174 E. Wisconsin Ave., at 7:30 p.m. in the council chambers on Dec. 21.