Diamond Painting Depot coming to West Bend

Melisa Kasner holds an example of a diamond painting project.


WEST BEND — The Diamond Painting Depot is poised to take the edge off pandemic pandemonium, offering a relaxing pastime that will make you sparkle.

The grand opening is 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. April 24.

Owner Melisa Kasner was first introduced to diamond painting by a friend who came across a website about it four or five years ago.

Since then diamond painting became a hobby for her until COVID-19 hit and she lost her job as a traveling sales rep and decided to make her pastime into a full-time gig.

Kasner isn’t alone — the craft has become popular since the pandemic took hold and she started Diamond Painting Depot online on May 15 last year.

Kasner said diamond painting is a great project for all ages and is especially good for young and old that have autism, anxiety or depression.

“It’s really calming,” Kasner said.

Diamond Painting is a mash-up of paint by number and cross stitch where thousands of tiny resin “diamonds” are applied to a coded adhesive canvas.

The project comes in a kit with everything needed, including a color and number guide. Kasner plans on having a working canvas in the store so people that come in can see the process and ask her questions.

“It’s something you can do that’s relaxing and you can work on it a long time without getting bored,” Kasner said.

There is a wide variety of subjects and themes, from abstracts to religion, fantasy, flowers and animals.

Canvases range in size from 30 by 30 centimeters (12-inch by 12-inch) up to 100 by 160 centimeters. for a custom piece. Custom pictures take about six weeks before they are ready for pick up at the store.

Prices start at just under $20 for a 30 by 40 centimeters (12-inch by 16-inch) canvas.

In addition to canvases, the Diamond Painting Depot carries LED night lights, battery-operated clocks, bookmarks, stationery boxes, purses and other items.

While kits come with everything needed to produce a finished project, the Depot will also carry light boards, clay pens, funnels, storage containers and other items that may appeal to avid diamond painters.

While the grand opening is set for the 24th, Kasner said she will have a soft launch of the store. No date has been set, but she will have pre-opening information on the store’s Facebook page, Diamond Painting Depot.

The store is at 101 S. 6th Ave., West Bend.