Evin at Oconomowoc on track to finish by October

Evin at Oconomowoc is slated to finish in October.

OCONOMOWOC — The city’s newest senior living facility, Evin at Oconomowoc, 1101 Silver Lake St., is on track to be completed by October after breaking ground last summer.

The 80-room development being built by Matter Development in partnership with Koru Health is fully enclosed with the exterior shell being installed on the building, said Matter Development CEO Aaron Matter.

Matter said things are going well at the project with the inside being defined and laid out, but not having the drywall installed as of yet.

“Ultimately the next step on the interior is ... they’re installing all the plumbing, electrical and mechanical systems including the HVAC systems in the building,” Matter said.

The HVAC system Evin at Oconomowoc is installing is a special system that helps keep the residents stay safe, Matter said. The system is hospital grade and is the same one being used at facilities around the country, Matter said.

“We recognize that there are big issues related to resident safety that we’re experiencing right now in the world, especially for seniors,” Matter said. “So the system we're installing in the building has been shown to be effective against removing the coronavirus from the air. “It’s something that I think will give people a lot of peace of mind for going above and beyond on that.”

In a press release, Matter said Evin at Oconomowoc’s innovation for keeping their residents safe extends to touchable surfaces as well, with installing keyless locks, a video-capable entrance system for visitors so residents can see who is visiting them and commercial laundry machines for higher levels of sanitation.

The release states while Evin is prioritizing its residents through innovative practices, it is also thinking about the families’ and residents’ lifestyle.

President of Koru Health Andy Lange said Evin is “creating a personal safety visitor lounge with a separate exterior entrance, and special considerations that allow the most opportunities possible for safe visiting by families and friends if there is a future flare up.”