BROOKFIELD — After first opening Fresh Baked in Oconomowoc in April 2019, owner Jennifer Betances is opening a second location in the Galleria West in Brookfield.

Betances said she always had an idea to expand but wanted to make sure she could handle running one location before running two.

“(We) started with a small location that we could manage that we could learn and grow because every day is a new experience, we learned things every day,” Betances said.

During the first year and a half, Betances said she used that time to grow as a business.

“We have a small kitchen where we are with a tight space but it works for us,” she said. “We would also like to participate in weddings and functions and many other avenues and in order to do that we have to grow.”

The new location will be run with the help of Jennifer’s team including her children, general manager Christina Childers and shop manager Gene Michael Betances. In addition, assistant chef Brice Mazzetto — also known as Captain Croissant — helps Jennifer with the baking and cooking.

Mazzetto, who is a French immigrant, said the location in Brookfield started the same way as the location in Oconomowoc — by utilizing local farmers markets.

“(We) saw good feedback and pleasantly surprised and like everybody we wanted to grow in life,” Mazzetto said. “ … people knew us already from the Oconomowoc location and word of mouth. It went very well.”

Betances said the new location was a gift because the new space was already built out and the Fresh Baked team didn’t need to start from scratch like they did at the Oconomowoc location.

“The transition was less impactful financially,” she said. “That’s what made the opportunity available for us. Had we had to start from an empty box, we would not have been able to do it.”

Betances said a lot of her customers in Oconomowoc don’t actually come from the area and instead travel from surrounding Midwest cities.

“We have customers that come from Chicago and Lake Geneva and people have come on a regular basis from Appleton,” Betances said.

“We’re very happy. It’s not just all the hard work that goes into it, but it’s the feedback and what comes back from all of the effort.”

Betances said she is in midst of getting city approvals on the space, but that she hopes to open some time this month. She said the announcement of when they will officially be open will be made on their Facebook page, Fresh Baked — Oconomowoc, WI.