Fire engulfs Thiensville’s the cheel restaurant - 04

Smoke billows out of the upper floors of the cheel restaurant in downtown Thiensville.


THIENSVILLE — The proof of just how loved the cheel was before the restaurant suffered a devastating fire is in the amount of money raised by the community in just a few days.

“The Cheel Will Rise Again — Devastating Fire Fundraiser” has far surpassed its $10,000 goal, reaching just under $24,000 in 11 days.

Fundraiser organizers Scott and Allison Joffe shared earlier this week that they were able to drop off the first of many checks in person to the cheel owners Jesse and Barkha Daily. The first check was worth $10,000.

“The money will go towards employee health insurance and payroll, plus other necessary expenses,” Scott Joffe shared on the fundraiser’s Facebook page. “Also please do not accept any friend requests from me as someone is trying to scam our donor community at this time with bogus messages and additional donation requests. Rest assured I will never ask you for more than what was given, nor send private messages or friend requests your way.”

While the Joffes’ fundraiser has seen success, it is not the only one currently accepting donations to help the Dailys.

Mequon resident Megan Drout Wallskog said she and her husband, Joel, don’t personally know Barkha and Jesse, but they are very regular customers at the restaurant.

Their fundraiser is at

The Dailys are also raising funds for the well being of their staff and the restaurant’s future. To donate directly to the couple, go to