GE Healthcare launches X-ray system to help workflow, productivity

GE Healthcare's Definium Tempo Fixed X-ray System.


WAUKESHA — Calling it a “personal assistant” to radiologists and technologists, GE Healthcare has launched the Definium Tempo, a fixed, overhead tube suspension digital X-ray system. According to the release, the X-ray system leverages automation to reduce workflow burdens and help radiology departments deliver the best patient care possible.

Definium Tempo is designed to work with the technologist to operate efficiently and provide consistent, high-quality images, while allowing for more quality time with the patient.

The system has a tube-mounted console that provides all the functionality needed for patient selection, protocol selection, technique modification and positioning setup, which allows for the technologist to finish all exam setup and positioning work without having to leave the patient’s side.

In making the system, GE Healthcare focused on automation to reduce patient positioning time, physical workload, errors, and image retakes through a user centered design.