PEWAUKEE – Food lovers and coffee drinkers will soon have a new venue to visit in Pewaukee. Good Eats Cafe, which will offer a full menu for all meals, is aiming to open by some time next week.

Owners Katie and Jim Forester have long sought to open a restaurant.

“It’s something that my husband always wanted to do, he’s lived in the Lake Country area pretty much his whole life,” Katie Forester said. “He just felt like the area could use something unique and something locally owned.”

The location at 1405 Capitol Drive was chosen in part because of the steady traffic, Forester said. She said having Walmart, Costco and Pick ‘n Save nearby helps provide a good flow of people.

Good Eats Cafe won’t be cutting corners when it comes to food.

“Everything we’re doing is from scratch,” Forester said. “We’re unique that way. We’re not buying any pre-made products.”

In addition to coffee roasted on site and served via French press, Good Eats Cafe will offer frittatas, potato waffles with smoked salmon and creme fraiche, briskets, homemade cinnamon rolls and crepes, salads like grilled romaine Caesar, and a full bar. The bar will offer drinks as colorful as their sorbet martini and possibly even an espresso variety.

Good Eats Cafe is aiming to be serving coffee drinks over the weekend in anticipation of the full opening, which does not have a set date but is expected next week.

Forester said one of her favorite menu items is the Good Eats Cafe’s bagel with smoked salmon, dill cream cheese and shaved lemon. She said the lemon “really brightens the sandwich up.” For coffee, Forester likes Brazilian beans roasted on the darker side, but she said there will be a full variety on offer in all origins and roasts.

Good Eats Cafe has a private banquet room for groups as well as a semiprivate room toward the front of the restaurant. A lounge area is near the coffee roaster. Forester said she anticipates the place will appeal to families in the area, particularly mothers.

“We’re going to have very quality food and a nice atmosphere, but it’s going to be very casual,” Forester said.

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