HARTLAND — With health experts making it clear that COVID-19 will be with us for a while, Hartland officials are exploring ways to make curbside pickup a bit easier for village residents who’d rather not brave going inside local eateries.

In a proposal currently being considered by trustees, the village is looking at possibly creating permanent curbside pickup parking spots in its downtown business district. The spots would be shared by businesses, and available to any customer looking to have their food delivered to their cars.

“The idea came up from a very intelligent business owner,” Village President Jeffrey Pfannerstill said of the proposal. “(COVID-19) isn’t going to be going away in the next few months, but while we know we are going to get through it, we want to make it easy as possible for businesses to operate. People usually go out here at night, which makes it hard to find a parking spot if you are doing curbside pickup. This will make it easier.”

Pfannerstill stressed that the spots would be reserved for actual curbside pickup and not takeout orders in which people leave their car to get their food.

The proposal is still being developed, but it could be up for final consideration in the coming weeks.

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