High Roller Fun Rentals in to have new owners

Gina Sanchez Jaurez and her son Andres Pedroza are planning to take over High Roller Fun Rentals.


Gina Sanchez Jaurez and her son Andres Pedroza decided to invest in the business which has three locations: Frame Park in Waukesha, Menomonee Park in Menomonee Falls and Fox Brook County Park in Brookfield. The business provides bike rentals, boat rentals and concessions to the public. Many groups also take lessons at High Roller Fun Rentals.

Sanchez Jaurez lives in Waukesha and Pedroza lives in Sussex.

“We love Waukesha, I grew up here, my kids were raised here,” Sanchez Jaurez said. “Waukesha County, for me, has been so helpful in my life ... so it feels really good to be able to do something to be part of the community.”

Pedroza, 24, said he’s worked at the business for about eight years, throughout high school and a little more as an adult. He also enjoyed the business as a customer before his time as an employee. He became good friends with Jerry Lemke, the current owner.

“It was a very big learning experience — whether it be about learning about fixing things ... different mechanical skills, or just being active in general and being out there,” Andres said. “I loved it and I wanted to put my love (back toward it and) make it better.”

Sanchez Jaurez said Pedroza always wanted to have a business.

“When he was a little boy, like six years old, he drew a business plan on a brown paper bag with crayons,” she said. “He’s always kind of had that mindset so when he brought this to my attention I felt 150% confident that he’s going to put everything that he has into it.”

For the next few years they will work with Lemke to transition over, Pedroza said.

“Jerry has been very committed to giving everybody the best experience that they could possibly have,” he said. “We want to emulate that and improve it ... I’m really glad to have him support us the way he has. Even when I was a worker there he supported every single one of us the best he could.”

Some new additions they are hoping to add at the business include adding rental supplies by Frame Park, providing Spanish translation/communication, expanding concessions options, offering discounts for service people, providing park convenience items such as bug spray or band-aids and more.

Pedroza said he’s had a lot of experiences at his job where you get someone to do something they’ve never done before and it ends up being the best thing they’ve done in years.

“I had a lady, she’s in her late 60s, almost 70, and she went out on a kayak and she’d never gone out on one, she was scared to,” he said. “I taught her how to and she went out there and it was like her favorite thing ever. She ended up coming back with multiple friends on multiple days and now she’s a very avid kayaker.”

Sanchez Jaurez and Andres Pedroza are planning to have a grand reopening sometime in the spring.