Infrared sauna studio opens in Brookfield

Owners Jessica and Tom Kurz opened the Perspire Sauna Studio at 15455 W. Bluemound Road, Suite 230, Brookfield.


BROOKFIELD — A battle with breast cancer caused a woman to manage her pain with infrared technology. Now, she’s opening her own infrared sauna studio in Brookfield that offers an array of health benefits.

Perspire Sauna Studio was officially opened on Sept. 13 by owners Jessica and Tom Kurz. Jessica said she and her husband are both from the southeastern Wisconsin area, Tom from Wauwatosa and Jessica from Dousman.

“I was diagnosed in December of 2015,” Jessica said. “So it was really kind of shocking — we had three little kids at the time so it kind of rocked our world a little bit. It was the week that my daughter turned two.”

Jessica said she was blessed that she caught the cancer when it was still in the early stages.

“I was able to have a couple of surgeries, 16 rounds of chemo,” she said. “I was pretty sick for about a year but I was able to recover.”

Through Jessica’s recovery process, she started to research complementary treatments. Jessica said even though she was told she didn’t have cancer in her body anymore, it was hard for her to trust that — with fear of it coming back.

Because of her joint pain and neuropathy from the chemotherapy, Jessica started to research how to address the pain, and infrared heat therapy kept coming up. Jessica and Tom bought a unit for their home and she immediately noticed results.

“I felt like I slept better, I felt like my pain would subside,” she said. Tom also noticed results related to the tightness of his shoulders.

Together, they decided to bring the business to Brookfield.

“It’s come full circle,” Jessica said. “(My 12-year-old son) and I were talking the other day and he kind of said ‘Mom, it was really hard when you had cancer but if you hadn’t had cancer we wouldn’t have Perspire.’ (He) can see that something great can come from something really difficult.”


The sauna studios are sized to fit three people, but are intended for individual use. They offer a spectrum of infrared heat and are composed of glass panels. On the other side of the glass is a 43-inch TV available through Bluetooth so guests can enjoy watching whatever they like.

The experience is customizable for each guest. While the sauna offers the classic red light therapy, there is also color light therapy options, each with their own benefits.

“In the mornings we have the colors set to orange and red, because they’re activating, or energizing colors,” Jessica said. “Toward the mid-day and toward the evening, we pivot over toward blues, which are very calming and soothing.”

Intense red light therapy is also an option, which benefits the skin, Jessica said.

Perspire Sauna Studio in Brookfield is open under tentative hours of Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Friday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Saturday from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.; and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The studio is the first to open in Wisconsin. For more information, visit