Coffee made by robots?

Start-up Octane Coffee is looking to open its first standalone, automated drive-thru coffee operation in the parking lot where Veloce Indoor Speedway, Battle House Tactical Laser Tag, RiverGlen Christian Church, and Point Burger Bar are located at W229-N1400 Westwood Drive, City of Pewaukee.


CITY OF PEWAUKEE — City officials have officially granted start-up Octane Coffee the conditional use permit it will need to open a standalone, automated drive-thru coffee shop in the parking lot at W229N1400 Westwood Drive, where Veloce Indoor Speedway and Point Burger Bar are located.

Aldermen voted 6-0 on Monday to grant the business its permit, following some additional site plan adjustments backed by the Plan Commission last week.

According to the company, the operation will be located in an 8-by-20-foot shipping container, which would be placed on a new concrete slab.

The shipping container will be “jam packed with industrial robotics” designed to make a variety of “premium coffee, tea and juice drinks,” a project narrative states. Customers would order drinks ahead of time, allowing for orders to be prepared and ready for those customers before they arrive. Customers would then pick up their drinks via a contactless system.

According to the developer- penned project narrative, the automated system is capable of running unattended for 24 hours at a time. But since the City of Pewaukee operation will be the company’s first location, “all hands will be on deck” during the launch phase. The company would then slowly transition to operations with no staff members on site. Longer term, an Octane employee would stop by for 30 minutes per day to stock things like cups, lids, beans and to perform daily cleaning tasks.

Hours of operation are expected to be 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., seven days a week, for the first four-to-six months of operations but would ideally transition to 24 hours a day after that.

Founder and CEO of Octane Coffee Adrian Deasy said he hopes to open in August, but that date could get pushed back to sometime in the later summer or fall depending on the project timeline.