Plan Commission approves Ascension hospital in Waukesha

Ascension is proposing a 33,000-square-foot micro-hospital as part of the Fox Run development project.


WAUKESHA — The final site plan and architectural review for Ascension’s proposed micro-hospital at the former Fox Run Shopping Center was unanimously approved by the Plan Commission on Wednesday night.

Mayor Shawn Reilly said there wasn’t much of a discussion at the meeting.

“The development, not the building itself, but the development has been presented to us a lot and the landscaping is substantial,” he said. “And the building is pretty much four-sided gorgeous architecture.”

The proposed hospital would be approximately 33,000 square feet.

According to a staff memo, the first floor of the building will be occupied by the hospital itself, which will include an emergency department and in-patient rooms, as well as X-ray and CT-scan rooms.

The second floor will contain medical offices. That part of the building will have its own separate entrance on the south side, with a passenger elevator.

The hospital will have an ambulance drop-off on the north side of the building with general entrance on the east end.

Reilly said he thinks the development is a wonderful idea.

“It’s a gorgeous-looking building,” he said. “I think it’s a good keystone for the development of that property. It’ll be very visible from Sunset and St. Paul.”

When asked about the need for another hospital in the city, Reilly said he doesn’t consider that when looking at future developments.

“For rezoning and for developments, I don’t look at them as the standpoint of ‘I’m not going to allow another one in because there’s already one here,’” Reilly said. “Statutes and the constitution don’t allow that.”

The 13.42-acre Fox Run project is located at Sunset Drive and St. Paul Avenue. It consists of five developable lots with the proposed Ascension hospital, a new financial institution and 72 residential units and future commercial space.

The Plan Commission meeting was the first time the micro-hospital was revealed to the public.

Reilly said he feels the development will draw other businesses into the Fox Run project.

When asked about the mix of residential space near the hospital, Reilly said they are distanced far apart.

“The residential is way over on the west side and the hospital’s way on the southeast side,” he said.