The cost of being kind to one another

One of the therapy rooms in On Purpose Psyche. The therapy clinic is offering free therapy sessions for those who need them as they navigate the global health crisis.

OCONOMOWOC-With more and more folks working from home or being laid off from their jobs due to COVID-19, one Oconomowoc business is striving to help those who are struggling with their current mental health.

On Purpose Psyche in Oconomowoc is offering free sessions with their therapists so that people can still get the help they need from their home, owner Monica Rodriguez said.

“Everybody is stressed out about money or not being able to pay their bills,” Rodriguez said. “This is a time where mental health I think is going to be more crucial and we just want to make sure people around us know that we want to see people regardless if they can pay or not.”

Rodriguez said all of the therapists have rallied around the cause and she said she never felt like one of her therapists wasnÕt behind it.

“I felt they were all about us doing this together,” Rodriguez said. “Some stayed up for hours making sure we had everything ready to go.

“I feel like I have a whole team behind me to make sure we accomplish our mission and do what’s best for kids, families, couples and whoever who needs it.”

Structure, scheduling, relaxation

For people who are having trouble self-isolating or working from home, Rodriguez said structure and scheduling can go a long way in helping one’s mental health.

“I talk with people to make sure that when they wake up they have a schedule for the day,” she said. “Half an hour to an hour increments helps us compartmentalize what we need to do moving forward.”

Rodriguez also said scheduling for a time to practice deep breathing exercises or some form of muscle relaxation can help with the constant anxiety some people might feel right now.

On Purpose Psyche has had forms of free therapy sessions in the past with some of their interns; however, since the crisis began, not only are the interns continuing to provide free therapy, but all the therapists are offering to provide service to those who need it.

The clinic is offering those who seek help with their mental health free sessions which can be conducted from the comfort of their own homes-of which 97% of the practice's business comes from, Rodriguez said.

“Most clients have appreciated the fact that we have started this practice a week and a half ago,” Rodriguez said. “By now everybody is pretty used to it. I’ve been hearing nothing but good things from the therapists and the clients that it works pretty seamlessly.”

One of the reasons Rodriguez started free therapy with her interns in 2017 was because she found a lot of people don’t come to therapy because they can’t afford it or that their deductible was high. So for those entering a therapy session for the first time, Rodriguez said it’s OK if the first therapist doesn’t work out.

“One of the things I tell my clients is that therapists are like shoes, you have to find the right fit,” she said. “Even if you were to meet with one of the therapists with us and it just didn’t feel right, there are over 20 of them.

“We have a wide variety of therapists to provide with a wide variety of different types of therapy.”

If you’re interested in scheduling an appointment with On Purpose Psyche, Rodriguez said appointments can be made at, by calling 262-490-3894 or emailing