DOUSMAN — After announcing the expansion of their health care center and assisted living center earlier this year, Three Pillars Senior Living Communities announced construction should begin in the spring of 2021 rather than this fall as planned, CEO Mark Strautman said.

Strautman said the planned expansion was pushed back because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We’ve kept the plans going, but we have had attention focused on other places for the last seven months,” he said. “But it has been progressing, we’re on track right now and as soon as Mother Nature lets us next spring, we’ll be getting in the ground.”

Those involved in designing and planning for Three Pillars all have other roles in other areas that needed more attention when the pandemic hit, Strautman said.

“Our full attention was on the pandemic and on making sure we have the right infection control protocols in place and protecting our residents and staff,” Strautman said. “Honestly, we just didn’t have the time to do it all. We kept it going, it was just at a much slower pace.”

The plans for this fall included construction work on the health care center off Main Street as well as workassisted living units.

Strautman said work on the health care center will progress one wing at a time and will occur in conjunction with the 52 new assisted living units being built.

Looking even further into the future, Strautman said since the announcement of the expansion, Three Pillars has closed on the 195 acres north of Highway 18.

“At this point, we’re focused on 2021 for the site planning on that property, which includes a focus on memory care,” Strautman said.