TOWN OF GRAFTON — A newly proposed subdivision for the Town of Grafton had its preliminary plat approved by the Town Board last week, clearing a major hurdle for the development which would add a road extension and 13 residential lots a the north end of Meadow Breeze Lane.

“This preliminary plat application covers the remaining land and phases that was within the original Country View Subdivision preliminary plat, which was approved back in 2005,” according to the applicant, Matthew Clapper, who is president of Country View Development, LLC.

While the subdivision was originally planned and received some approvals in 2005, no progress was ever made. According to some history on the project shared at Plan Commission two weeks ago, the road for the subdivision began construction more than a decade ago, but was never completed with a final asphalt layer.

When the recession hit, the development folded and the six properties that were intended to begin the subdivision were foreclosed on and sold by the bank. The residents who purchased those lots constructed their homes independently.

Now, a decade and a half later, phases two and three of the original subdivision have come back to the table for development. With the preliminary plat approved at both Plan Commission and the Town Board, the development needs only a series of specific approvals – such as stormwater plans and the final plat – to move forward, and those other items are essentially a given so long as regulations and development standards are met.

“If we approve this preliminary plat, we are essentially approving the final plat, barring any major changes,” Town Engineer Kevin Kimmes said at the Plan Commission discussion. The plat approved last week is planned to be developed in two phases, with six lots in one phase and seven lots in the other. All the properties would be 1 acre or more. There was almost no discussion at the Town Board about the item, beyond the staff report. The Town Board is planning to have a future discussion about the road for the subdivision. According to town information, the new development will include extending the road to the new properties, and the six property owners already there agreed with the purchase of their lots to be special assessed for the final lift of asphalt on their section of the road.

Who will pay for the removal and replacement of the existing damaged road, however, is not yet determined.

The Town Board did not discuss it last week, as the matter had not been noticed for public information and there has been some contention about it. It is expected to be on the agenda of an upcoming Town Board meeting.

In other business, the Town Board approved a resolution accepting American Rescue Plan Act funds from the federal government. The town’s expected full fund amount is $412,602; town staff said about half of that has already been delivered to the town, and the other half is set to come next year.

“It (the resolution) simply states the amount we’re intended to get, and that we accept it, and how we will receive it,” Town Clerk Sara Jacoby said.