Waukesha clinic’s marketing coordinator named Researcher of the Year

Ronaldo Moran

WAUKESHA — GiveSmart announced the Waukesha Free Clinic’s marketing coordinator as the Researcher of the Year as part of its inaugural class of community award winners due to some of his creative work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ronaldo Moran, the fund development and marketing coordinator at Waukesha Free Clinic, was recognized for his dedication to his organization’s mission this year. The award was given to Moran for diving into more G iveSmar t resources than anyone else. Moran said he was able to host a gala and raise funds in a creative using GiveSmart as a tool. “The ease and efficiency of GiveSmart’s resources inspired me to shift our annual in-person gala completely online,” Moran said. “Many of our attendees told us that our event was the best virtual event they’ve attended. Thankfully, we were able to use all of GiveSmart’s tools to our advantage. Everything went swimmingly, and with the event we raised over $50,000 for clinic COVID response.”

Moran said they had a “superhero theme” for the event held in October to shed light on the superheroes of health care — nurses. He found ways to make the event more intriguing for individuals sitting at home.

“(Donors) really helped us to raise the funds to continue fighting the good fight that we have against healthcare inequities, healthcare barriers and disparities and really against COVID, because during that time we were actually doing COVID testing at our clinic so it was crucial for us to receive those funds to continue against the fight,” he said.

Out of thousands of finalists, GiveSmart by Community Brands selected a total of five winners for the inaugural awards, identifying those who were creative, sought out new ways to raise money and added campaigns to accelerate their organization’s fundraising.

Waukesha Free Clinic is a safety net provider that provides free health care services. In 2019, it provided over 3,600 medical care services to an estimated 400 members of the Waukesha community.