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My brother José attended college in Hawaii in the late 1990s and never came back. After more than 20 years of island life, he's thoroughly adopted the ways of the locals (who are known as kama'aina), including their food culture. That's one reason that I've enjoyed reading all 300 pages of c… Read more

It is a debate that has been passionately argued by culinary philosophers for centuries: Do sandwiches taste better when eaten standing over the kitchen sink, or when they are picked up from a paper plate? Read more

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TOWN OF DELAFIELD — Scott Cepolski and his wife bought their wooded, rolling lot off Silvernail Road seven years ago with an eye toward being outdoors and doing what they love best, which is growing things. Read more

During the past year, I turned to a daily cocktail (or two) to help get through the pandemic (just me?). I experimented with syrups and bitters, perfected my orange twist and went through many bottles of booze. But now that the world is opening back up again — and we can finally meet up for … Read more

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WEST BEND — Grilling out for the family on Fourth of July weekend just got pricier as brats, burgers, and chicken jump in cost due to the soaring demand that has been compounded by the pandemic. Read more

As much as TikTok gets a bad rap for being some sort of mind-numbing Gen Z culture pit, I will say that if you look in the right places, you can learn a lot from the app. Oftentimes I'll find myself lost in the trenches of "FoodTok," discovering how to cook things that I either didn't know e… Read more

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Hamburgers and chicken are popular choices when it comes to cooking on the grill. Both are relatively inexpensive, can be dressed up or dressed down with various toppings and sauces and don't take a whole lot of culinary prowess to get a great summer meal on the table. Read more

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When I think of Father’s Day, steak always comes to mind. For this easy dinner, the steak is cooked in a sweet and tangy balsamic glaze that coats it. I like to save preparation time by using frozen chopped onions from the freezer case and sliced mushrooms from the produce department. Read more

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Simply put: Rhubarb polarizes people. My sister-in-law offered us ALL the rhubarb from her garden. Many friends decline a slice of rhubarb pie no matter how attractive the crust is latticed. That’s OK. More for the rest of us! Read more

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WAUKESHA — Cooking classes and operations have begun at the new location for Chef Pam’s Kitchen, which moved over to 280 W. Main Street, allowing the business to expand its offerings. Read more

Like all things you’ve never done before, grilling fish can be ... challenging. Don’t expect perfection your first time out; do expect to learn and improve with every go-round. Read more

Deirdre was invited to a picnic. Deirdre went to the grocery store and bought a plastic tub of potato salad. Everyone else brought homemade food and regarded Deirdre with barely concealed contempt. Read more

Now that it’s almost officially summer, chances are you’re dusting off the grill for a cookout. If you’re looking to spruce up your side dishes with a more global focus, consider Yasmin Khan’s lush new book, “Ripe Figs.” It takes readers on a culinary journey through the Mediterranean, with … Read more

Taste the flavors of Sicily in this traditional Sicilian dish. Eggplant gives a meaty-like texture to this vegetarian dinner. The recipe originated in Catania on the Eastern coast of Sicily and is named after the opera "Norma," which was composed by Sicilian Vincenzo Bellini. Read more

I picked a ton of blueberries last summer as a tonic for the coronavirus, and much of it ended up in my freezer. Whether they’re still worth eating is debatable — some say you have to use berries within three months — but I think they still taste good and besides, I’m not one to waste the fr… Read more

I was looking for a new way to dress up boneless, skinless chicken breast. Everything but the Bagel spice is becoming very popular. It adds lots of flavor by just using this spice blend for the chicken. It can be found in the spice section of the supermarket. It’s a mixture of sesame seeds, … Read more

Lasagna is a favorite Italian pasta for many reasons, but mostly because it’s easy to assemble and can be adapted to any diet. Time and again I’ve stacked a savory mixture of red sauce and cooked ground beef or sausage between the layers. But like a lot of people, I’m trying to consume less … Read more

Sweet and sour beef is a popular Chinese stir-fry dish. Here's a simple version that has great flavor and can be made in minutes. The sweet and sour sauce is light so it gently coats the beef and vegetables blending the flavors together, but not masking the taste of each ingredient. Read more

As spring emerges and the world continues to heal, our cooking lightens and our commitment to exercise deepens — in theory, at least. At the very least, sunshine and warm breezes can’t help but brighten our attitude this time of year. Read more

Fresh salmon, lime juice and spices make up this easy ceviche dinner. It’s best to partially freeze the salmon for about 15 minutes before cutting it up for the ceviche. Also, rinse your knife in cold water between each cut of the salmon. These help you cut the salmon into neat cubes. Read more