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Paella is one of Spain’s most famous rice dishes, taking its name from the wide, shallow traditional pan used to cook the dish on an open fire. An equal-opportunity meal, it typically includes meat along with some type of seafood. A sprinkling of paprika adds some mild heat.

Did you overbuy a bunch of produce in a panic fit with healthy eating intentions, only to realize there’s no way you and your bunkered down partner and pets can get through it? You’re not alone. But don’t force feed yourself all that kale: Here’s how to prep it and other fast-spoiling goods … Read more

LOS ANGELES — The first day I met Jenn Harris, my #LAfriedchickenqueen colleague, I promised to take her to my favorite fried chicken shop in L.A. Broaster Kitchen in Montebello is my go-to for shatteringly crisp chicken. The secret to its chicken — which Harris and I ate for a recent episod… Read more

The kitchen I use at work is also the office break room. In addition, it is the main thoroughfare between the newsroom and the restrooms. As a result, there is a constant stream of people trudging past — waves upon waves of people — and they all ask me the same thing: Read more

As co-founder of the French Laundry, chef Sally Schmitt is a pioneer of California cuisine. Her tortilla soup, a version of which she served at the Napa Valley restaurant, reflects her place in the state’s culinary history. By swapping in tomatillos for the more common tomatoes and pairing t… Read more

Pork tenderloin should be a go-to option for weeknight meals because it’s relatively inexpensive and doesn’t take a very long time to cook. Here, it’s served roulade-style, stuffed with a savory mix of goat cheese and spinach and rolled up like a hot dog. A savory apricot-mustard glaze adds … Read more

Every Sunday, I bake a slew of breakfast goods for my kids to eat all week. They need to be delicious from day one and still taste good by Friday, be at least a little nutritious and not make a mess in the car. This sweet potato bread — imagine a pumpkin bread but way better — has emerged as… Read more

Winter squash is the sort of thing I rarely cook because I rarely think about it, and when I do cook it, I always wonder why I don’t think about it more often. Read more

MILWAUKEE — With a focus on helping communities have access to healthy food options, Milwaukee-based Dohmen Company Foundation announced it has acquired Chicago-based Cooked, a healthy meal preparation company delivering thousands of meals across the United States each week. Read more

This is for chocolate-peanut-butter lovers everywhere. A salty-sweet spin on the sugar-coated cereal snack known as muddy buddies, this version adds pretzels and salted peanuts to the mix. If you want to package these like a box of chocolate, form the mix into clusters in the variation below. Read more

I’ve been making this dish for so long that I can’t even remember where I got the original recipe. It’s my daughter Catherine’s favorite dinner in the world and I’ve changed it here and there over the years. She asks for it every time she comes home. Read more

I’m of two minds about this whole “last meal” thing. You know, the one where you’ve been convicted (unjustly, of course) of a capital crime — espionage, for example, which is so crazy because you were just taking a selfie in front of the Kremlin — and now grim midnight approaches on the even… Read more

People who eat a ketogenic diet love chaffles, and so do gluten-free eaters. What started as a trend for those who follow restrictive diets, however, has spread now to Facebook groups with hundreds of thousands of members and Pinterest and Instagram boards by the hundreds. Read more

My years of being raised in the South left an indelible taste for bacon fat-coated vegetables, a rich treatment I indulge in only once a year. And while you can use butter or olive oil in its place, the distinctive taste of bacon fat works particularly well with that of the root vegetables I… Read more

Among my favorite wintertime bites are the warm Brussels sprouts served at Prune in New York. The sprouts come steamed tender and bathed in olive oil and salt, toothpicks on the side for spearing. It’s a great appetizer and always surprises guests who would never think to serve sprouts like … Read more

In October, I flew to Paris to visit a friend living there. We were there to do research in Normandy for her next book and spent days driving around the French countryside — eating moules frites in Étretat, cobbling together dinner from a French grocery store while staying in a remote 17th c… Read more

Let’s face it. While you’ve done your best to plan enough for Thanksgiving, chances are you probably have leftovers. Plenty of cooks planned their Thanksgiving meal counting on leftovers. Read more