KEWASKUM — Foundry 45 had a ribbon-cutting ceremony on May 14 to celebrate the opening of the wedding and event venue and bar.

Foundry 45 is located at 9480 US-45 in Kewaskum where the Amerahn Bar & Hall was. The owners of Foundry 45, 7 Bridges Road LLC, bought the Amerahn in 2021 and renovated the property into this new event location and bar.

“7 Bridges Road is extremely grateful to those who attended the ribbon cutting and for the continued outpouring of support from the community. We are honored and greatly appreciate it all,” said Ali Krueger, a member of 7 Bridges Road’s ownership team.

According to Krueger, it happened on a whim.

“It was on a fluke,” she said. “We knew the Amerahn, which has been there for 60 years, it was Steve and Mary’s before that, we knew it was for sale and we just decided to go on a whim and buy it and remodel it.”

The ownership group made several changes to the inside of the Amerahn to create a “sophisticated, industrial-chic venue in the heart of the Kettle Moraine,” according to their website.

“We completely gutted the whole place. We gutted the downstairs, the upstairs living quarters, knocked out walls and we had to redo the plumbing,” said Krueger. “Both bars we removed and had to put brand new bars in. It was completely gutted and remodeled.”

Krueger said the makeup of the 7 Bridges Ownership team really helped with the whole project, because each member brings something different to the table.

“Each partner has their own specialty. One of the partners is a plumber, one of the partners is electrical, one of the partners is AV, my husband is food and beverage,” said Krueger. “We all had a specialty to give to remodel it.”

There is still a bar featuring a small kitchen that offers burgers, nachos and flatbread pizza, now called Bar 45, and hall area in Foundry 45. But the upstairs is completely different.

Instead of living quarters, 7 Bridges Road added a bridal and groom suite, a meeting room for board and corporate meetings and a space for bridal and baby showers, according to Krueger. 7 Bridges Road is also working on finishing up their outdoor stage which people can watch performances on from the patio that is connected to the hall.

“[Foundry 45] is very versatile, it can do many things,” said Krueger.

According to Krueger, 7 Bridges Road is currently scheduling bands for the summer season, and they have talked about doing car shows and bags/corn hole tournaments, among other possibilities.

“We are nervous and excited ... for our schedule to come out soon,” said Krueger. “We do have some weddings booked, I think we have a wedding shower, I think we have a baby shower. We’re working on booking bands,” said Krueger. “So, everybody just needs to watch for the schedule.”

According to Krueger, their summer event schedule should be up by July, but keep an eye out because it might be up sooner.

Foundry 45 is closed on Tuesdays, but open every other day of the week. Bar 45 is open to the public Wednesday through Monday, as well, except for when the bar is rented out for an event or wedding.

So far public support has been great, according to Krueger, and 7 Bridges Road is excited about the future of Foundry 45.

“How do you explain that, it made us just feel, we just appreciate the tremendous support and feel excited,” said Krueger.

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