Seban allegedly videotaped 33 women without consent

Bryan Seban

WEST BEND — Bryan Seban had 17 new charges filed against him on Wednesday, which Judge James Muehlbauer went over during Seban’s hearing on Friday in the Washington County Courthouse, bringing the total amount of charges filed to 44, and the total number of known victims — young women whom he allegedly videotaped without their consent — rose from 14 to 35.

According to the criminal complaint, Seban allegedly videotaped young women between the ages of 14 and 21 changing in the downstairs bathroom of his parents’ house in Polk between April 2020 and September 2022. Additionally, Seban is also alleged to have recorded one video of a girl changing while at a sleepover in Barton.

In total, Seban — who is 17 and will turn 18 in March — is alleged to have had around 600 videos, photos and screenshots on his electronic devices.

Additional charges were filed on Wednesday, because more victims had been identified.

While the total number of victims is now 35, only 30 are pressing charges, according to the complaint. One of the 35 victims was only shown the videos and screen-shotted images, while the other 34 were all secretly recorded.

One victim was both videotaped and shown the recorded material, according to the complaint.

Of the 33 victims who were recorded without their consent, two of them were Seban’s family members, according to District Attorney Stephanie Hanson, who mentioned it during the hearing on Friday, as Seban is exempt from avoiding contact with those two victims as a part of his bond conditions. The two family members are not pressing charges.

Of the 44 total charges filed against Seban, 38 are Class I felonies, two for exposing a child to harmful material, 23 for invasion of privacy-surveillance device (victim under 18) and 13 for possession of child pornography, and six are Class A misdemeanor charges for invasion of privacy-surveillance.

According to the complaint, Seban faces a maximum sentence of 137 years and six months imprisonment, $440,000 in fines or both if he is convicted on all charges.

Seban’s lawyer, Jonathan LaVoy, told Muehlbauer that he would be filing a motion to dismiss some of the child pornography charges against Seban by Jan. 20. The state said they would respond to the motion by Feb. 10.

Bond change

In addition to the new charges being filed against Seban, the conditions of his bond were changed as well.

According to Hanson, she has been asked to include Germantown High School and Living Word Lutheran High School to places that Seban can’t go. Seban has picked up family members from school, waiting in the parking lot to do so, which has made victims who attend those schools uncomfortable.

Seban is also not allowed to go to a waterpark.

One of the conditions of his bond was to have no contact with any of the victims or any persons under the age of 18, except family (which includes two of the victims). Over the holidays, it was reported to Hanson that someone saw Seban at a waterpark with his parents and two siblings.

LaVoy argued that Seban’s parents were with him and chose to bring him along rather than leave him at home. He added that Seban had no unsupervised contact with anyone under 18.

However, due to the likely presence of kids under 18 at the waterpark, Muehlbauer decided to add that Seban can’t go to waterparks as a condition of his bond.

Muehlbauer also explained that if Seban accidentally crosses paths with a victim, it is his responsibility to leave the area.

This was due to a complaint from a victim who was at work when Seban entered the establishment. The victim felt uncomfortable and hid in the back until Seban left, despite it being his responsibility to leave the second he saw the victim.

Seban is due back in court for his preliminary hearing on April 10.

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