TOWN OF ERIN – The Town of Erin held its 43rd annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade Friday at 11 p.m., drawing a crowd of hundreds who braved the freezing temperatures to celebrate the Irish holiday together.

Even 10-degree windchills didn’t cool the festive atmosphere in the Town of Erin along Highway K, between Highway 167 and Shamrock Lane, where hundreds of people were parked along the road and gathered at the Erin Inn Irish Pub, 6102 Donegal Rd., to drink and watch the parade roll by.

Many folks set up seating and tailgating gear outside of their parked vehicles as they prepared for and then enjoyed the parade, which consisted of over 25 floats this year, some of which threw green-beaded necklaces and even green t-shirts out into the crowd.

While bundled up for the cold weather, people were still decked out in green clothing, with some wearing green wigs or full costumes, like a green dinosaur. Even some dogs were dressed up for the occasion.

The central hub of activity was Erin Inn Irish Pub, which offered Irish food options from the BBQ Company, warming tents and music, in addition to drinks.

Despite the cold temperatures, a sea of green and Irish cheer promised the coming spring.