After a successful season last year, where the Germantown Warhawks finished the season with a record of 29-7 and in first place in the Greater Metro Conference, head coach Amy Wagner said she wants to see the team work hard and play together as a team throughout the season.

“What is hard about the high school season is that it is short and fast,” she said. “So the sooner we can come together and be a great team and teammates, it makes for a successful season.”

The Warhawks still have tryouts ahead of them but Wagner said that there are returning players who can take the needed leadership roles and help the newer players.

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“I know that there are leaders that will be able to really help this team to work hard, pursue excellence, and bring people on the team together,” she said.

Last year, the Warhawks made it to the sectional round of the playoffs and Wagner said that experience will give the team a lot of confidence heading into this season.

“We did not know how successful we would be at the beginning of the year last season,” she said. “And we had a great year, I think they will come in thinking that, ‘hey we can compete for a conference championship, we can compete in our sectional and do really well with the people we have on the court and the people who are going to be coming up to join them.’ I think last year gave them a lot of confidence in what they can do.”

With the added confidence from last season, Wagner said in order to build off that success that the Warhawks have to adjust to their new center.

“The center is like a quarterback,” she said. “So last year we had Maddie Connor who is now playing volleyball in college. So we have center Payton Deoies who is stepping into that role and she had some good quality playing time last year, but she is going to be taking a lot more. So really it is for the team to rally around her a little bit so she feels comfortable. So that will be one of the main things for this team.”

Getting the players in sync with each other is another big thing for the team.

During the early parts of the season, Wagner said that doing well in the Joust tournament at Homestead is a good way to see how competitive the team is going to be during the season. Wagner said that last year the team had a nice tournament “I am excited to see what these girls will do,” she said. “Because we are going to play the best in the state, Oconomowoc is there, Appleton North is there. Everyone who was at state basically is at this tournament. So what I am looking for is to see how well my girls can compete against the top of the state. I think they can, I think they can hang, and I think they can beat them, but that is my hope is to stay in this tournament. because if you finish in the bottom four you are kicked out. Just to see how we can push some of these top teams.”

As the Warhawks get to the later parts of the season, Wagner said that she hopes to see some consistency from the team and to lower errors as the season goes along.

“That we find ourselves and we cut down on the errors,” she said. “A big theme word for us this year is pursue. We have a lot of returning defenders that are great and by the middle and end of the season I don’t want to see any balls hitting the floor. I want to constantly picking those balls up and sending them back over. So by then it is just that consistency, it’s being in a rhythm and being healthy as we head into the second half of the season.”