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The Old Town Community of North Columbus is once again schooling us on the use of horse troughs for cool season color, and this year they are maximizing the use of texture. Since I retired from the University of Georgia, my son James, the color design guru for Old Town, keeps me involved, ma… Read more

Mid-October and 44 degrees sent me out into the landscape to scout for camellia blossoms, but instead I was mesmerized by the azalea flowers. My front yard is about a half-acre, requiring an adventure with a slope, so I am often failing to do due diligence not only with maintenance but photo… Read more

ColorBlaze El Brighto Coleus will make its debut in 2022, and make no mistake about it, award-winning color scheme opportunities await as you select your flower partners. At the Young’s Plant Farm 2021 Garden Tour in Auburn, Alabama this summer it made a memorable impression on The Garden Guy. Read more

Naming a petunia "Picasso" gives clear indication this plant is something special. That is precisely what I thought the first time I saw Supertunia Picasso in Purple in plant trials. I actually felt a little intimidated as I started thinking what would I do with this beautiful flower in cont… Read more

The first few chilly evenings in September have gardeners considering their plan for fall — planting, pruning, harvesting, transplanting and prepping for spring. Pro tip: there’s more you can plant (and plan) than you think. Read more

The Garden Guy is boldly going into August with geraniums blazing. I could also say I am going into August with Boldly geraniums blazing. It wasn’t too long ago that August and geraniums in the South would have been the definition of a garden oxymoron. Boldly geraniums have changed all that. Read more

Sitting on the couch sometime last winter with my trusty perennial catalogue in hand, I gawked over the Pyromania Red Hot Pokers, or torch lilies. We grew Red Hot Pokers at the Columbus Botanical Garden and at the Coastal Georgia Botanical Garden in Savannah. Why not at The Garden Guy’s house? Read more

The answer given when the mayor asked a friend of mine in the nursery industry how best to improve the image of the small but growing city? "Plant flowers." You might think this would be the obvious answer from someone in the greenhouse industry as they would stand to benefit from this beaut… Read more

Stop the presses and throw all of your preconceived notions about the monarda or bee balm out the door. I swear, I have had marigolds taller than these new monardas. I have more flowers now on my monardas than I normally get from an entire season’s bloom. I am talking about the Leading Lady series. Read more

On more than one occasion I have been guilty of warning gardeners about the perils of being out phloxed by their neighbors. If this happens your neighbors will certainly have the MOST dazzling landscape in the neighborhood. Should you feel that this danger is creeping upon you and your flowe… Read more

Machu Morado is one of the most intriguing new plants in both name and performance. In reality it is a dream come true but I’ll explain. First it is a Mexican petunia or Ruellia, the gregarious "Uncle Buck" of the Acanthus family. A lot of gardening folks think it is a petunia. Read more

A quinceanera is a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday, with its cultural roots in Mexico and throughout Latin America. While I am not exactly sure of the birthday, it was 15 years ago that our girl of the plant world Senorita Rosalita cleome won her first award. Today she has won 237 of t… Read more

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The Garden Guy was looking at photos of last year’s trials and I was struck by one of a Mecardonia. I have never written about this plant and was thinking there is a great chance for my readers who do not know about how wonderful and tough as nails this flower is, particularly the award-winn… Read more

Two Garden Treasures have come together for a magnificent purpose and that is getting food to those who need it most. It is a story that is still being written and one that will tug at gardeners' hearts across the country. Read more

Last summer as my wife Jan and I were relaxing on the patio, a little breeze suddenly placed us under the spell of a smell, a most tantalizing fragrance. If you have ever heard that old phrase "does your nose know what my nose knows," I can tell you her nose knows a lot more than most and sh… Read more

Just saying the word coral sun warms the spirit and makes one forget the impending split of the polar vortex and plunge into a deep winter. Yes, coral sun conjures up a vision of a South Pacific sunset, sitting on a beach with an adult fruit drink with one of those tiny umbrellas. Read more