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In July of 2010, I was recovering from another major medical event when I found my own breast cancer just a few weeks before my annual mammogram.  In one day, life returned to endless tests and appointments, then plotting and launching the grueling treatment that would eradicate my aggressive form of cancer.

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and have been getting conflicting information on what I should eat and drink. I love yogurt and ice cream, for instance, but one source said a calcium-rich diet was fine, whereas another said I should limit dairy. I’ve also read … Read more

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Breathing for residents across the west coast of the U.S. is becoming increasingly difficult as wildfires continue to spread across large portions of several states, according to news reports. Read more

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: Since I was a kid, I’ve been drinking milk with breakfast and dinner as my primary beverage. But looking in the grocery store coolers these days, there are so many options other than cow’s milk. Are plant-based milks like soy or almond milk healthier options? Read more

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: A woman I work with was diagnosed with ovarian cancer two years ago at 60. She reportedly was having a lot of abdominal bloating and pain on one side after meals. I heard she had a recurrence recently, and I am starting to worry since I have recently begun experiencing bloa… Read more

ST. LOUIS — Washington University School of Medicine is helping lead an ambitious, worldwide study to see if giving adults the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine — a common vaccine administered to young children — could help protect against infection from the coronavirus. Read more

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DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am 45 and relatively healthy. But about a year ago, I hurt my lower back while working in the yard. I felt a sharp pain and could barely walk. It took about a month to heal. Then about a month ago, I hurt my back again — this time while lifting my young son. The pain does… Read more

Is your teen at risk of suicide? While no teen is immune, there are factors that can make some adolescents more vulnerable than others. Understand how to tell if your teen might be suicidal and where to turn for help and treatment. Read more

DETROIT — Richard Beckerson will never know whether it was convalescent plasma that made the lifesaving difference — or whether it was the antiviral drug remdesivir or a combination of both. Read more

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am mom to two energetic boys, ages 5 and 8. A neighbor commented that my children must have ADHD. What is ADHD exactly and how do I tell the difference between a kid who just has a ton of energy and one who has a problem that needs to be addressed? Do I need an evaluation… Read more

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My father has been a heavy smoker for most of his life. He was diagnosed with lung cancer recently. He underwent surgery and several chemotherapy treatments prior to the outbreak of COVID-19. He is getting a bit agitated being home, and we are wondering if it is safe for hi… Read more

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I have two children, ages 6 and 12. Our family has been wrestling with what to do in terms of sending our children back to school as our local school district has given us several options that include in-person and online learning. Do you have any advice for how we can make… Read more

Labor Day weekend may be the unofficial end to summer cookouts and barbecues. It’s also a good reminder that food safety should be a priority to keep you and your family safe from infection. Read more

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: My family has a history of neurologic disease. My grandfather died from a stroke. An uncle was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease at 40, and my brother recently was diagnosed with an aneurysm. I’m wondering if our family is at greater risk for COVID-19? Are ther… Read more

When stay-at-home orders were announced in the spring, some people wryly speculated about a COVID-19 baby boom. Social media users even came up with a few suggestions for what this new generation should be called — “coronials” to start, followed by “quaranteens,” being two popular ideas. Read more

The list of testing options for COVID-19 keeps growing, and the different types of tests are not always explained. Tests range from ones that use samples sent into testing labs to ones that could be performed at a health care provider’s office. Read more

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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to wreak havoc on the nation, the physiological symptoms of the virus — i.e., shortness of breath, sore throat and high fever — are now widely known. How the virus impacts mental and behavioral health is arguably less clear.  Read more

Lewy body dementia, also known as dementia with Lewy bodies, is the second most common type of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s disease dementia. Protein deposits, called Lewy bodies, develop in nerve cells in the brain regions involved in thinking, memory and movement (motor control). Read more

An estimated 30,000 people are living with cystic fibrosis in the U.S. This genetic disease can cause progressive lung damage and recurrent episodes of lung infections in many who are affected. Understanding the effects of COVID-19 is critical to patients with cystic fibrosis as this worldwi… Read more

Shopping for school supplies is often a regular ritual for many students. But parents also need to make sure that their children are healthy before the first school bell rings. Read more

Dear Mayo Clinic: Frequent hand-washing and cleaning during the COVID-19 pandemic has made my hands so dry that my skin in cracking. With recommendations for everyone to now wear a face mask while in public, I’m concerned about the mask rubbing across my face and irritating the skin. What is… Read more

Colorectal cancer is the second-leading cause of cancer death in the U.S. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force and the Multi-Society Task Force on colon cancer encourage patients to start screening at age 50 unless they have other risk factors like family history or inflammatory diseases … Read more

Older adults and those with serious chronic medical conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and lung disease, are at higher risk of developing serious complications if infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Read more

Dear Mayo Clinic: My 10-year-old son loves school but last year he began to complain of stomachaches and headaches and would insist he had to stay home. In speaking to the teacher, we realized these episodes coincided with days he had a quiz or test. And now we have the added anxieties aroun… Read more

PEWAUKEE — ProHealth Care is expanding its list of clinics, with plans to transform an existing retail development in Pewaukee into a new urgent care location.Members of the village Plan Commission recently approved a conditional use permit for the clinic which will be located at 1279 Capita… Read more

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WEST BEND — The social and economic costs of the opioid crisis are too immense to ignore, Circuit Court Judge Todd Martens said, which is why he decided to be the presiding judge over Washington County’s drug court cases. While it will not completely solve the problem, he said, having an alt… Read more

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JACKSON — Almost everyone has either personally suffered from addiction or knows another who has, so one heroin survivor is speaking up about the crippling power of addiction and how a local nonprofit saved her life.After a decade of a traumatic relationship with heroin, it holds no control … Read more

WEST BEND — Almost 50 additional patients can receive opioid-related treatment next year and services will be expanding throughout Washington County, thanks to a state grant. The Human Services Department has been awarded the $293,000 grant through the State Opioid Response (SOR). Read more

WEST BEND — Each agency has its role in addressing methamphetamine, fentanyl, cocaine and other drugs that persist and arguably grow in Washington County, some preventative and others more reactionary. With nonprofits like Elevate working on prevention, law enforcement ideally has fewer inci… Read more

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JACKSON — The Washington County Heroin Task Force and Elevate are hosting a roundtable breakfast discussion on tackling the opioid epidemic, with key actors from county agencies. Read more

WAUKESHA — An expanded fight against opioid abuse with an emphasis on women will launch in Waukesha County based on the success of its prescription drug overdose program, which has saved 88 lives since its inception in 2017. Read more

WAUKESHA — A new Waukesha County-sponsored treatment center for chemically dependent men and women and a separate initiative to fight opioid use in the City of Pewaukee were approved Tuesday by the Waukesha County Board of Supervisors. Read more

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MUSKEGO - Megan Murphy is a pretty, talkative 23-year-old from Muskego with long permed hair and a sobriety tattoo. Read more

WAUKESHA — If you wrote a novel about Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman’s exploits, no one would believe it. They might believe the gunfight that killed an archbishop at a Mexican airport, but you’d probably lose them when he escaped prison in a laundry cart. And they’d never believe the beginning o… Read more

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WAUKESHA — A lot’s been written about “heroin in the suburbs.” Many reports are episodic: This year’s deaths are increasing, authorities have busted a big ring or another promising young person has died. It’s left pressing questions: How did heroin become so prevalent here in Waukesha County… Read more