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Dear Readers: During COVID, the theft of dogs has taken a major uptick. People are looking for companionship, evidently, and they see stealing a dog as a viable choice to get a companion. These people can also use your dog for resale, ransom, breeding or baiting. Protect yourself and your pooch. Read more

Dear Readers: Ever get annoyed when you go into the bathroom for some, shall we say, privacy and your dog follows you in? Don’t get peeved. The dog is acting on his natural instincts.” Read more

Today’s Sound Off is about order takers at a drive-thru mumbling and talking too fast. Read more

Today’s Sound On is about the magical words “thank you.” Read more

Dear Readers: Have you noticed that your shower head no longer shoots out a steady stream of water? Minerals from hard water may have clogged up the holes. Before you call a plumber, try this first: Read more

Dear Heloise: Recently I required a couple of stitches in my finger after pushing something into the trash. The culprit was the lid from a can of vegetables, which sliced through my skin like a razor. So that this would never happen again, I decided to keep these lids separate from the trash… Read more

Dear Readers: During the summer when we are enjoying outdoor activities, it’s important to remember the dangers to our skin from sun exposure. According to the American Academy of Dermatology (, to avoid sun damage that might lead to skin cancer, we should wear protective clothing su… Read more