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Dear Heloise: At 9 a.m., nearly every morning, I start getting phone calls from telemarketers trying to sell me everything from solar panels to peanuts. Since I’m on the do not call list, I thought I would be protected from these calls. I guess not! How can I stop this annoying habit telemar… Read more

Dear Readers: Going back into the office is what lots of us are doing. We can now reclaim the living room as what it was meant for: living, relaxing and entertaining, instead of office space. Let’s look at the basics of how we should decorate the living room for fun and function. There are f… Read more

Dear Readers: Whelp, we’ve probably known about it for a while, and we just don’t like to face it or talk about it: debt. The average American has anywhere between $40,000 and $90,000 in total debt, many experts agree. Read more

Dear Readers: Do you have an emergency? Is someone in trouble? Did you witness a car accident, kidnapping, house fire or other dangerous situation? You know what to do. Call 911. Read more

Dear Readers: Well, looks like we got over a big hurdle. After tragic death tolls, billions of dollars lost, jobs on hiatus and the disruption of our everyday lives for over one year, COVID looks to be on its way to becoming under control. Read more

Dear Readers: So, you’ve got it. You’ve had it, and now, you’ve got it. What? You’ve had your COVID vaccine, and now you’ve got your COVID vaccine card. The card has your name and birthdate on it (so don’t post it on your social media), the dates and brand of vaccine you got, along with the … Read more

Dear Readers: As I am drafting this column, the COVID vaccine is being made available to teenagers and children as young as 12. Here are some things to know: Read more

Dear Readers: Over one year into the pandemic, and we’ve made a lot of progress, but we probably all still have questions, mostly about the vaccines that are available. Read more

Dear Heloise: My puppy Huxley was having separation anxiety bad! My upstairs neighbor said to me, your dog sure misses you when you go out! (I think she was frustrated with his crying and barking.) Read more

Dear Readers: During COVID, the theft of dogs has taken a major uptick. People are looking for companionship, evidently, and they see stealing a dog as a viable choice to get a companion. These people can also use your dog for resale, ransom, breeding or baiting. Protect yourself and your pooch. Read more

Dear Readers: Ever get annoyed when you go into the bathroom for some, shall we say, privacy and your dog follows you in? Don’t get peeved. The dog is acting on his natural instincts.” Read more

Today’s Sound Off is about order takers at a drive-thru mumbling and talking too fast. Read more

Today’s Sound On is about the magical words “thank you.” Read more