Today’s Sound On is about our first responders and medical professionals:

Dear Readers: This week’s Sound On is actually a big thank you to all the frontline soldiers working side by side, literally putting their lives on the line to protect and care for all of us during this global pandemic.

While we are now staying at home to avoid this extremely dangerous virus, our country’s first responders and medical professionals are meeting it head-on, separated from their families, to care for those of us who have contracted it. We should be thankful and pray every day for these selfless people who carry on even as their colleagues have fallen ill or died.

Together, we will get through this scary time, and we will always remember those who were taking care of us and paid the ultimate price.


Fast Facts

Additional uses for canning jars:

* Put a votive candle inside to use on picnic tables after sunset.

* Fill with small toys and candies for a child at Easter.

* Store pasta, candy or sugar.

* Store small condiments in them for picnics.

Fire ants

Dear Heloise: I have pets, children and, unfortunately, fire ants. Harsh chemicals are out of the question, so how can I get rid of these painful pests?

-Carolyn in Texas

Carolyn, boil a big pot of water and pour it down the center of the nest. This is the easiest and safest way to kill the nest and the ant queen.


Hair spray

Dear Heloise: I’m so tired of having hair spray all over my bathroom counter and mirrors, but my bathroom is so tiny that there isn’t much I can do to prevent this problem. Got any hints for me to solve this sticky situation?

-Ashley in Nevada

Ashley, step into the shower and spray your hair. Clean and squeegee the shower with each use, and the rest of the bathroom stays spray-free and unsticky.

- Heloise

Easier housekeeping

Dear Heloise: I have a hint that makes housekeeping easier. I use a paintbrush (new, of course) to clean my windowsills and baseboards. This allows me to get in the corners with ease. Once I’m done, I just vacuum and my whole room is clean.

-Nancy, Beavercreek, Ohio

Latest scam

Dear Heloise: I received a telephone call this week with a recording on the other end that said: “This is your utility company. Your service will be disconnected in 30 minutes. Call this number, _________.” Clearly, this was a scam, since I’m never behind in my utility bills! However, there are many people who would fall for this ruse by unscrupulous scammers. If you get a call like this, write down the number and turn it into your local public utilities company. Do not call the number yourself.

-Jill in Texas

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