Today’s Sound Off is about kids and summer jobs:

Dear Heloise: When I was in high school, I worked all summer and weekends to pay for my college. At the age of 9, I started raking leaves in the fall, shoveling snow in the winter and mowing lawns in the summer. My father made me put every cent that I made in the bank, and by the time college rolled around, I had saved enough for tuition. I worked all through college, too.

I don’t see this type of ambition and drive in so many of our younger people. I know there are jobs out there for anyone willing to work, so why don’t more parents teach their children about managing money by making them earn it?

- Leonard in North Carolina

Readers, what do you think? - Heloise

Fast Facts

Here are some hints about items to keep for guests:

- A flashlight in the nightstand

- A night light in the bathroom

- A box of tissues with a waste basket nearby

- Travel-size toiletries

New scam

Dear Heloise: This past week I got a call from a person claiming to be from a TV service provider who told me that my bill would be cut in half if I paid for six months’ worth of service in advance. I knew this was a scam, especially since they wanted me to pay with a gift card! Please warn your readers to watch out for this type of scam.

- Mary Ann in Texas

Mary Ann, I checked with the service provider you mentioned, and they said this is definitely a scam that they are warning customers about. This is yet another example of how cautious we must be about accepting unsolicited phone calls.

- Heloise

Clean the air

Dear Readers: Purifying the air in your home can be as easy as having a couple of houseplants per room. They not only remove carbon monoxide and other toxins, but they help reduce stress and look attractive in your home.

- Heloise

Dust mites

Dear Readers: One of the biggest breeding grounds for dust mites is your bed sheets, so be sure to wash them in hot water with detergent every week, and add a cup of white vinegar every so often.

- Heloise

Ladder safety

Dear Heloise: When I have to clean out my gutters, I always place something heavy, like bags of mulch or soil, at the base of the ladder to be sure it’s stable and won’t slide while I’m on it. I like having the extra security. A fall could be devastating.

- Herman in Texas

Herman, thanks for your hint. Many serious injuries happen from falls from a ladder.

Readers, always use a ladder on level ground, and be sure to face the ladder when you’re going up or down. Ideally, having someone hold the ladder while you’re on it is the safest way to go.

- Heloise

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