WEST BEND — Cameras are rolling in West Bend as the crew of “Schimbarea” shoots the horror film at Paradise Farm.

“Schimbarea” is a fake Romanian folk tale written by Director Patrick Corcoran and Aidan Karstadt.

The story follows a young American drifter, Gordan, played by Billy Brannigan, who is an avid partier and has been away from home for a long time. He runs out of money and calls his father, who rejects his plea for more funds. As he heads toward the train, he realizes he does not have enough money for the cab and the driver kicks him out of the car onto a cold Romanian road.

He comes upon a cottage where he sees a woman, Zulema, played by Sarah Bonrepaux, who lives with her grandmother, Olga, played by Lamya Regragui Muzio, and knocks on her door.

Jen Emma Hertel, producer and unit production manager, said there is an unexpected twist to the film.

As the young couple fall for one another, they meet the strange, surreal world of the supernatural.

“We have moments of drama. There are moments of romance. It’s not strictly a ‘blood and guts’ horror film. It’s definitely got a lot more depth and we’re really focusing on the main character of the film, Zulema,” said Corcoran. He added they wanted to bring empowerment to the female protagonist as a multi-layered character.

“Schimbarea” was supposed to be shot at a farm in Pennsylvania, but the location fell through. Hertel, originally from Chilton, began looking for locations in Wisconsin and found Paradise Farm. When visiting, they found the black oak farm to be the perfect location.

“The place has goats, chickens and couldn’t get any more Romanian,” said Hertel.

In addition to shooting at the farm, the crew also filmed in downtown West Bend.

“I think audiences both male and female are going to find a lot to get from the story here with both of the characters,” said Corcoran. He said the actors are from all across the country, from the East Coast to the West Coast. Some members are local or from Chicago. Executive Producer Victor Girone from Pitch Point Films greenlit the film. Emmy-nominated hair and makeup artist Elizabeth Printz is doing hair and makeup for the film.

Corcoran said audience members, both male and female, will “find a lot to get from the story.

“People who aren’t into too much of the horror stuff, they’ll find interest in more dramatic plot points in the film, then we have some romance. I think it’s a very interesting story,” he said.

The crew is currently wrapping up filming and moving into post-production next. They plan to have the film completed by the end of the year and hope a sales team acquires it for distribution. Corcoran said they are looking at potential streaming platforms to allow as many people to watch as possible.

Once completed, they plan to hold a premiere in West Bend with cast and crew in attendance.

For more information about “Schimbarea,” visit imdb.to/3sjyi31.