WAUKESHA — Waukesha School Board Candidates Kelly Piacsek and Anthony Zenobia won seats Tuesday, with Piacsek netting more votes than any of the five candidates in the race.

Incumbent Patrick McCaffery won reelection while Kurt O’Bryan and Diane Voit, also incumbents, fell short.

Piacsek won 8,882 or 24.2% of the vote with McCaffery coming in second with 22% and Zenobia in third with 18.6%. Voit won just 112 fewer votes than Zenobia, ending the night with 18.3%. O’Bryan won 6,130 or 16.7% of the vote.

On the campaign trail, McCaffery and O’Bryan both said addressing the achievement gap was the most important issue while Piacsek said focusing on receiving learning losses and addressing mental health challenges would be her focus; Zenobia said he felt the vote over summer to start the school year in a hybrid learning format was a mistake. Voit said she’d like to focus on student success, especially for those who struggled during the first semester.

Over the last year, some decisions on the school board have come down to a single vote.

Waukesha School Board

Kelly Piacsek                              8,882    24.2%

Patrick McCaffery (i)                   8,094     22%

Anthony Zenobia                        6,821     18.6%

Diane Voit (i)                               6,709    18.3%

Kurt O’Bryan (i)                          6,130     16.7%

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