WEST BEND — Beginning this week, staff members at the West Bend School District will receive a survey to gauge interest regarding receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, helping to provide preliminary numbers to the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department.

Using the survey, staff members can express their interest in receiving the vaccine “in an effort to help provide the health department with preliminary numbers to support their planning for ordering and deployment of the COVID-19 vaccine,” said Superintendent Jen Wimmer.

“I am really pleased to say that I sent my first email to staff alerting them and providing them the link for the sign up for their opportunity to receive a vaccination,” said Wimmer during Monday’s Board of Education meeting.

A date regarding vaccinations for staff members has not yet been provided, but staff members in vaccination Group 1A receive it first.

According to the Washington Ozaukee Public Health Department, Group 1A includes individuals who are health care providers and residents at long-term care facilities.

The first WBSD staff members to get the vaccine will be health care workers and those who receive sick children, such as elementary school secretaries and principals. District Nurse Amy Braeger also advocated to allow those who serve students with high needs in special education to receive the vaccine as well.

Those with underlying health conditions that put them at a significantly higher risk of severe infection and K-12 teachers and staff are designated as the 1B group.

Staff members with underlying health conditions will take first priority in receiving the vaccine.

WOPHD will continue weekly sign-ups as they move through Group 1A.

Vaccine distribution

Group 2 is made up of child care workers, critical workers in high-risk settings, those with underlying health conditions that put them at a moderately higher risk of severe infection, those living or working in homeless shelters, group homes, prisons, jails and detention centers and older adults who did not previously have access to the vaccine.

Group 3 comprises young adults and children and those working in critical industries with higher risk of exposure. Group 4 is everyone who did not previously receive the vaccine.

On Tuesday afternoon, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services reported that 163,371 vaccines have been administered of the 373,100 vaccines shipped to the state. Wisconsin has been allocated 607,650 vaccines.

They are continuing to vaccinate Group 1A first before moving to Group 1B.