LANNON — Two trustees in Lannon are facing recall elections on Nov. 23, opening up the opportunity for new candidates to fill the seats the two village trustees currently hold.

The election comes after a special Village Board Meeting Wednesday night.

According to a Notice of Recall Election shared with The Freeman by Village Attorney Hector de la Mora, the two board members who are facing a recall election are Amy Martin and Eric Barbieri. According to the notice, the term of the positions will end on April 19, 2022.

The final day for filing nomination papers is 5 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021 with the Office of the Village Clerk.

A request for the filing of the recall petitions, which state the reason for the recall, from the Village Clerk’s Office could not be fulfilled Thursday evening.

Hector de la Mora told The Freeman that the recall petitions were brought before the board on Oct. 11, but they were tabled until the special meeting on Wednesday night.


Martin told The Freeman the reason stated on her petition for the recall was due to her alleged misconduct in office, and said she was not aware of specifics.

"I feel that the recall is a waste of time, village resources and taxpayer money since both Trustee Barbieri and myself will be up for a re-election in April," Martin said. "I have done the job that I was elected to do to the best of my abilities and for those who feel that I haven’t, heading to the polls in April will be the way to go about creating this change. I am planning on running in the re-election and hopefully (will maintain) my seat on the Village Board."

Barbieri said his listed petition reason was dereliction of duty. He said he feels those who are petitioning for the recall are a relatively small group of people allegedly spreading disinformation online related to the Lannon Municipal Water Expansion Project.

The project will require a number of residents, estimated to be 230 properties, still utilizing private wells to connect to municipal water at a cost to the homeowner.

'Our job as trustees is to listen to all the information and feedback and make what we believe to be the best decisions for the village as a whole, understanding that not everyone is going to agree with every decision," Barbieri said. "A regular election is coming in April, and every two years, for those who want to make changes, so this recall timing seems barely justifiable.

"The saddest part of all this is that these kinds of shenanigans will discourage good people from wanting to be involved now and in the future."


The petitioners for the recall are Tony Povletich and Christine Swearingen. Both are running for the two seats, Swearingen told The Freeman Thursday.

Swearingen said the reason for the recall against Barbieri is due to his allegedly being regularly absent from village meetings. The reason for the petition against Martin is because she doesn’t have the people’s wants and needs in mind, Swearingen said.

However, overall, she said the reason for the recall is due to the water project in the village. She said she feels that residents are being asked to abandon their "safe" wells and hook up to municipal water. "(Board members) are not thinking about Lannon as a whole, they’re not thinking about the people financially," she said. "There’s a lot of people, the majority of people can’t afford it — $15,000, $20,000 ... they could lose their homes."

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