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My daughter — who loves doughnuts — forwarded an article to me titled “12 Reasons Doughnuts are Good for You” ( I chuckled and promised her I’d do some “research” on it.

Ron from Corvallis, Oregon, writes this in response to a recent column on lectins: “I am a biochemist, used to work with immunologists at Sloan Kettering. The main reason I'm writing is to ask you to explore the toxicity of nuts' lectins and the best way to prepare nuts without getting sick.… Read more

Hot Pepper Succotash is a spicy, quick version of an American staple that is simple to make and fun to eat. A dry rub gives a sweet, spicy crust to the pork. The heat is up to you. The recipe calls for 1/8 teaspoon cayenne pepper. Add more if you like it hot. Read more

What is sustainability? It has become a huge buzzword but I like this definition: supplying a growing world with food, fuel, feed and fiber — while safeguarding its resources for future generations. Read more

In my eyes, he’s the perfect man. A rancher who takes exquisite care of the Angus cattle in the pastures surrounding our home. He relishes every meal I prepare and tells me he loves my cooking. And he probably eats more vegetables than I do … even at restaurants when he orders a salad and I … Read more

Reader Susan S. writes, in part: “Gut health is finally being brought up in mainstream more often. But almost never this: there are grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables that have LECTINS that poke tiny holes in our intestines. I thought you might want to check this out so that you can inform… Read more

I’ve been reading the back of cereal boxes since I was a kid. They entertained me with games or puzzles while I munched on breakfast. Last week, my cereal box got me thinking about whole grains. Read more

For this quick meal, I used curry powder from the supermarket spice section. Strictly speaking, prepared curry powder doesn't really exist in India. Good cooks prefer to make their own blend of spices using the freshest ingredients. The curry powder found in the markets should be used within… Read more

Gotta love the great state of Nebraska. On a recent visit to the historic Haymarket district in Lincoln, we stopped for lunch at an upscale Japanese restaurant. I casually gazed out the window at a giant screen across the street. Up flashed advice on how to social distance. I laughed when I … Read more

Picadillo is a popular Latin dish using ground meat, onions, green bell pepper, tomato sauce, capers and raisins. The success of this dish is the blending of sweet and savory flavors. I have captured the essence of the taste and the texture in this 10-minute no-fuss dinner. It takes a few mi… Read more

Pesto sauce, made with basil and parsley lends a fresh, herbal flavor to scallops. I keep a bag of frozen sea scallops on hand for quick dinners. They take only a few minutes to defrost in a bowl of cold water. This dish takes only 5 minutes to make using prepared pesto sauce. Read more

Easter and eggs … I get it. Easter is the Christian celebration of Jesus’ coming back to life after his death on a cross. Easter eggs represent new life. Very fitting. Read more

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I gained a bit of weight during quarantine. And as spring approaches, I want to focus on losing the excess pounds. I enjoy exercise, but I struggle with snacking and eating more processed foods than I should. A friend suggested clean eating. Do you have any advice so I can … Read more

It had been festering for a long time … an infection that didn’t show up on routine tests. But we knew sometime was not right. Cal was not eating as enthusiastically as he usually does. And he was steadily losing weight. Read more

Hello Barbara; I've been trying to loose weight. I do good during the day but in the evening and into the night I feel like I have to eat, and sometimes I do not make good choices. I'm diabetic. I would like to know if there is a way to curb these late-night eatings. — Carolyn Read more

I’ve been called a lot of names in my day. “Nutri-bird” “The Diet lady” “Dr. Quinn, Nutrition woman” (I’m not a doctor but that didn’t matter to one of my clients.) Read more

For many reasons, I’m always glad when I can bid February goodbye and welcome the march toward spring. March is also National Nutrition Month️ when the experts at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics walk us toward a diet that can help put spring in our steps. Read more

I just love the science of nutrition. It constantly changes as we learn more about how food and nutrients work in the body. And as we gather more information, experts tweak the recommendations for how we should eat. Read more

It’s only about the size of your fist. Yet every day your heart pumps the amount of blood that could fill a 2,000 gallon tank. Its job? To keep a constant supply of oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flowing through 60,000 miles of blood vessels to feed every cell and tissue in your body. Read more

Most people know that high cholesterol is bad for their heart, but few people really understand what cholesterol is. Dr. Claire Haga, a Mayo Clinic family physician, explains why it's so closely related to heart problems. She also discusses the power you have to control it. Read more

Reader Pat L. From Mt. Vernon, Washington, writes: “In today's paper there were two nutrition columns, yours included, that both said babies should receive nothing but breast milk for their first 6 months. But yours went on to say, ‘Studies show that gradually introducing (potentially allerg… Read more

Even before we are born, we need key nutrients found in fish and seafood. That’s according to the current Dietary Guidelines for Americans 2020-2025 (DGA), which advises pregnant women to consume 8 to 12 ounces of a variety of seafood each week. Besides being an excellent source of baby-buil… Read more

After helping me put away Christmas decorations for another year, my younger daughter and I decided to have a tea party … just because. I retrieved my treasured china tea pot that my mom hand-painted many years ago and pulled two of my favorite teacups out of the cabinet. Read more

They’re here … the long awaited and debated 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA). What’s the big deal? This document — updated every five years by the Departments of Agriculture (USDA) and Health and Human Services (HHS) — represents the most current science-based advice on what … Read more

DEAR MAYO CLINIC: I am a runner who has previously participated in 5K and 10K races, as well as half-marathons and full marathons. I would rely on water and nutrition stations at the events to help fuel my performance. Now due to COVID-19, these events are going virtual. I signed up for my f… Read more

This pork and bean chili can be made in 20 minutes. The great thing I find about chili is that some like it hot, some like it mild, but almost everyone likes it. The degree of heat is up to you. Add more chili powder or fresh chili peppers to suit your taste. Read more

Yay! It’s a brand new year. A chance to begin anew. I’m especially excited about getting this weak body back in shape after recovering from foot surgery. Whatever your goals this year, here are some new ideas that can help us get going in the right direction: Read more

I was pleasantly intrigued over recent headlines: “Study: Wine and Cheese May Protect Against Cognitive Decline.” “Study says wine and cheese may boost brain health.” Read more