To the editor: Onward and Forward. I am optimistic about the future of the Town of Oconomowoc. We have a strong community of residents and neighbors. We are surrounded by wonderful resources in our rolling farmlands and beautiful lakes. We have loyal businesses committed to our community. We must preserve our assets and plan for responsible growth. At the same time, we must also address the issues facing the town.

My focus will be to lower taxes, advocate for transparency into Western Lakes Fire Department, promote responsible farmland preservation, support local businesses, improve our community, and be accountable to town residents. We, as a town, must plan for how we want our community to look in the next generation in light of the recent expansion of the city of Oconomowoc into the town.

The recent tax increases are one of the pressing issues facing our community and one of the reasons I chose to run for Town Board. I worked for General Electric in their Financial Management Program where I assisted the tax and supply chain teams and analyzed financial statements of business segments around the world. This deep financial and business expertise will help me examine the town's financial situation and avoid significant tax increases in the future.

In addition, my legal experience will be a positive addition to the board. As an attorney, I am skilled at working with various viewpoints to achieve compromise and progress.

Born, raised, and educated here, I am a lifelong resident of the town and will be raising my family here. My wife, Katie, and I are members of St. Catherine of Alexandria Church.

The town is the place we all call home. I will do everything I can to represent, protect, and serve this community.

— Alex Kay, Town of Oconomowoc

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