OCONOMOWOC — Western Lakes Fire District responded to a fire at a well-known restaurant early on Friday. The District was dispatched shortly after 3 a.m. for a fire at Fiesta Cancun, according to the WLFD.

Oconomowoc Police Department officers arrived on the scene and reported heavy black smoke coming from the rear of the building.

Conditions included heavy smoke from the rear of the building and flames on the first floor. Crews were able to locate the fire on the main floor of the building and begin suppression efforts. The fire had extended to the roof of the building, and an active gas leak was noted in the building. Crews were temporarily evacuated from the building just prior to a partial roof collapse. Additional companies began further investigation of neighboring building with heavy smoke located in neighboring structures.

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The WLFD thanked law enforcement partners for their assistance in alerting and evacuating residents in upper-level apartments in the area. One family was evaluated at a local hospital for smoke inhalation. There were no other injuries to civilians or first responders.

“The fire this morning is the first since WLFD added additional staff to its daily staffing earlier this week. The District’s 2023 budget included a phased addition to daily staffing with two additional positions added to each shift the first quarter of the year. The additional staffing allowed for Station 1 and 3 to have an effective firefighting and EMS crew be immediately able respond. Over the next three years the intent is to bring all of the District’s stations to adequate staffing levels to ensure both an effective firefighting and emergency medical response force,” the WLFD said in a statement.