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Q: Your column about Comcast's new Xfinity cloud-based firewall (see made me wonder what protection my Windows 10 PC would have if I were away from home. You already mentioned that the new Comcast firewall doesn't include antivirus software. Does this mean that if I use… Read more

Q: I take videos in the MP4 format on my Android phone, and they play back just fine. But when I send a 20- to 60-second video to my friends' phones (via Yahoo Mail or Facebook Messenger), the videos either won't play or play for only five to 10 seconds. What's wrong? Read more

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U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement is planning new large-scale expenditures on cloud computing with Microsoft Corp. and Inc.'s Amazon Web Services unit. The deal, slated for early 2021, could could reignite tensions within the companies, where groups of employees have objec… Read more

Samsung Electronics Co. is pouring $116 billion into its next-generation chip business that includes fabricating silicon for external clients, betting it can finally close the gap on industry leader Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. as soon as two years from now. Read more

Q: Comcast has been providing its Xfinity internet customers with the Norton Security Online program for free. But it will drop Norton at the end of December and replace it with Comcast's own xFi Advanced Security. Will I need to add other protection for my computer? What's available? Read more

Q: I use a three-year-old Chromebook on a secure home Wi-Fi network. Recently, the Chromebook has been getting disconnected from the internet every day about 4:45 p.m. After I unplug and plug in the router, the internet works again. This doesn't happen with either my laptop or tablet compute… Read more

WASHINGTON — The CEOs of Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday defended their safeguards against disinformation in the presidential election, and promised Congress they would take vigorous action for two special elections in Georgia that could determine which party controls the U.S. Senate. Read more

The $60 video game dates back to at least the 1990s. Rarely has a game exceeded that price threshold in the three decades since, even as inflation drove the dollar’s value to nearly half of what it was in the days of the Super Nintendo. Read more

If you've followed my reviews over the last decade, you know I'm a big fan of portable power stations, which are basically big rechargeable batteries with an inverter to allow the user to power gadgets and appliances that normally plug into an AC outlet. Read more

Q: I keep getting a message on my PC, which has Windows 10 version 1903. It says "Your version of Windows 10 is nearing the end of service. Restart now to get a newer version of Windows. Otherwise we'll try to restart outside of your active hours. Just make sure to leave your device on and p… Read more

Q: I recently bought a new 2020 Hyundai Tucson. At the time, my phone, a Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, seemed to work with the car (the Android phone icons are shown on the car's display screen.) But now, when I want to use the phone-to-car connection for navigation, the phone takes a long … Read more

In a quiet experiment of just two weeks, China provided millions of people access to long-forbidden foreign websites like YouTube and Instagram. The trial appears to signal the Communist government is moving toward giving the country's citizens greater access to the global internet _ while s… Read more

It's finally here. After an investigation that lasted more than a year, a U.S. House antitrust subcommittee has come up with a robust game plan to rein in the biggest tech giants. In a report issued Tuesday, the panel accused Inc., Apple Inc., Facebook Inc. and Google parent Alpha… Read more

Q: We replaced our old router with a Linksys model to improve TV streaming, but now our HP printer won't stay connected to our iPads and MacBooks via the Wi-Fi network. We have to restart the printer before every use. What's wrong? Read more

Ever since Russian agents and other opportunists abused its platform in an attempt to manipulate the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Facebook has insisted — repeatedly — that it's learned its lesson and is no longer a conduit for misinformation, voter suppression and election disruption. Read more

Q: I use Windows 10 System Restore, which will allow me to return the PC’s settings to an earlier time if I run into trouble. I create a new “restore point” (a calendar date to which the PC could return) every day, but it disappears within 24 hours. What’s wrong? Read more

For weeks, smoke has blanketed the west coast. The Bay Area has seen a vast improvement in the past few days, but terrible air lingers in Portland and Seattle. Millions of people have been furiously checking the air quality ratings in their neighborhood regularly. On the worst days, in some … Read more

Q: We use Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive to continuously back up the files on our two computers. If our computers were infected with malware or suffered a ransomware attack (in which files are encrypted until you pay a ransom), would these cloud backup services be affected, too? Read more

I’ve had a little experience with TP-Link’s home automation products, and I’ve purchased several of its smart plugs for my home. This week I’ve been using two of the company’s new devices, the TP-Link Kasa Smart Light Strip and the Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug. Read more