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Q: My Samsung Galaxy phone won't play the sound on YouTube videos when it's connected by Bluetooth to my car, a 2016 Fiat 500. I can get sound for other things, such as map directions or phone calls. I think the problem is in the car's Bluetooth connection, but the Fiat dealer has been of no… Read more

Q: When an HDR video taken with an iPhone 12 is shared via text message only to me, the color is washed out when viewed on my iPad 6th Generation with iOS 14.3. But when I view the same video on my 10-month-old iPhone SE (with the same operating system), the video looks fine. To make matters… Read more

Q: When I click on Google search results, I'm taken to an advertising page. I have to close that page and go back to my search results to find the information I wanted. I suspected the problem was malicious software, but the Malwarebytes security program didn't find any. What's wrong? Read more

Q: In an effort to spend time "off the grid," I bought a cabin 8 miles from the Canadian border. There is no internet service there, but I'm hoping I can set up a front-door security camera that can be monitored by my Android phone. I thought I could connect the camera and phone via Bluetoot… Read more

Q: My iPhone XS Max uses the RoboKiller app that's supposed to intercept junk phone calls. I expected it to block the 15 to 25 junk calls I was getting every day, but to let through callers who were in my phone's contact list. Unfortunately, RoboKiller blocks calls from my contacts list and … Read more

Q: I'm trying to block background noise on Zoom calls with students ages 5 to 8 who are at home or in daycare. The students have noise-canceling headphones that block the noise for them, but I have to listen to the sounds of other children, siblings, parents and barking dogs. Read more

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The conservative-friendly social network Parler was booted off the internet Monday over ties to last week’s siege on the U.S. Capitol, but not before digital activists made off with an archive of its posts, including any that might have helped organize or document the riot. Read more

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After years of treating President Donald Trump's inflammatory rhetoric with a light touch, Facebook and Instagram are silencing his social media accounts for the rest of his presidency. The move, which many called justified following Wednesday's insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, is also a so… Read more

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All it took for social-media giants Twitter and Facebook to even temporarily bar President Donald Trump from addressing their vast audiences was a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol, fueled by years of false statements, conspiracy theories and violent rhetoric from the president. Read more

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A group of Google engineers and other workers announced Monday they have formed a union, creating a rare foothold for the labor movement in the tech industry.About 225 employees at Google and its parent company Alphabet are the first dues-paying members of the Alphabet Workers Union. They re… Read more

Q: I try to keep my Windows 10 PC free of unwanted software by running PC security (Malwarebytes) and cleaning (CCleaner) programs on my Windows 10 PC. I also use the DuckDuckGo search engine that doesn't create profiles of its users. Read more

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We streamed, we Zoomed, we ordered groceries and houseplants online, we created virtual villages while navigating laptop shortages to work and learn from home. In many ways, 2020′s pandemic-induced isolation threw our dependence on technology into overdrive, snipping away at our real-life co… Read more

Q: When I make a FaceTime video call over Wi-Fi, my iPhone XS drops the call shortly after connecting. This doesn't happen when I use an iPhone 6, iPad Air or iMac on the same Wi-Fi network. What's wrong? —Tim Burke, Apple Valley, Minn. Read more

Q: My iPad’s location software says I’m in Springfield, Ill., instead of Minnesota (a 400-mile mistake.) I’ve altered privacy and app settings, but nothing works. In case I’ve been hacked, I’ve removed the iPad’s banking and financial apps and changed my passwords. What should I do? —Terranc… Read more

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WASHINGTON  — U.S. government agencies and private companies rushed Monday to secure their computer networks following the disclosure of a sophisticated and long-running cyber-espionage intrusion suspected of being carried out by Russian hackers. Read more

Q: I continuously backed up my old PC to an external hard drive. Now that my old PC's hard drive has failed, I'm trying to restore the backed-up data to my new PC's hard drive. It's nearly impossible because I've forgotten the name of the backup program I used. (There is a folder on the exte… Read more