WAUKESHA — Crowds of people filled the stores and cars filed in and out of shopping mall parking lots on Friday for the 2022 Black Friday sales.

According to Menards General Manager Mike Pacocha, there was already a long line at the door and people were waiting in their cars around 4:40 a.m. Menards, 2315 W. Bluemound Road, was set to open at 6 a.m. but allowed waiting customers to come in 10 minutes early.

“This year’s probably even better than last year,” said Pacocha, who added that last year was still a great turnout.

Pachocha believes Black Friday numbers are starting to make a comeback following the slow build up after the pandemic.

“It has changed over the years and seems like this year it’s back in force,” said Pachocha.

The pandemic also changed the way Menards conducted their Black Friday sales. Last year, they started their 10-day sale which starts on Black Friday and goes until Dec. 4 with the supplies they have in stock.

By 10:30 a.m. Friday morning, Pachocha said, they were selling out of select items including shop lights, toys, grocery items and gift sets. Around 11 a.m., binoculars, a number of electronics, more toys and games, Laffy Taffy’s, sausages and holiday goods were sold out.

The store had a number of deals available and Pachocha said he was asked about nearly everything listed for sale in their store advertisement.

Shoppers and strollers

Over at The Corners of Brookfield, 20111 W Bluemound Road, small lines of customers gathered at select stores, but many of the people strolling about were enjoying the sights and the extended holiday weekend.

“My daughter enjoys coming out, so her and I do it together,” said Kristine Kaye, who was shopping at The Corners of Brookfield with friends. Kaye and her daughter make it a tradition to go out around 9 a.m. and shop for clothes every year.

“(It’s) a fun day of shopping,” said Kaye. “Bonding with my daughter even though I’m not with her right now,” Kaye said as she laughed with friends who had come from out of town. Her daughter was waiting in line at a different store close by.

A few people were walking around downtown Waukesha Friday morning, many of whom said they were just out for a walk. While Black Friday is a day reserved for deals and ready-to-go shoppers, many took this year to enjoy the nice weather and strolling following Thursday’s Thanksgiving feasts.

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