Blue Rose Dance Studio coming to Waukesha

(Left to right) Local residents and business partners Rebecca Enea and Eric Goetsch. The two are developing Blue Rose Dance Studio, 2130 West Silvernail Road, in Waukesha.


WAUKESHA — Local residents Rebecca Enea and Eric Goetsch met in 2019 when they were paired as ballroom dance partners. The two have since embarked on a dance journey together, competing in professional/amateur ballroom dance competitions and now taking on the new adventure of developing a dance studio.

The blueprint designs for Blue Rose Dance Studio, 2130 W. Silvernail Rd., were completed last week with the hopes of starting construction soon.

“We want the studio have more of a social feel and also welcoming of competitive dance but not focusing on that,” said Enea. “And we want to get more involved in the community.”

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The focus of the studio was originally ballroom for people of all ages. Eventually, Enea and Goetsch would like to expand the studio to include other dance styles like ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop and contemporary. And though they are ballroom-based, they are staying open-minded while talking with local residents to find what the needs and wants are in terms of dance.

“We want it to be for everybody, what they want it to be,” said Goetsch.

Blue Rose Dance Studio is looking to offer private lessons, weekly group classes and monthly social parties within the studio. They also plan to get involved with local charities. Enea and Goetsch are currently in contact with the Women and Girls Fund of Waukesha County.

“I’m excited to meet lots of people that’ve ever been curious about dance or learning how to dance,” said Enea. “I like to call it a home away from home for people, but with dance as the main focus.”

In working with Rob Miller Homes, LLC., they will start ordering materials for building the studio this week. And although it’s hard to determine an exact timeline at this point, the building will soon undergo demolition and construction. Enea and Goetsch are looking to have one big ballroom dance floor taking up around 2,200-square-feet of the space.

As soon as the floor and speaker system are in place, Enea will start teaching. By early or mid-fall, the pair hopes to host a grand opening of Blue Rose Dance Studio.

“I really like the small town feeling that Waukesha has to offer, and the family feel,” said Enea, adding that the location allows for a wide range of people to come and get involved.

Turning a dream into reality

Enea started dancing ballet at two-and-a-half years old, and when she turned 11, she found ballroom dance. She continued through high school graduation adding styles jazz, tap, hip-hop and contemporary along the way, and at 18 years old she became an instructor. Over the last eight years, Enea has specialized in teaching adult ballroom dance while competing in competitions nationwide.

Goetsch is very familiar with dance as his three daughters have been dancing since they were little. Three years ago he was asked to participate in an annual fundraiser that required him to learn and perform a ballroom dance routine in an effort to raise money. Through that fundraiser Goetsch found a new passion and started training with Enea to learn more and practice for competitions.

“I just became totally addicted,” said Goetsch. “It’s a combination of loving the physical and mental challenge of it and the luck of the draw that I ended up with the best dance partner and instructor out there.”

In developing the studio together, Enea plans to teach dance and Goetsch will take classes while marketing and being a spokesman for the studio.

“It is a little bit surreal that this is actually happening,” said Goetsch. “The beautiful thing about this business partnership that we have is that neither one of us could really do this without the other one right now. We truly need each other to make this happen.”

Over the weekend, the two hosted a group class at Lifetime Fitness Brookfield. With two hours of dancing and a full class, the event was a success. They are planning more in the future as Blue Rose Dance Studio undergoes construction.

“I’ve been a dancer my whole life. When you grow up in a studio, you can’t help but image what it would be like having your own,” said Enea. “I’m excited to pour my heart into this adventure.”

And though Enea and Goetsch have months of hard work ahead of them in developing the space, they are looking forward to the challenge.

“We’re excited to be a part of this community and help build it in a positive way,” said Enea. “And we encourage that all people are welcome at our studio.”