Quality key ingredient at Waukesha CBD

 Zach Yaeger opened Waukesha CBD at 808 N. Grand Ave.


WAUKESHA — Zach Yaeger knows how CBD helped him, and now he’s hoping to be able to do it for others.

Yaeger, 28, opened Waukesha’s newest CBD store, Waukesha CBD, last month at 808 N. Grand Ave. CBD is one of the components of marijuana, touted for its health effects, but without the psychoactive ingredient that generates a high. People have touted its usage for things like anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, epilepsy and more. People also give it to their pets for health conditions.

Yaeger has used CBD, saying it helped with depression, anxiety, and the balms have helped with muscle aches at times. With a little help from friends, he is trying a new career arc at age 28.

“It’s definitely a booming industry and it’s something that helped me. CBD in general has helped me, so I thought ‘Let’s give it a shot.’ Plus the people over at Lake Country CBD, I got to know them very well and it was just kind of an opportunity they presented me and a way to sort of franchise off of them but do it on my own but with their help a little bit. I wanted to see what it’s like because I didn’t want to be a machinist the rest of my life. Now we’re here, trying it. So far it’s going good.”

Waukesha CBD sells lotions, balms, vapes, flower, gummies, concentrates (wax or a rosin), batteries for chargers, CBD-infused drinks, products for pets, and more.

Yaeger is aware there is plenty of competition, but he compared it to restaurants opening in close proximity to one another. When asked what sets him apart, he said, “I am hoping customer service. But also the guys at Lake Country CBD as well, like we’ve done a lot of research, quality versus quantity. I feel like a lot of companies, not necessarily Waukesha specifically, but just a lot of companies are getting into it just to make money whereas I obviously got into business to make money, but I want to help people with it and quality tends to be the way to do that. ... Some companies ... have like trace amounts of chemicals and stuff in their products and that’s just stuff that’s not good for you. Whereas some companies like Papa & Barkley over there (gesturing to counter) they don’t use a chemical extraction process so there is really no other things you’re getting into your system besides CBD. Higher end, higher quality, that’s what I am really shooting for.”

He said he’s always looking for different products to offer, some were on back order last week, but they all will have to be of superior quality.

“I do plan to eventually add some things in here but kind of want to do one thing at a time,” he said.

Yaeger said his reception has been pretty good so far. “This is the fist time I’ve done this so I don’t know if it’s necessarily good or bad, but I’ve felt good about it so that’s gotta be a good thing, right?” he said.

As for the future of the marketplace, Yaeger expects that if marijuana is ever made legal in Wisconsin as it has in many states, knock-offs like Delta 8 and THC-O, which he also sells, will fall by the wayside.

He said he hopes in the future there will be fewer companies offering lower-quality CBD products. By quality, he means “a company who like takes time to actually worry about the customer and not just put out a product to make money on. It goes back to companies like Papa & Barkley who don’t do a chemical extraction process, it just takes longer and it takes more of it, so they are investing more of their time and money, which tells me they are more worried about the results, not just making the money.”

He explained such companies, instead of using carbon dioxide or alcohol to extract CBD from hemp plants, use heat, pressure and water.

“There is still research that is happening every day and I am learning more things about it every day. It’s just there is so much,” Yaeger said.

For now, hours at the store are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesdays through Saturdays. When not working, Yaeger is spending time with his girlfriend, Olivia, and her dog Lola. But he remains excited about what the future holds.

“When this opportunity kind of came my way, I thought, what better time to do it than now?” he said.