3 Republicans in primary race for Wisconsin attorney general - 01

Adam Jarchow (left) and Eric Toney (right) are two of the candidates vying to represent the Republican Party on the general election ballot in November for the position of attorney general. Jarchow and Toney are joined in the race by Karen Mueller (not pictured), who did not respond to our questionnaire.

WISCONSIN — Republicans Eric Toney, Karen Mueller and Adam Jarchow are vying in the primary election for attorney general. The winner will face incumbent Democrat Josh Kaul in the November general election.

The Freeman asked candidates a series of questions before Tuesday’s primary. Mueller did not respond to our questionnaire. Jarchow and Toney's responses are below.

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THE FREEMAN: Why are you running for this seat?

Jarchow: My two kids, Bo and Megan, are the reason I decided to run. Crime is through the roof, repeat criminals are being caught and released, cops are retiring in droves with no support, parents of students are seen as enemies, and the bureaucrats in Madison and D.C. have no regard for the law. I want my kids to grow up in a state and country that they’re proud of. That’s why I’m running.

Mueller: Did not respond.

Toney: I’m running for attorney general because Josh Kaul turned his back on our cops in the aftermath of the Jacob Blake shooting. Law enforcement needs an Attorney General who has their backs, not one who throws them under the bus for political gain. I’m running to fix the issues with the State Crime Lab, to take over jurisdiction of Milwaukee cases their DA’s office fails to prosecute, and to protect election integrity.

THE FREEMAN: What is the biggest issue facing Wisconsin?

Jarchow: Crime, hands down. We need an attorney general who will back the badge, help obtain the resources necessary to address the hiring and retention issues within our law enforcement community, hold prosecutors accountable, crack down on repeat criminals, fill the prosecutor and DCI vacancies at DOJ, fix our crime lab, clean up our streets, and keep our kids safe at home and in the classroom. My Make Wisconsin Safe Again Plan will do just that.

Mueller: Did not respond.

Toney: The explosion of violence and crime to historic levels. Milwaukee is on track for its 3rd all time murder record in a row. The Biden Administration’s failures on the border have led to an influx of drugs that are fueling a crisis in public health. If we fail to restore public safety we will continue to see our quality of life come apart.

THE FREEMAN: What sets you apart from your opponents?

Jarchow: He has spent nearly his entire adult life running for political office and now wants to climb the political ladder. In contrast, I’ve spent my entire career working in the private sector. Even when I was a state representative, I continued to practice law while working with my wife to run our small businesses. I’m a lawyer, small business owner, and father of two who will bring a private-sector, results-oriented leadership style to the DOJ.

Mueller: Did not respond.

Toney: As the son of a cop, I know firsthand the pressures that law enforcement and their families endure. As a prosecutor I am the only candidate in this primary that has prosecuted a case. I’m law enforcement’s choice with the endorsement of 100 Sheriffs, district attorneys, and police chiefs. I’m endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life, Wisconsin Family Action, the Fraternal Order of Police, the Milwaukee Police Association, the Racine Police Association and many others.

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