8 candidates in GOP primary for lieutenant governor - 01

Candidates running to represent the Republican Party in the Aug. 9, 2022 primary for lieutenant governor include (top row, left to right): Will Martin, Patrick Testin, David Varnam; (bottom row, left to right) Jonathan Wichmann and Kyle Yudes. The race also includes Roger Roth, Cindy Werner and David King, but they did not respond to requests to participate in our questionnaire. 

WISCONSIN — In the primary election on Tuesday, eight Republicans will face off for lieutenant governor. They are Patrick Testin, Will Martin, Kyle Yudes, Roger Roth, David Varnam, Cindy Werner, David King and Jonathan Wichmann. Current Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, a Democrat, is running for U.S. Senate.

The Freeman asked the candidates the following question ahead of Tuesday’s election.

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THE FREEMAN: Why are you running for this seat?

King: Did not respond.

Martin: I am not a politician. I’m a proven reformer and business owner who has led major initiatives under Govs. Thompson and Walker, including welfare-to-work. I’m running to reduce state government’s costs and taxes by offering specific budget recommendations within the first 30 days to consolidate state’s agencies and sell empty state buildings. End taxation of retirement income, support law enforcement and increase public safety by advocating passage of bail and sentencing reform.

Roth: Did not respond.

Testin: With lieutenant governor having few constitutional duties, Wisconsinites only get out of the position what the officeholder puts into it. I am the only candidate with a proven conservative record, a proven ability to work hard for Wisconsin families, and the only Republican candidate who has proven they can beat an incumbent Democrat. Wisconsinites know we are on the wrong track, but there is a better way forward starting in 2023 with a new wave of conservative reforms for Wisconsin.

Varnam: Our state needs new bold leadership that will advocate for more protections for the unborn, lower taxes, universal school choice and protect the 2nd Amendment. I am the former mayor of Lancaster and a former issues analyst at Focus on the Family. I am the only lieutenant governor candidate endorsed by both Wisconsin Right to Life and Pro-Life Wisconsin as well as Wisconsin Family Action and Dr. James Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family.

Yudes: I believe in action not words. Next to life itself our freedom is the most important thing we have. My goals are simple. Restore liberty. Bring accountability and rule of law back and give government back to the people. I have educated, empowered, and inspired people to run for office, while educating thousands of Wisconsinites to stop consenting to those who are violating their unalienable rights. No other candidate speaks to this.

Werner: Did not respond.

Wichmann: I entered the race two years ago to fight against the unconstitutional lockdowns and mandates imposed by Governor Tony Evers. Because of my business experience and extensive economic knowledge, I recognized the financial disaster and massive inflation that would impact fellow Wisconsinites. It is my intent to protect our state and help return prosperity to all who are willing to work and produce.

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