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Many American national parks are remaining open amid the coronavirus outbreak to serve as a refuge for those who feel stuck at home. Though there are many restrictions, national parks can still be enjoyed by those who want to get some fresh air and exercise.

As the COVID-19 virus causes people around the world to stay at home and self-quarantine, popular tourist attractions are being forced to temporarily shut down. However, several zoos and aquariums across the United States are encouraging people to welcome their beloved exotic animals into th… Read more

For food lovers, one of the hardest choices to make when traveling to a new city is what restaurants to hit while there. A way to sidestep having to make those tough decisions is to plan your trip around a food and wine festival. Read more

GREENVILLE, Miss. — Along the mighty Mississippi lies a 200-mile diamond-shaped swath of fertile farmland and floodplain known as the Mississippi Delta. It’s a region rich with blues music, civil rights sites and agribusiness (especially cotton). It’s also the spiritual home of a beloved sna… Read more

That Hernando de Soto. He sure got around. The intrepid Spaniard commenced to explore and trade in the West Indies and Central America before trundling down to Peru to conquer it over the Incans. After a quick return to Spain, he set out for North America, stopping first in Cuba before landi… Read more

TUPELO, Miss. — If seeing “G.I. Blues” 14 times makes one an Elvis fan, then Connie Tullos definitely qualifies. Her love for the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll didn’t end once she was past the swooning stage. The septuagenarian is just as enamored of his sensuous lips and swiveling hips as she ever was. Read more

Nothing says “America” like excess, and nothing says “excess” like Las Vegas, and nothing says “Las Vegas” like the all-you-can-eat buffet. By the transitive property, that makes the AYCE buffet the most American thing imaginable. We sifted through a heap of them to help you decide where to … Read more

NORFOLK, Va. — The expression on my face must have shown my sheer frustration. I had been waiting half an hour for Fred — make that F.R.E.D. (Free Ride Every Day.) This eco-friendly taxi comes equipped with battery power and solar roof and is available on request for those in need of a ride … Read more

WASHINGTON — Much attention has been focused on Washington in recent weeks as the impeachment hearings have played out. The president may have been impeached, but there is one unimpeachable fact regarding our nation’s capital. It has developed quite the reputation for world-class cuisine. Fr… Read more

WHITE SANDS NATIONAL PARK, N.M. — I didn’t expect to be hugged today, let alone three times. And by strangers. But that’s what happened after I snagged one of the 10 coveted campsites at White Sands National Monument last October, then offered to share it with some people who just missed the cut. Read more

By now you have probably overdosed on all those Hallmark Christmas movies that begin before Halloween and continue up to New Year’s Day. You know — the ones that are always set in impossibly picturesque small towns where the entire population turns out to light up the tree and help the hero … Read more

The recently opened Fergusons Downtown offers something in short supply in Las Vegas: authenticity. Fergusons departs from the usual over-the-top Vegas spectacles by creating a block-long space filled with locally inspired restaurants, shops and pop-up events; tiny homes and Airstream traile… Read more

BEAUFORT, S.C. — The “Great Skedaddle” proved the salvation of Beaufort, the jewel in the crown of South Carolina’s Low Country. Following the 1861 firing on Fort Sumter in Charleston, which precipitated the Civil War, the entire state was under siege. Beaufort, just 70 miles south of Charle… Read more

LATROBE, Pa. — "Welcome to Mr. Rogers' real neighborhood," says Mary Lou Townsend as she opens the door to the Latrobe Area Historical Society on a warm fall Friday afternoon. Read more

SAN ANTONIO — As I made my way past the steps leading down to the river level of the Paseo del Rio and headed toward La Villita, I found myself surrounded by an army of black-clad figures, faces painted a luminous white, giving them a skull-like appearance. It might have been a scene from "T… Read more

August 15, 1869: The red sandstone cliffs rose more than 2,000 feet on either side, shutting out the sun for most of the day, while before us the mighty river, lashed to a foam, rushed on with indescribable power. Read more

We've all heard the expression "Nothing is sure but death and taxes." To that, I'll add: for non-Californians, driving in Southern California is sure to be a harrowing experience. With its spiderweb of freeways and drivers who appear to be in qualifying heats for the Indy 500, even the stout… Read more

The twilight was deepening to periwinkle and a mist thickening off the Pacific as I pulled onto the one-block waterfront in Bandon, Ore. Lonely Planet had recommended a budget guesthouse across the street from the beach in the town. Read more

A few years ago, I was driving through a rural community in South Carolina named Denmark when I stopped at a nondescript red brick building called Jim Harrison Gallery. I knew of Jim Harrison, a well-known Southern artist and author, but had never met him. At the time, he was best known for … Read more